Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oochi Koochi Gucci

I know this may be a tired topic, but all hardcore fashionistas agree that there will never be a more perfect man than the one below:
Tom Ford
Just wish he was STRAIGHT! Lucky ducky Richard Buckley. And according to a very good source of mine, Mr. Tom "Gucci/YSL" Ford -- the man who single-handedly brought glitz and glamour back into the fashion industry -- is the nicest, most loyal employer to work for. Word on the street is he's opening up a studio here on the left coast next year, and you can bet your bottom dollar a thousand copies of my resume will deluge his office until I'm part of his team!
Expect his collabos with Estee Lauder, Vanity Fair, and Hollywood to come out soon. Is there anything he can't and won't do?? Not only is this man a fashion icon, he is becoming an institution. All hail Tom Ford!
I'm Lovin' it: The Tom Ford coffee book. Plain black on the outside, but full of fashion goodies inside. Hefty at around $100 but so, so worth it. I'll even give up eating Coldstone Ice Creamery for the rest of my life to get this. Ok, maybe not.
I'm Over it: Hippie skirts. I may be a '"fauxhemian", but I never quite caught on this trend. Maybe it's because it just doesn't look that good on me. Yeah, that's it.

Classic Tom

Post-Tom design

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vivo Suramerica!

On Sunday night, I was consumed by envy and admiration as I dropped off my friend by the TACA Air sign at LAX, him with his backpack full of photography equipment, endless rolls of film, and a year of living in Buenos Aires ahead of him. Minutes earlier, we had cruised to Snoop and Pharrell's ode to Brazil "Beautiful", kicking off his journey to South America. He made note that young lassies from below the equator were more than easy on the eyes, a conversation that got me thinking of all those brilliant South American-born and South American-heritage designers gracing the fashion industry. American fashion staple Narciso Rodriguez, Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler fame, Esteban Cortezar the young prodigal dress designer, Amir Slama designing the super-sexy Rosa Cha swimsuit line... oh, if only I could wear Rosa Cha like Ana Beatriz Barros!

Lazaro on the right

Na-Rod Spring 2006

Oh la la, Rosa Cha! And no, this is not Ana Beatriz.

Red-hot Esteban

South Americans are full of passion for life. It shows through their lively couture, in their music, and even in their food. Us North Americans are always so go- go-go. "How can I this get done faster and produce more?" "No, can't do that because there's no time!" It would serve us well to take a little hint from our counterparts down south by toasting to a cold bottle of Marca Bavaria, wear our skimpiest bikini possible, turn up the music, and see that life is, indeed, beautiful.
I'm Lovin it: Vitamin Water. Now owned by hyphenate-in-training 50 Cent's growing empire, it's what to chug when you're craving a little somethin' somethin' more than plain old agua. Next flavor on the list: Vitamin 50, fo' sho!
I'm Over it: That fashion editor from Cosmopolitan suing Diane Von Furstenberg for getting clocked by those falling lights at the DVF Spring '06 show. I know she's married to billionaire magnate Barry Diller, but c'mon now! Not even Hilary Alexander peeped a scathing review, despite getting her own goose egg during the incident.

Monday, September 26, 2005

My Do or Die Spring '06 Outfit

Me + This L.A.M.B. get-up next spring = love

Friday, September 23, 2005

L.A.M.B. in Wolf's Clothing

These days, celebrity designers are as ubiquitous as a black, tinted out Caddy Escalade on an L.A. freeway. Not only is a celeb designer popping up every three seconds (um, Mandy Moore for mBlem, yeah right!), two music superstars have already had the privilege of closing out New York Fashion Week. While last year saw Jennifer Lopez's Sweetface collection prance down the runway, this year's golden girl was Miz Hollaback-whatcha-waitin'-for-rich-girl herself Gwen Stefani. You've GOT to love this chick's gutsy style. I've always harbored a secret admiration for those stylephiles who know exactly what they like and are not afraid to wear it, no matter how crazy or Harajuku it may be. I'm a die-hard fan of L.A.M.B. jackets and blazers, especially with fall around the bend. Mrs. Gavin Rossdale's line has taken off like a rocket in the past year and just keeps getting mo' betta each collection.

Some of my faves from the Spring 2006 RTW Collection (watch the video clip on

1. The rasta-colored tank mini dresses cinched with skinny belts

2. The slouchy tangerine blouse with tassles on model Hye Park

3. The white uber-mini dress with puff bottom on Naomi Campbell

4. My dream Spring 2006 outfit from L.A.M.B. has got to be the cropped petal-layered white jacket paired with long white military bermudas, high black belt and sexy black pumps on model Polina Kouklina

Some of my in-store faves (all on Nordstroms, yo):

1. The new L.A.M.B. cashmere shrug

2. The low-back L.A.M.B. Victorian top in the zebra print

3. The L.A.M.B. nautical blazer (40% off the original price as of now!)

4. The L.A.M.B. wide-leg pleated trousers

I'm Lovin it: The dance cam on Ellen Degeneres' show -- frickin' hilarious!

I'm Over it: Men. Yeah right, totally kidding with you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

(Clothes) Samplin'

My eyes are burnin' up! The past hour of my life has been spent trying to find the golden medication to my blog template malady -- there is waaaaay too much space between the top of my blogpage and new posts. Fingers crossed that someone in Blogger Forum can help a sista out.

Samples sales these days are about as ubiquitous as funky hybrid celeb couple names. The newest disaster? Doom, as in rumour-spawning Hollywood co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom. When will the moniker madness stop?! But I digress, back to talk of sample sales. This weekend (Saturday only, September 24th from 9 am to 5 pm) come check out the Planet Lulu sample sale in Culver City. Yours truly will be running around like a mad woman working the sale as a floor attendant. Come for the fabulous deals...and to guess just which one of us Lulu workin' girls moonlights as Haute Hippie...

Address: 5920 Blackwelder Street, Culver City CA
Cross Streets: La Cienega (I can never properly pronounce it!) and Washington

I'm Lovin' it: The monthly forecasts by Susan Miller on Astrologyzone. Horoscope-heads rejoice! I don't know if I'm just crazy, but Suzy really knows her stuff. Not run-of-the-mill general horo-B.S., but intensely detailed planet alignments and actual dates. Eerily on point most of the time. If you find yourself waiting up till midnight on the 30th or 31st of every month to see what the stars have in store, you're not the only one.

I'm Over it: The INS. Those red-tape, paper-pushing jerks. Don't be confused, this one's an inside.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Shining

If I was given a chance to change one thing about physical appearance, it would be to have a flawlessly shine-free face. I mean, what is up with my T-zone?! You can honestly see a teeny, tiny reflection of yourself in my forehead just looking at a picture of me. This may be my aesthetic curse, but there is no reason for those with the same affliction to suffer...this is the 21st century!

Here are three products I live and die by when it comes to killing shine:

1. Andrea Fresh-Ups. These micro-thin linen paper blotters soak up EVERYTHING. Definitely an oldie but a goodie. It's cheap, it's compact, and it's available at any Ulta store near you.

2. Clean & Clear Invisible Shine Control Powder. Yes, I know the powder is blue, but the product works wonders. Don't worry, there won't be any messy blue streak scross your forehead, this thing blends like a dream. Just use the little puff and mirror to dab your problem spots, you'll be good to go.

3. Boscia Blotting Linens. Comes in three kinds: original, green tea, and lavender. The lavender is great for soothing sensitive skin, while the green tea works its magic on oil-prone sensitive skin. These puppies are a little more pricey, in the $8-$10 range, but a ten spot is worth your happiness. Available at Sephora or Nordstrom.

If worse comes to worse and god forbid you run out of any of these saviors, plain old Kleenex or toilet paper will do the trick. For awhile. Time to make that shopping list, ladies.

Friday, September 16, 2005

To Stiletto or Not To Stiletto

Randomly on Tuesday night, I decided re-organize my shoe closet. Putting mes souliers ("my shoes" en francais!) in clear plastic tupperwares and labelling them accordingly was surprisingly gratifying, but the ultimate satisfaction came from seeing how clutter-free the bottom of my closet became. What I really wanted was to do it up Carrie Bradshaw-style, taking a polaroid of each pair and sticking the picture on the box. Alas, lack of the proper camera robbed me of this pleasure. As my L.A. BFF and I always lament, why does everything in our lives come down to an episode of Sex & The City?!

My footwear reorganization/exodus turned up a forgotten pair of sky-high, dark chocolate brown faux-croc platform stacked heels. Ah, so resplendent with their peep-toes, little bows and white stitching! For awhile, I'd been rocking my stiletto collection, rotating colors depending on the outfit, of course. Naturally, my feet cry for help after a night on the town until the wee hours of the morning -- I'm in serious pain over the next day or so. Thank god for the flats comeback! Last weekend I decided to break out the platforms and to my delight, they had both gals and guys singing their praise! One guy pal -- bless his heart -- actually said they were awesome and so much better than "those pointy shoes"...y'all know he's talking 'bout those darn stilettos!

Here are a few pairs of platforms, stacked heels, and wedges to keep your tootsies happy this season:

1. Nobody mock me, but JLo (yes, as in Mrs. Marc Anthony) has an absolutely bomb pair called Velocity that are not only comfortable, they're sex on wedges. If you want a cheaper knock-off, pay a visit to Baker Shoes. But ain't nothing like the original.

2. Christian Louboutin is my shoe guru! After the smashing success of his summer espadrille, it's time to check out his new Bruge pump -- to die for in soft leather, rounder toe and 4 inch stacked wood heel. Not for the faint of heart at a cool $735. Best footwear investment you may ever make -- they'll stand the test of fashion time! Call the Los Angeles boutique at 310.247.9300.

3. For the girly girl in all of us, try the Marc by Marc Jacobs wine colored, turquoise bow trim platform pumps with gathered edges. You'll won't feel as sex goddess, but you'll definitely feel uber-feminine.

4. Wedges, wedges, rah-rah-rah! Seychelles consistently puts out some great shoes. Get either the suede wedge or leather wedge in a fall color -- black, brown, gold, tan, rose or bronze. Or get them all. I second that second motion.

I'm Lovin it: Anything not stiletto. And Silk chocolate soymilk.

I'm Over it: None. Happy weekend, everyone!

El Chica Loco

I'm going crazy for two reasons. One, I can't figure out why there's all that darn space between the top of my blog page and my newest postings! I swear I didn't mess with the looks horrible, so my sincere apologies until I rectify the situation. Just hit "page down" a couple times, the newest entry will show up after a few tabs. Two, I've just taken on a beauty and fashion freelance writing position with an online magazine. This means on top of fashion publicity, keeping up with this blog, making sure I read my daily style websites (Fashion Week Daily rules!), flipping through all my new mags (October's Lucky and Glamour - still in their shrinkwrap), and getting myself to the gym, Haute Hippie is one busy busy blogger!

So today's entry is going to end here. It's well past midnight and tomorrow will be a hectic day for sure. I promise more fashion speak tomorrow. Oh, the madness of it all! Who am I kidding, I love the madness...

I'm Lovin' it: Coldplay's newest hit single "Fix You". I can't stop myself from singing in the car with all the lung capacity I got when it's on radio rotation. Don't want to know how ridiculous I look in bumper to bumper morning traffic, but I just can't help myself. So jealous, Gwyneth!

I'm Over it: Watching George Dub-ya Bush speak on any subject matter. He's been all over the news these days. It's just too painful.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Granny Smith Vintage

Everyone always wants the low-down on where to get great vintage for their closet. Stores here in L.A. run the gamut from Wasteland (in Santa Monica and on Melrose) to American Rag and Jet Rag on La Brea to Out of the Closet on Fairfax to more upscale joints, like Cameron Silver's Decades and The Paper Bag Princess. Yes, all these places are treasure troves waiting to happen, but a couple weeks ago I found an absolutely perfect place to scour for vintage: my grandmother's closet.

Now, my granny loves clothes and shoes...oh, the shoes in this woman's closet! There's enough in there to put Imelda Marcos to shame. Just like any regular trip to a vintage store, I had to dig and find, pick and choose through granny's wardrobe. I sure wasn't interested in the rhinestone and flower joggingsuits or the crocheted yellow tunic (believe me, not a good look), but hit the jackpot when I came across a thigh-length, short-sleeve, flowery, kimono-like silk wrap top. Anyone who read my previous post knows how partial I am to big sleeves! I promptly claimed the top as my own -- poor thing was lost in the netherlands of granny's closet. After more scavenging, I came up with a luminous gold clutch (it's been through Vegas and Hollywood hotspots several times already), as well as a black and gold beaded clutch (this I have yet to bust out). My grandmother also has a fabulous black fur wrap with brooch -- so 50s movie star! She's dug in her heels and refuses to give it up to me, but apparently I'm allowed to borrow it...ah yes, "borrow"...

Today I decided to sport the kimono top with a wide, slouchy black leather belt that I've somehow fashioned like an obi. The hair is in my style for the month (get so easily bored with it!): a volume-packed, low side ponytail -- recently baptized "electroclash 80s" by one of my DJ friends. I really HAVE to stop teasing my hair. This morning my mom promptly greeted me and my outfit with, "You look like a FOB (translation: fresh off the boat), but at least you're a trendy one!" Whoever said mother's know best, anyway?!

Moral of the day: Never underestimate the wardrobes of women elders in your family. Behind the god-awful jogging suits and bad stretchy pants, it's a clothing goldmine!

I'm Lovin' it: Welcome back, Maggie Rizer! Just loved seeing this supermodel on the cover and posing in the Karl Lagerfeld article of Surface Magazine's October issue. Good for you, bouncing back after losing $7 million dollars to an alcoholic, lying, gambling stepfather (who's currently rotting behind bars for his crime). You go, girl!

I'm Over it: Feeling to need to go somewhere trendy on a weekend night. Spent Saturday night in the company of friends, alcoholic beverages (note to all drinkers: Red Stripe Jamaican beer is yucky), and the really ill-made choice of purchasing Miss Congeniality 2 to watch on TV. But a few Bacardi Silver Watermelon fizzy pops more than made up for it!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Puff the Magic Sleeve Silhouette

There's no doubt about the fact that I've fallen in love with California. But with Fashion Week in the Big Apple signalling the start of fall (though it's Spring 2006 that's showing!) and with leaves in Central Park changing color to that beautiful burnt orangey-red shade (note to OPI: is this in your polish palette yet?), I can't help feeling so immensely jealous of you East Coasters. California has no autumn season -- just one big, long Spring/Summer. This means a number of things for left coast "hauterflies": no tights, no Fall/Winter coats, no thick scarves and beanies, no shearling or faux fur, no buttery soft leather gloves...basically no fall wardrobe, simply for the fact that fall on the west coast is way too warm to bust out all of the above and more. Plus, fall clothing tends to be classically dressy and us Angelenos are just so darn casually chic 24-7.

Here's the good news, my fellow Californians: blouses are back in a big way this season, ranging in style from Victoria/Edwardian to dramatically European -- and they all can be paired with skinny cigarette pants for a dressy look (NYC) or a slim pair of dark denim for the more casual vibe (CA). I'm a HUGE advocate for blouses with big, bold and puffy or wide kimono sleeves for fall. It's just oozes feminine chic and, despite covering up so much skin, is super-sexy to boot. I don't care if it's too hot out for long sleeves, I will sacrifice my comfort and homeostasis for this look. My personal sleeve silhouette faves walked down the Kai Milla runway during the weekend. Oh yes, and Miz Milla also happens to be Stevie Wonder's also creatively-inclined other half.

So to those at Zara and Forever 21: Your racks better be teeming with big-sleeved blouses before L.A. slips into the "winter" season!

I'm Lovin' it: As I said before, Kai Milla! or

I'm Over it: Oh please, please, please let me never see another candy-colored (or any colored!)Ugg boot for as long as I live...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I Heart Fashion Week(s)

When Fashion Week comes around, I get that warm, fuzzy feeling. It's almost like falling in love, but with couture instead of a fella. Fashion Week in New York has already gotten underway and since poor me is stuck here on the West Coast, my runway show attendance is limited. Thus, I must vicariously live through the following websites:

1. New York Magazine:

2. Style:

3. The New York Times:

4. The Daily:

Want to know anything and everything about the shows -- from runway slideshows to photos of the hottest afterparties -- these are the places to check out for sure.

'Fraid today's post is a short one. Gettin' ready to boogie down in The (real) OC tonight.

I'm Lovin' it: Rodarte. The sister design team of Kate and Laura Mullavey, who are also from the Dub-C, have created breathtaking, feminine chic dresses this season. Guaranteed their masterpieces will on the red carpet for the upcoming awards blitz, which, by the way, is fast approaching. Is it just me or does time fly by faster after you turn 21?

I'm Over it: Pushy, creepy, leering salesmen at car dealerships. Was on the hunt for a new set of wheels today and can't wait till it's all over because I just can't deal with another slimeball.

Friday, September 09, 2005

If You Want To Destroy My Sweater

Okay, okay, I promise this is the last time, ahem, this week that I'll be referencing songs as my blog titles. With all the music sampling going on in the world anyway (What up, Nelly! But I still love ya), it's really not such a crime these days...

Woke up to a very cloudy morning. Welcome to fall in Southern California! Good lord, I walked outside and actually felt chilly. Uh, this is not why I moved down here! As I made my way to the gym, chugging my usual lo-carb Monster energy drink (tastes like Mountain Dew on crack, but out of all choices, it's the most dee-lish), I began making a mental note of sweaters in my closet -- which ones were appropriate to bust out this season?? After some deduction, I came to this conclusion: None.

Now to deal with this catastrophe, let's do a recap of Fall 2005's most fabulous sweaters -- and other jumpers of the like -- that I love:

1. I'd give my left arm to own John Galliano's Autumn/Winter 2005-2006 black and white striped mohair sweater dress! It's perfect for the day: layer it with a fun, faux-furry vest or cinch it with simple, solid belt. But I prefer the completely slouchy look, free of extraneous accessories. Oh, and don't forget to pair it with a killer pair of black 70s-inspired knee-high boots.

2. Totally j'adore Chloe! Always have and always will. There's a great oversized cable knit sweater vest from the Autumn 2005 collection. Combine with a flirty chiffon skirt, sheer button-up and open-toed pumps. Check out the See by Chloe line, the fashion house's less expensive, ready-to-wear line. Wear anything designed by Phoebe Philo and you'll be rocksteady for fall...or the rest of your life, for that matter.

3. Cashmere cardiwraps by Sonya Madden. Ah, these things are so soft and luxurious, you'll want to work, eat, and sleep in them 24-7. You can arrive at some shi-shi red carpet gala or grab drinks at your favorite funky downtown haunt wrapped in one. Pick from a rainbow of delicious candy colors. Yes, I know cashmere costs a pretty penny, but isn't warmth and style worth every cent?

Whew, now the sweater drama is somewhat sorted out. Onto bigger and better things, like what's on the palm pilot for this weekend! By the way, are palm pilots considered ancient? Oh well. At least not as ancient as those old school, ginormous cellphones from Saved By the Bell (Zack Morris was so cool back in the day)!

I'm Lovin' it: Volum' Express turbo boost mascara in Very Black by Maybelline. Item number 251-600VE-01. The package claims to plump your lashes up to five times the volume, and let me say that Maybelline follows through on said claim pretty well. It's an oldie, but a goodie...and for less than a five spot at your local Wal-Mart, who's complaining?

I'm Over it: People blasting Kanye West for his TV tirade on NBC last Friday. The man's just saying what everyone else is thinking.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

California Here We Come...

Summer (no pun intended for any of the show's diehard fans, which is, like, everyone who owns a TV) is about the end in The OC, but there's never any shortage of drama. Ever since the season premiere date was announced, I've been marking the days off my calendar, counting down the minutes till 8 p.m. sharp today, this September 8, 2005. Showtime finally came, and let me tell ya, I was not at all disappointed!

Ten reasons why The OC is the greatest show on earth:

1. The flawed, but still completely enviable marriage between Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. They're the poster couple for Orange County's finest.

2. Seth Cohen and his one-liners. All of which are completely quotable and rightfully have been already.

3. Benjamin McKenzie's tortured Ryan Atwood look. Makes you wonder what he's really thinking...

4. The Seth and Summer love saga. Oh, and let's not forget Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle while we're at it.

5. That witch of a person Julie Cooper-Nichol. So gorgeous, yet so undeniable evil.

6. The show's soundtrack. Never has anything made emo alternative so damn hot.

7. It-couple Marisa and Ryan. Two tortured souls as one = overall craziness each episode.

8. The scenery. Huge mansions and poolhouses, beautiful beaches, a swanky-looking high school, the kids driving a bad-ass black Range Rover...they're just livin' it up in Newport!

9. Caleb Nichol. He's the hottest (and now dead) grandpa I've ever seen.

10. The clothing. These girls have killer style...or at least a killer stylist.

So now y'all know where I am every Thursday night at 8 o'clock!

I'm Lovin it: L.A.-based designer Rachel Pally. Her line is the definition of California chic. Since the clothing is mostly made of modal, you're guaranteed comfort in her duds. My personal R.P. faves: the 3/4 sleeve blouson top, the V-neck kimono dress, the panel dolman top, the obi belt scarf, and the split back mini dress in black. I'm pretty sure R.P. kicked off the whole gaucho pant craze that hit this past season. Nothing says fall in California like Rachel Pally.

I'm Over it: Standing behind someone getting a non-sugar, non-fat, extra hot soymilk caramel macchiato from the neighborhood Starbacks or Coffee Bean. Oh whoops, that's me. God, I sound so annoying when I order.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Santee Alley Cat

Ah Santee Alley. Located in downtown L.A.'s Fashion District, it's every Angeleno fashionista's bargain hunting mecca. If you can brave the too-close-for-comfort crowd, pickpocketers, catcalls from creepy men and stifling weather, this is the place to pick up anything fashion from knock-off Vuittons to trendy costume jewelry to of-the-moment shoes and clothing. It's essential to haggle with vendors to drop prices on your favorite finds, so make sure to brush up on your negotiating skills beforehand.

Here are a few tips for surviving The Alley:

1. Ask for the vendor's best price. Knock a few dollars off his/her number. Be prepared to walk away if he/she refuses to budge. The vendor will almost always drop their price or try to come to a reasonable agreement if you confidently do an about-face, just so they can make the sale. If this doesn't work, there's always the next vendor.

2. Remember there's nothing wrong with a little white lie. Example: There was a woven Bottega Veneta-inspired bronze bag I was dying to have. The Vendor #1 wouldn't budge from an absolutely ridiculous price, so I walked a few blocks to another store. I told Vendor #2 that a vendor up the street offered me the bronze bag for $22, could he do better? He looked surprised the bag (which was a new style) was going for that low, but eventually agreed to give it to me for $22. I then asked for a better price, so he lowered it to $21 without tax. Done and done! The Bottega bag was sold to yours truly and you know I've already paid Vendor #2 another visit to satisfy my purse craving! There's an amazing rich yellow slouchy bag calling my name...

3. Don't eat hot dogs from the food stands. Smell like heaven when they're frying, but it's food poisoning waiting to happen.

4. Zip up your bags, ladies! Pickpocketers frequent The Alley.

5. Don't ignore the side streets. More often than not, you can score better deals outside of the main drag. Jewelry stores on the outskirts slash their prices by 60%!!

6. If an item is slightly damaged, don't be afraid to ask for a discount. You'll get one.

7. Watch out for smelly, stagnant, garbage-riddled puddles. I know someone who tripped on a curb, losing a flip-flop and landing her foot in one. Ewwww.

8. Buy a cinnamon churro from the dudes at the end of Santee Alley. After all that smart shopping and cardio from walking, you deserve those sugary carbs!

I'm Lovin' it: All the outpouring of support for Hurricane Katrina victims. People from around the world, and especially in these United States of America, are really opening up their hearts to help those on the Gulf Coast. It's a beautiful thing to see. There are numerous ways to donate your money and/or services, so please take time to check out the Red Cross website at

I'm Over it: None today.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

(End of) Summer Lovin'

Today is a sad one indeed. All us workhounds are fully back into office mode: cranking out the hours typing up end of month reports, attending snooze-fest meetings, pow-wowing with the big boss, and procrastinating by checking our Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo accounts every millisecond possible (completely aware the inbox is still empty). Ah, such is the life of the modern working man/woman.

Magically at the end of my work day, FedEx showed up at the door bearing gifts: one box for my L.A. boss and one for myself. Lo and behold, the affixed receipt indicated the sender was our big, big boss from head office in New York. Hmmmm...this meant one of two things: a) the contents were press kits or samples from a new and/or existing client OR b) the contents were of the present variety. Rummaging past wads of white tissue revealed the latter, both L.A. boss and I receiving the recent giftbags passed out at a client event in New York that we, due to obvious geographical logistics, could not attend. Ooo la la, how I love suprise presents! I suppose there are some perks braving the absolutely hideous Los Angeles traffic for work.

Going to see a show at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. Should be pretty exciting since I haven't yet checked it out...which reminds me, got to put some dinner in this tummy of mine before heading out. Don't want any hunger headaches or headache grumps, both of which I'm prone to, unfortunately. Ciao!

I'm Lovin' it: The new Diesel ads with their beyond wicked cowboy inspired high-heeled boots. Definitely a 70s vintage vibe. It's a racy spread indeed, I believe you can see a little male model buttcrack, but who's looking?? Boots come in some luscious falls colors: forest green, deep purple, brown...choices, choices!

I'm Over it: The radio. Listening to the same playlist every day on the hour is not my idea of an audibly rockin' good time. iPod anyone?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Going to the Chapel

And no, I'm not getting hitched -- plenty of time before that step! It was more like me getting "gently" coerced into attending church with the family early Sunday morning. This, of course, left me with several pressing questions: What is deemed appropriate (end of the) summer church attire? Is my make-up okay to be fun and playful or should I tone it down a notch? Is it sinful to show too much shoulder during the sermon? Should shoes be open or close-toed? After all, it has been years since this foot crossed the holy threshold of a Roman Catholic church.

After some hemming, hawing, and visualizing disapproving looks from the grandma should I chose the wrong emsemble, I decided on a tasteful yet stylish outfit consisting of elegant white cuffed capris, a sheer black and silver chemise with wide satin trim and tie waist layered over a dressy turquoise tank, silver jewelry, and my beloved embellished BCBG Paris silver-turquoise-gold slingbacks. All in all, I was satisfied and judging by the cheerful Sunday spirit of my grandmother, so was she.

Ah, God works in mysterious ways.

I'm Lovin' it: The "Fairy Tale Accessories" fashion editorial in September's Marie Claire magazine. It's amazingly photographed by Karin Catt and so vividly colorful, I'm thisclose to ripping the pages out and laminating them on a poster board for my wall! Plus it's tons of fun guessing which fairy tale each shot is fashioned from.

I'm Lovin' it, part deux: This one's for the boys. Conde Nast has dug its publishing house talons into the ever-growing men's fashion and luxury market by launching the premiere issue of Men's Vogue. Not only is it informative for the fellas, the front pages are perfect eye candy for the ladies. George Clooney is the first dashing cad to grace its cover.

I'm Over it: Pregnant Britney Spears Federline. Walked by a store today and my friend stopped dead in her tracks, asking who that was on the cover of October's Elle magazine. Upon closer inspection, we saw it was the Brit-ster herself. Maybe she was beyond recognition because her hair was actually combed and styled for the first time in a year and a half.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hed Kandi Land

I sang the praises of Hed Kandi CD covers two blogs ago so here is one for your viewing pleasure. It's currently my comp screen wallpaper and I'm SO lovin' it!

* Sorry about the numbers below the pic, my slightly computer illiterate self still needs to figure out how the cut it out somehow...

Labor Day Lockdown

Labor Day Weekend = crazy nights in Sin City (aka. Vegas, baby!), Girls Gone Wild scenes in Arizona's Lake Havasu, throngs of young'uns living it up on the pier in Hermosa Beach, and general party anarchy everywhere. If you're hip, you were already out of town by noon on Friday. Which leaves me feeling not-so-hip this weekend, since I'm still here in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, I played assistant to my insanely fun fashion-publicist-slash-events-planner friend at a wedding she was coordinating. The bride and groom are perfectly in love, the reception took place at the drop-dead gorgeous Greystone Estate nestled in Bev Hills, the chocolate-dipped strawberries were to die for, and the bubbles everyone blew from wedding cake-shaped tubes were pretty damn fun, too. One mini celeb sighting: Alley Mills, who played Kevin Arnold's mother on The Wonder Years. Love that show! It warms my heart to see that little Winnie Cooper (nee Danica McKellar) has made a comeback on The West Wing...

Who needs to work out this fall when you can just lug around September issue fashion glossies?! This September's Vogue weighs in at around 800 pages and InStyle slides into second place at a cool 600 pages. I've spent the past several nights flipping through my pile of fall issues, making mental note of my favorite fall trends, praying when I reach 42 I'll look just as beautiful as Demi on the cover of Harper's, and dreaming of the day I'll be able to splurge on a seriously hot pair of Christian Louboutins without batting an eyelash.

Oh, and come Monday, I'll be feeling pretty smug when all y'all hipsters are stuck coming home in bumper-to-bumper Labor Day weekend traffic.

I'm Lovin' it: The beautifully unique and funky jewelry of Vancouver-based Sherry Haddow. A Vancouver Fashion Week 2004 winner, Sherry combines anything from feathers to zippers to gems to leather in order to create an artistic piece only you will possess. Not only is the designer a total sweetie and impossible not to love, word on the street is that Nicole Kidman fell heads of over heels for one of her creations at a movie premiere.

I'm Over it: Those white stickman family decals people put on the back of their SUVs or vans, naming every single person in their brood. Um, listen up parents: the names of your children are probably not the best thing to be advertising to strangers on the road.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Third Degree

I know, I know. It's only been two posts and I'm already lagging behind with my third. I'll have you know my tardiness was all in the name of friendship -- had to see a friend before he headed to Chi-town for Labor Day Weekend and absolutely had to see my L.A. BFF, whom I seriously had't seen in a month because of her crazy design school schedule. Damn you, FIDM! (That's the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for those confused)

After some green tea at Urth Cafe (a place I am so digging at the moment with its organic, all natural menu -- try the peach cobbler on your next visit) and a little saunter on Melrose (love, love, love the Wasteland Vintage store!), it was off to Ocean Avenue for me. This meant another little saunter to Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade. The last time I (barely) remember setting foot on Third Street was a few months ago leaving Barney's Beanery, the last bar stop on a fun and very lush Friday night. However, yesterday's mission had less to do with a Vodka-7 and more to do with finding my friend a white racerback tunic tank from Pink Ice on the Promenade -- which, by the way folks, is only $9.99, y'all! There are still some colors left to take you through the rapidly fleeting days of summer and into early fall.

Highlights of the journey down Third Street: cheap tunic tanks at Pink Ice, awesomely funny coffeetable books at Urban Outfitters (for all my independent women out there, check out The Modern Girl's Guide to Life by Jane Buckingham), a very short-looking Pauly Shore surrounded by a camera crew (reality TV show, perhaps?), the gray and black top half-only short-sleeve shirts from Arden B., and a very tripped out hippie saleslady at the Chanel make-up counter in Robinson's May.

I'm Lovin' it: Every single CD cover for the house music mix collection Hed Kandi. Been driving myself b-a-n-a-n-a-s trying to Google who the artist is, but no pot-o-gold yet. The website doesn't seem to shout out the artist either. Anyone know?

I'm Over it: Gas prices. 'Nuff said.