Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vivo Suramerica!

On Sunday night, I was consumed by envy and admiration as I dropped off my friend by the TACA Air sign at LAX, him with his backpack full of photography equipment, endless rolls of film, and a year of living in Buenos Aires ahead of him. Minutes earlier, we had cruised to Snoop and Pharrell's ode to Brazil "Beautiful", kicking off his journey to South America. He made note that young lassies from below the equator were more than easy on the eyes, a conversation that got me thinking of all those brilliant South American-born and South American-heritage designers gracing the fashion industry. American fashion staple Narciso Rodriguez, Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler fame, Esteban Cortezar the young prodigal dress designer, Amir Slama designing the super-sexy Rosa Cha swimsuit line... oh, if only I could wear Rosa Cha like Ana Beatriz Barros!

Lazaro on the right

Na-Rod Spring 2006

Oh la la, Rosa Cha! And no, this is not Ana Beatriz.

Red-hot Esteban

South Americans are full of passion for life. It shows through their lively couture, in their music, and even in their food. Us North Americans are always so go- go-go. "How can I this get done faster and produce more?" "No, can't do that because there's no time!" It would serve us well to take a little hint from our counterparts down south by toasting to a cold bottle of Marca Bavaria, wear our skimpiest bikini possible, turn up the music, and see that life is, indeed, beautiful.
I'm Lovin it: Vitamin Water. Now owned by hyphenate-in-training 50 Cent's growing empire, it's what to chug when you're craving a little somethin' somethin' more than plain old agua. Next flavor on the list: Vitamin 50, fo' sho!
I'm Over it: That fashion editor from Cosmopolitan suing Diane Von Furstenberg for getting clocked by those falling lights at the DVF Spring '06 show. I know she's married to billionaire magnate Barry Diller, but c'mon now! Not even Hilary Alexander peeped a scathing review, despite getting her own goose egg during the incident.


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