Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Skybar Vs. Dive Bar

My friends and I had the WORST EVER time trying to find parking anywhere near The Abbey on Saturday night.

The Abbey is the gay bar to be seen at in WeHo, but no parking meant no "seening" there that particular evening. This left us with the most obvious choice of secondary destination, that being the gleaming and teeming Sunset Strip. And Skybar.

First of all, since when did you have to be on a guestlist for Skybar on Saturday night? Has it been that long for me? No matter anyhow, as it took all of ten seconds to finagle our way without our very important names on "The List".

Once inside, it was a direct hightail to the bar upstairs. The crowd was pretentious, pretentious, pretentious as usual. Everyone looked like they were trying to be someone when they all really were no one. We laughed out loud at the skinny girl with the bad boob job who cut in front of us in the drink line because she ended up paying for a bunch of guys' drinks. And after all of them waved their credit cards to take care of the beverages, as real gentleman should do at a swanky dig. Looks like we (and those dudes) got the last laugh there, line cutter!

I'm Lovin' it: Cobb salads. If you want meat, veggies, and cheese all in one delicious platter, get yourself one from Home on Hillhurst in Los Feliz or from Damon & Pythias in Santa Monica. I'm hungry.

I'm Over it: Footless tights and flats with short, frayed hem mini jean skirts. I saw about fifty girls with the same outfit yesterday -- nearly wanted to hurl and put on a pair of stilettos. Fake rocker chicks.

Track of the Day: "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson. Yeah, he's written a couple songs for the new Curious George movie and that may strike you as a teensybit cheeseball, but he's still the hottest surfer/singer since Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. And I am so kidding about Brian Wilson.

Rant, Rant

So I don't get you Angeleno drivers.

Okay yeah, it rained heaps and heaps yesterday but it doesn't mean drive 10 miles an hour on the freakin' freeway.

It took me TWO HOURS to get home last night, from WeHo to WeCo (West Covina, for all you West LA gentry).

I'm just a little bitter, that's all.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Prima Donna

Donna Karan used to remind of me of women in 80s powersuits.

Twenty years later, I find myself completely drawn to this label because it evokes the two most prominent styles in my wardrobe: feminine and flowy (the Donna Karan collection) and chic bohemian (the DKNY collection).

Her most recent creations are modern twists on the 50s housewife. The look is sharp and polished, but the fabrics are soft and draping. A fashion juxtaposition of sorts -- to be tailored, yet soft -- but Miz Karan pulls it off flawlessy.

I'm also loving the modern art-influenced dresses (see dress #4). It's so MoMA.

And I must admit that the newest newspaper-inspired DKNY ads have majorly influenced the way I throw together my casual, every day outfits. Cuffed jeans with stacked platforms, billowing shirts paired with shrunken vests. All I need is a jaunty little newsboy cap and I'll be reading to step out the ad itself. Oh, and of course: lots and lots of long, layered necklaces and bangles.

Yeah, it may be awhile before I can plunk down the cash for that MoMA dress. Damn it all!

I'm Lovin' it: Coiffing my bangs and front pieces of hair into what a friend of mine deems the "hot hump". It's perfect for when the hair is getting kind of shaggy but you don't have time to get a trim. Just a little teasing, a little hairspray, a little bump-making, four bobby pins and your 'do is out of your face for the rest of the day. And it looks real purty, too.

I'm Over it: California Pizza Kitchen. Okay, fine. The avocado and chicken rolls were yummy, but the California style pizza was sooo not. They covered the entire thing in so much shredded lettuce to hide the fact that there was no grilled chicken at all. I'm going to Pizza Hut next time.

Track of the Day: "Touch The Sky" by Kayne. The background horns and drum kicks make you wanna make do the shoulder dust-off like Mistah West.

* photos property of donnakaran.com

Turn The Lights Down Low

Ah, yet another successful good time at Busby's (www.busbysonline.com) in Santa Monica tonight. And of course, GTs were had with me in my new nautically-inspired outfit.

A few of my work friends bailed on the outing, but the usual crew -- plus some new members -- were in full force, representing till close.

My new friend S. made a good point as the clock rolled around to about 1:15 pm and the ugly lights began getting a little bit brighter: guys gets incredibly desperate around this time and will do/say anything to get you to come home with them. Like tonight some dude told me to come to San Diego and he'd teach me to surf. And how would I be paying for these lessons?? We know they're not gratis. Uh, yeah. No thanks.

Big ups to our favorite triad of BS, GS, and Joel (respectively!) below, for always making our trips to Busby's such a pleasureable experience.

Tomorrow night: The Lobby Supper Club lounge on Santa Monica Boulevard. Giddyup!

* photos property of busbysonline.com

Friday, February 24, 2006

Holy Smokey, Toki Doki!

The world has gone Japan-mad lately.

And so my editor for 944 Magazine sent an appropriate little (possible) writing assignment my way yesterday. It's a feature on this amazingly adorable line called Toki Doki, a Japanese cartoon-inspired collection replete with cutesy putesy little "Cactus Friend" creatures and coquettishly sexy female characters.

Simon Legno is Toki Doki's design guru and so, so abso-farkin'-lutely adorable in his panama hats. His designs are on tees, hairclip, iPod skins, ultra-cool sneaks from Sneakerpimps, Le Sportsac bags, and on skateboard decks. His wares are seen on everyone from Japanese girls (who pretty much worship the line) to Fergie of BEP.

The scope of Legno's reach has gone as far as conceptualizing the art decor of L.A.'s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to designing hotel rooms to charitable events like "Toy Saves Children" to cross country skateboard artshows like "Thirty Two Inch Canvas". Fornari, which owns the equally cool Fornarina brand, is T.D.'s new European partner -- so you know this line is going far.

If you like Hello Kitty, Tarina Tarantino or Japanese anime, you are sure as hell going to love Toki Doki.

Okey dokey?

I'm Lovin' it: Yogurt covered raisins. Do you know that 40 of these babies is only 15o calories?? It's just like eating candy. Really, it is.

I'm Over it: Apartment hunting. Can't me and my roomies just find a 3 bedroom place in the Westside with underground parking, laundry in the unit, utilities included, huge rooms, and near the beach for around $2100?! Yeah right. I'm California dreamin' for sure.

Track of Classic of the Day: "Father of Mine" by Everclear. I swear, the emotion in the chorus gets me every single time. Sniff.

* photo property of tokidoki.it

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Evenings = Happy Hour in L.A.

So I'm meeting my new pal A. for happy hour at The Belmont on La Cienega tonight.

Since being down here, I've noticed that Happy Hour is a very frequent and very fun past time here in the States.

And I've noticed me at them more and more lately.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ships Ahoy!

I'm all about the nautical vibe.

Despite being so very good about saving money for my impending move to WeHo, West LA or Santa Monica, I couldn't help but be drawn into some long overdue shopping today. It was time to treat myself, especially after being such a Scrooge with my bank account lately -- a good thing, of course!

I took 11 items into the dressing room and emerged triumphant with two. First is a grey and white striped cotton drop-waist dress that doubles as a tunic shirt. It's cute with a pair of footless leggings and flats, but also equally adorable with jeans and heels. After combining the two, I now have the perfect outfit for a night on the town...at Busby's. God, not that place again! But if I had to be anywhere with the ensemble, I wouldn't mind being on a sailboat -- I think an old, ahem, friend of mine has in my hometown Vancouver. However, that would require me to purchase a $450 airplane ticket , so I'm putting that idea on the backburner "pour le moment" (as the Quebecois might say).

Completely Galliano-and-sailor-inspired, it's the stripey shirts, white bottoms, flats and cute little vests with buttons that make me want to shout, "Head toward starboard!"

Or maybe even, "Shiver me timbers", but I think that's more Jack Sparrow than Gilligan.

I'm Lovin' it: Bottega Veneta! I love this label because it's sexy chic, in an understated European way. Sexy bags, sexy shoes and now some very sexy Fall 2006 pieces like the one below:

I'm Over it: Everyone on Power 106 "Big Boi's Neighborhood" ripping fat jokes into Tattoo every second. I agree, it's funny sometimes but I seriously think that any more insults of the caliber I hear each morning and Tatt will seriously one day decide to end his life. Yeah, not so funny anymore, guys.

Track of the Day: "Don't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I know it's off the last album, but it's an awesome track. The video's a little insane and veeeeery abstract, but it's highly amusing to see Anthony Kiedis all zipped up in a silver tent up to his neck, singing his crazy heart out.

* photo property of fashionweekdaily.com

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm a Bad, Bad Girl

So my friend Andrew pointed out that I've been a total slack with my blog in the past month and a bit. Which made me feel really guilty. Which makes me think I need to write a bullet point list of things I meant to write about, but got too bogged down to find the time.

1. H & M has announced it's SoCal location: Hollywood & Highland, baby!

2. I'm absolutely in love with Loeffler Randall shoes. A leeeettle on the pricey side, but isn't all great fashion?

3. Looking for a sexy lounge with good drinks and friendly bar staff? Try Voda in Santa Monica. There's a little teeny asian barman who is totally adorable -- ask him about the Ashes and Snow photography exhibit at the Pier and he'll go off on you in excitement. After pouring your vodka soda, of course.

4. I may be biased since I love no-heel shoes, but peep-toe flats are the best footwear bet for this coming spring. You'll find the cutest styles from Loeffler to Nine West to Delman to Louboutin. Chic and feminine -- you'll totally feel all Hepburn. Audrey, that is.

5. I'm currently to winning bidder for a two-bar set of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Soap with Vitamin E. Face wash from the drugstore has done a total number on me and jacked up my skin, so I'm finding au natural products are the way to go. I'll let you know what happens.

6. Contrary to popular belief, not all celeb stylists are prima donnas. We've had tons of them float through the office to pull things for clients and they're all absolute dolls. But we have been privy to hilarious (and sometimes horrific) celeb melt-down tales. Especially about a former Laker Girl turned 80s popstar turned A.I. panel member. Yeah, her.

7. I'm in disbelief that Kelly Clarkson and her not-so hot Judith Leiber bag toppled Mariah Carey at the Grammys. No one, I mean no one, out-glitters Mimi!

8. I've been getting addicted to certain techie revolutions lately: iPod and Myspace. But I KNOW I'm not the only one.

9. Sometimes a night out the local sportsbar beats big, bad clubs like LAX or Skybar. Cabo, Q's, Busby's, Maloney's tonight for a bud's birthday...kickin' it back with good friends is always in style.

10. After the age of about 23, you realize there really aren't enough hours in a day. "So much to do, so little time" is an absolute. I'm not a Sith, but that adage is so damn true. Welcome to real world, son.

I'm Lovin' it: Drinking sake instead of wine. Chilled or hot. So yum.

I'm Over it: People making fun of Hilary Duff's teeth. She looks fan-freakin'-tastic these days! Don't be a hater now. But I agree, Haylie's still butt.

Track of the Day: "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" by Chris Brown. I'm not even going to call this a guilty track because I love it so much.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Last Minute Valentine

The time has come again.

For those who are single, it's become a national reminder of your solo stateus. For those lucky in love, it's become another holiday attached to last minute shopping frenzies, a la Christmas. Instead of getting your sweeties the usual presents this year -- Godiva chocolates, flowers from Moe's on Melrose, or provocative underthings from Victoria's Secret (which is more a gift for the man than the woman anyway), get something out of the ordinary.

But no less fabulous, of course.

If you've called your honey a "punk" more than once, then Rock-N-Role is what you should get them this year. You'll find men's, women's, and dog rock and roll-inspired apparel, in pieces and designs you'll find nowhere else. The "Heart of Glass" dress is most appropriate for the occasion, n'est pas?

For the ultimate girly-girl better half, head straight for Girlie Designs. Gorgeous bags (love the fur numbers!), cute boleros, and billowy tops are only some of the things offered that'll bring a sparkle to the eye and warm the heart of your favorite fashionista friend.

You and your partner tired of the ubiquitous big-framed sunglasses favored by starlets everywhere? Then pick up a one-of-a-kind pair from Delusions Eyeware. Constructed out of handmade wire frame, nothing says "Be Mine" that the Heart shades. It's art for your face.

Most women love, love, love to get jewelry on any big occcasion or major holiday. Erica Flaum Designs is eclectic handmade jewelry and belts crafted with gorgeous gems such as fresh water pearl, watermelon tourmaline, and Peruvian opal. Already a hit with young, female Hollywood, Erica's handiwork has been seen on the likes of Sophia Bush, Amber Tamblyn, Jen Scheft (The Bachelorette), and Hilary Duff.

Everyone would kill for a great retro tee. Going along with the recyling theme that is vintage, Partybots is a fabulous collection of retro tees, with an eco twist. The shirts are created through environmentally-conscious processes, along with soy-based cleaning chemicals and no aerosol spray adhesives. An undeniably great Valentine's Day present for that vegan boyfriend who can't get through the day without his venti soy chai latte.

If you are at a loss for presents, or if your shopping tardiness is about to leave you empty-handed on such a day as this, then get thee to Brent-Air Gifts, nestled in it's chic namesake neighborhood. Here you'll no doubt find that exclusive gift for your special man, woman, baby, or pet at anytime in the year.

So for those Valentine's procrastinators, there's still hope out there to buy your sweetie a wee I heart you present -- with a little help from this last minute guide.

And now you've got less than 24 hours to get it done.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Lu-Lu Luella

Um, was anyone else SLIGHTLY disappointed in the Luella Bartley collection for Target??

Yeah, thought so.

The only things that caught my eye were the green plaid strapless pouf-bottom dress and the shiny stripe ebony/white shirt with skinny tie. I could've done without the shine though.

Unfortunately, the Luella B/Target collabo ranks at the bottom of the hi-lo combo of big designer and mass market appeal.

Oh Steeeeellllllaa! When you doing Tar-zhay??

I'm Lovin' it: Chris Martin. This guy is freakin' AMAZING live! He was all over the place, and enviably, more flexible than me. He was doing some serious moves, while singing his signature falsetto and basically entrancing everyone at the sold out Coldplay concert last Saturday at the Forum. Mr. Martin even looked hot with his curly sue 'fro that hasn't seen shears since the CP tour started. Listening to the live KROQ streaming right now. Sweet.

I'm Over it: Superbowl commercials. They couldn't have gotten any worse this year. Didn't laugh or smile once. And the Diet Pepsi cannot act. Period.

Track of the Day: "Speakeasy" by 311. Catchy tune, indeed. Chorus almost sounds like a sitcom song from the late 80s/early 90s, down to the keyboard ditty. I almost expected Sam Malone to come out of my speakers.

Arden B. in The OC

So our client Arden B. had a fashion show at Fashion Island (how appropriate) in Newport Beach.

The show was actually quite fantastic. There wasn't a central theme to the collection like "Vacation in St. Tropez" or "Sensual School Marm" or anything, but I feel like Arden B. really upped the ante this time around. Cute yet sophisticated plaid short shorts, skinny jeans, open knit tops, blousons, lace footless tights, crocheted shrugs, fantastic cropped jackets (including a doppelganger of this Jak & Rae "Sherlock Holmes" number I've been drooling over at Sugar boutique and I've mentioned at least once already on this blog), cute flats, low-back jersey dresses. Whoever styled the show really knew how to take the sundry pieces and put them together for the perfect spring/summer 2006 outfit.

Gorgeous evening, gorgeous pieces, and gorgeous people.

But does everyone in the OC have to be so really, really ridiculously good-looking??

I'm Lovin' it: Gwen Stefani Rossdale looking SO FLY for a mother-to-be at the Grammy Awards. She was absolutely radiant. Holla back girl.

I'm Over it: The James Frey book scandal. Aren't there more important things going on in the world than screwing over Oprah Winfrey's Book Club?? Oh, and my TV -- which is only a year old -- busting on me. How am I supposed to watch Beauty and the Geek?!

Track Classic of the Day: "Denial Twist" by The White Stripes. The black and white video with all those kids jammin' to this song is adorable. But something about Jack White being a Pied Piper-type to the l'il chilluns is also vaguely creepy...

* photos property of ardenb.com