Friday, September 23, 2005

L.A.M.B. in Wolf's Clothing

These days, celebrity designers are as ubiquitous as a black, tinted out Caddy Escalade on an L.A. freeway. Not only is a celeb designer popping up every three seconds (um, Mandy Moore for mBlem, yeah right!), two music superstars have already had the privilege of closing out New York Fashion Week. While last year saw Jennifer Lopez's Sweetface collection prance down the runway, this year's golden girl was Miz Hollaback-whatcha-waitin'-for-rich-girl herself Gwen Stefani. You've GOT to love this chick's gutsy style. I've always harbored a secret admiration for those stylephiles who know exactly what they like and are not afraid to wear it, no matter how crazy or Harajuku it may be. I'm a die-hard fan of L.A.M.B. jackets and blazers, especially with fall around the bend. Mrs. Gavin Rossdale's line has taken off like a rocket in the past year and just keeps getting mo' betta each collection.

Some of my faves from the Spring 2006 RTW Collection (watch the video clip on

1. The rasta-colored tank mini dresses cinched with skinny belts

2. The slouchy tangerine blouse with tassles on model Hye Park

3. The white uber-mini dress with puff bottom on Naomi Campbell

4. My dream Spring 2006 outfit from L.A.M.B. has got to be the cropped petal-layered white jacket paired with long white military bermudas, high black belt and sexy black pumps on model Polina Kouklina

Some of my in-store faves (all on Nordstroms, yo):

1. The new L.A.M.B. cashmere shrug

2. The low-back L.A.M.B. Victorian top in the zebra print

3. The L.A.M.B. nautical blazer (40% off the original price as of now!)

4. The L.A.M.B. wide-leg pleated trousers

I'm Lovin it: The dance cam on Ellen Degeneres' show -- frickin' hilarious!

I'm Over it: Men. Yeah right, totally kidding with you.


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