Friday, June 29, 2007

What A Hack

There's just something about Kate Moss' baby daddy-slash-UK publishing king Jefferson Hack.

Not only does he oversee the inner and outer workings of quirky, cool Brit glossies Dazed & Confused and Another Magazine, Hack also has Moss as an ex (naturallly) and French model Anouck Lapere as his current other half.

No wonder the man gets photographed everywhere -- he's not a hack at all.

In fact, he's quite the dapper chap.

I'm Lovin' it: I still have yet to warm up to come to the new head designer at Chloe. Is it me, or has Chloe lost its Chloe-ness since Philo left?? Anyhoo, the Resort 2008 collection was not my fave at all. It looks kind of -- forgive me for saying this, couture gods! -- cheaply made, though I am well aware it isn't. Does the latter comment affect any potential discounts with the House of Chloe? If so, here's my damage control then: I do like these white sandals, in a futuristically strappy way.

I'm Over it: Every single time I scroll through the images on, this godforsaken ad pops up every couple of windows. I'm no fashion photographer, but what I do know is this shot is terrible and chaps me each time. This is my cyber-plea to Conde Nast (well, Conde Net in this case) to please, please, puh-leeze remove it.

Band of the Day: The National is playing tonight at Richard's on Richards and I'm absolutely DYING to go. Unfortunately, most of my friends who'd be willing to listen to this Cincinnati-bred, New York-transplanted band are camping (not for me, but thanks for the offer) or otherwise occupied for the night. Their new album "The Boxer" should hold up just as good as their last album "The Alligator". Pre-occupation with the word "the" much, fellas?

Seeing their show woulda been a faaaaaaantastic way to kick off the Canada Day long weekend. Ah well, thus is life.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Laugh of the Day

For you west coasters that haven't heard of the east coast's Overheard In New York, then you haven't lived.

Basically the m.o. of the website is New Yorkers posting the most hilarious, ridiculous snippets of conversation they hear while walking the streets of the Big Apple -- always signing off with an anonymous-type name like "Just Trying To Pass.." or simply the location of said eavesdrop.

"Wednesday One-Liners" are the best. This one made me laugh my arse off...

Black guy to stubborn pigeon: Bird, don't think I won't f*ck you up.

--61st St

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Milanese Mujer

The aplomb with which this mujer chic (Spanish translation: chic woman) carries off this outft is undeniable, captured on photog film by the elusive Facehunter.

And now I'll be scavenging all the hip vintage boutiques in SoMa trying to replicate it all.

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Call In The F-Troupes

My ankle is getting better -- thanks for asking -- which is probably the reason I purchased three pairs of flats last Saturday on a shopping trip with my friend Phyll C.

I made myself a little pit stop at newly reno-ed Jonathan + Olivia -- the SoMa (South Main) store that we do PR for -- and couldn't stop picking up this adorably girly pair of ankle-tie (how appropriate!), black leather flats from F-Troupe.

Then I couldn't stop trying them on, bringing them to the cash register and paying for them.

Oh well, what can a girl do? That sure broke the ice for my other two shoe purchases in a major way.

Just ask my bank account.

I'm Lovin' it: VOGUE has declared 2007 "The Year of the Dress". Well, if that's the case, then in order for me to have a good year, I need to get myself this number I saw on Active Endeavors.

Like pronto.

I'm Over it: How could I possibly have eaten a chocolate cupcake AND a mint cupcake yesterday night at 10 pm?!?! Oh yeah, because I bought them at 9:30 pm.

Way Back Track of the Day: Hands To Heaven by Breathe. Not much to say, either than you'll probably recognize it -- and it's so classic 80s.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meet My New Baby

Everyone in my office has their own goldfish swimming happily in a round bowl perched on top of our wicked black cubed bookshelf.

Unfortunately, one passed away last week and had to go down the big, white bowl in the bathroom.

I tottered down to Mr. Pets on Commercial yesterday to pick up a new member for the work familia and came back with an adorable gold and black-speckled fishie to call my own.

World, meet Freckles McGee.

He looks suspiciously like the fantail below -- except waaaaaaay cuter.

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I'll Never Teller A Soul

All fashion-philes know German photographer Juergen Teller once was Marc Jacobs' main campaign lensman, pre-Cindy Sherman.

Today, I happened across his photo spread in the lastest W Magazine and couldn't help but notice that one particular shot had that same raw, sex-ified feel as the work of the late Guy Bourdin, the latter being one of my number uno style shutterbugs.

Can you see it, too, or is it just me??

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All Alone

So mad.

This super cool $15 print of an illustration entitled Alone by the artist Germaine sold out on-line yesterday quicker than I can run to a sample sale -- and that's pretty fast.

Well, that's what you get when you attempt to buy a limited edition of 30 prints.

I gotta get this art buying thing straight.

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That 80s Show

Normally I listen to either hip-hop from The Bassment or all sorts of electronica at work.

Today, I decided to switch it up and re-live my 80s childhood through Best of the 80s on Live 365.

So far I've heard Jane Wiedlin's "Rush Hour", Huey Lewis & The News' "The Power of Love", Europe's "The Final Countdown" and currently, Kenny Loggins' "The Danger Zone".

Tubular, totally tubular.

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Page-ing Sargisson

My girl AJ Banana came over on Monday night for hot dogs and fries, Sex and the City-watching, some girl talk and a mention of a bachelorette party in Vegas next year for our friend Mona G.

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm a Sin City-aficionado. New Yorkers escape their city by hot-footing it to the Hamptons, while Angelenos escape their city by putting the petal to the metal all the way to Vegas on Fridays after work.

Which meant that during my tenure in L.A., I was one of those escapists.

Yes, Las Vegas can be overkill: too much gold and glitter, too many neon lights, too many drinks, too many long line-ups to enter clubs (if you're a guy only, sorry 'bout that fellas), too many mid-west Americans wearing bad outfits, too many people losing money at the tables, too many plastic yard-longs filled with margaritas being consumed during the day while cruising the Strip (no one likes a mid-day headache)...

But in the case of complaining vs. Vegas, I kinda like overkill and I kinda like these Casino Chic charms by Page Sargisson. All you have to do is buy a chip (some are actual European ones from the 20s and 30s) and add charms, which come in familiar shapes you'd find on the blackjack table: spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds.

And remember, a full house always wins.

I'm Lovin' it: Natalia Vodianova is one of my favorite models. And boy, oh boy, does this lady ever have a Cinderella story to tell. She came from a dirt poor background in Russian, selling fruit in the street at a very young age to help support her large family. A chance stumble into modelling has made her an industry superstar -- and the wife of British aristocracy in the form of Sir Justin Portman. She's proof that anything can happen, with hard work and the right opportunity. An absolutely gorgeous face helps, too. Check out these beyond beautiful photos of her from the latest issue of Vogue.

I'm Over it: Who gives a rat's bum if Nicole Richie is pregnant?? Oh wait, I do.

Track of the Day: I love me some old school Outkast, especially their Aquemini album from the 90s. The piano and brass intro to West Savannah makes me feel like I'm chillin' in a smoke zone -- think Amsterdam, West Savannah or, uh, Vancouver.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Belle Jour

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Okay, so I should not be rapidly foaming at the mouth at these shoes, considering I bought three pairs -- all flats (one black leather ballet-ish ankle tie up from Jonathan + Olivia, a brown and gold-striped suede 'n' leather Jeffrey Campbell pair from Urban Outfitters and a deep blue/purple/red/grey with gold trim suede pair from their private label) -- on Saturday as a "my-ankle-is-finally-better!" present to myself.

Remember when Sigerson Morrison caused a massive fashion stir with its kitten-heel flip flops that went for around $200 a pop?

Say hello to Sigerson Morrison's newest shoe coup d'etat that is part ankle boot, part twisted Mary Jane: The Belle.

I may not be French, but I do know that "belle" en francais means "beautiful".

Yes, it is indeed.

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Hurrah For The Candelabra

I have more necklaces than you can shake a stick at. This brings me to two points:

1. At a certain age -- let's say the mid-late twenties -- a girl just cannot be caught with a jewlery box on her dresser. We are no longer 6 years old and dreaming of becoming ballerinas. Well, most of us anyway.

2. A girl can never, ever have too many necklaces.

Moving into my new apartment at the beginning of this month meant having to buy items that walk the line between a decorative statement and a practical accessory. Since I walk the line between the mid-late 20s and thus have to forgo jewelry boxes, I decided to drape my necklaces from the notches of this goth-y, mod-ish black candelabra I found at Ikea.

My beside table looks like a cascading waterfall of chunky gold necklaces -- and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Now to rephrase my first sentence: I have more necklaces than you can shake a candlestick at...

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Conversations With Gaudi

Two weeks ago during a power lunch with my boss Renee, she told me that two things influence trends: art and architecture.

On Sunday during a conversation with my friend Trev C., he told me that the architecture in Europe was beyond amazing and was something I had to see at some point in my life.

And today while perusing my girl Jay-nine's blog chronicling her adventures hoofing it across the E.U., I came across pictures she took of Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, a breathtaking building with mind-blowing detail and proportion.

It made me -- a fan of contemporary art and architecture -- really appreciate seminal works that have stood the test of time and history, managing to somehow remain influential and relevant in 2007. The Sagrada Familia was still incomplete when Gaudi passed on, but is slowly being built from his old blueprints.

Makes me wonder which designer is going to take note and put peaked sleeves with excessive detail on next season's runway...

I'm Lovin' it: Everything's coming up roses today. Don't know why, but it is!

I'm Over it: Hmmmm...not feeling the hater-ade today. Though I can't believe Paris is out of jail already.

Track of the Day: Tonight I Have To Leave It (Kleerup remix) by Sweden's Shout Out Louds -- the original was produced by Bjorn Yitting, of Peter Bjorn and John and also a fellow Swede. The remix track has a fantastic 80s vibe to it, thanks to the synthed-out voice of the Shout Out Louds lead male vocalist and the backbeat. This ear-appetizing re-do is worked by Andreas Kleerup, who hit it big time last year with the single With Every Heartbeat (Ft. Robyn). So much good muzzak from Sverige! And si, that's the Swedish spelling of "Sweden".

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Or not.

Where has summer gone in Vancouver?? It's been raining, raining, raining and the tan I managed to procure when we had that hot spell a month ago is fading, fading, fading.

And I need that glowing, bronzed tan if I want my skin to look good against an outfit like this, a la Miz Lopez.

Although the hairdo could use some work, I must admit: J to the L-O looks mucho caliente!

Good call on the oodles of bangles, too.

I'm Lovin' it: The bacon cheeseburger, yam fries and chocolate shake that I devoured at White Spot yesterday during a catch-up session with Tom Tom. Feenie's, eat your heart out!

I'm Over it: Certain circumstances last night lent me only two hours of sleep, hence the veeeeeery short post today. Words are coming to me a lot slower today.

Track of the Day: Watched the Denzel Washington flick Deja Vu yesterday night, and The Beach Boys track Don't Worry Baby played a pretty significant role in the movie. It's also been playing over and over in my head, making me realize I didn't have to be born in the 50s to be a Beach Boys fan. But let's not spread the word about that too much now.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Meet Mister Mort

Sometimes there's nothing sexier than a guy in camo shorts, white tee, flip flops, Vestal watch on his wrist and Spy sunglasses on his head.

But sometimes, just sometimes, there's nothing sexier than a guy in a suit and tie, preferably from Mister Mort. This collection of circa-50s neckwear was hoarded and bought from a decrepit tie factory by Mordechai Rubinstein (the popular NYC publicist of Andy Spade), who also happens to be a sneaker enthusiast and an uploaded photo-junkie.

Rubinstein created a capsule collection with Jack Spade -- conveniently named Mister Mort for Jack Spade -- which he sold wares from last week, right in front of Spade's SoHo store on Greene Street. Not only were there skinny ties, diagonal ties and vintage ties, there were also cuff links, tie bars and pocket squares.

And who said hipster dandys weren't a fine lot??

I'm Lovin' it: A Saturday plan filled with a stop at Gastown boutique One Of A Few for a mini peruse and quick interview with owner Michelle Rizzardo, a major hunt for the perfect summer fedora (with the back end turned up, preferably) and pin-striped shorts with my friend Phyll C. and a big nighttime house party to celebrate the birthdays of a few fellas from what I like to call "The Hot Swimmers Crew". They know exactly who they are. I heart house parties.

I'm Over it: The dudes who decided to have a yelling fest at 2 am outside my apartment -- and on my side of the building, at that. Not the ideal situation for two (no, three including Sushi R.) gals trying to sleep, who just had a crazy, champagne-and-smarties-filled girls' night and had jobs to go to the next day.

Art of the Day: A recent Facebook messaging reunion with an old university friend uncovered our previously unknown mutual adoration for the UK guerilla graffiti artist Bansky. This image is dedicated to the artist -- and to Facebook.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who Are You, Jason Wu?

Jason Wu has been tearing up the fashion pages as furiously as a jilted girl tears up photos of an ex -- but in a good way.

Wu, who moved from Vancouver from Taipei for a hot minute at the age of 10, is making a very distinct mark on the couture landscape. After taking sculpture classes in Tokyo at age 14, subsequently high-schooling in Paris and then enrolling into the shi-shi Parsons School of Design, Wu jump-started his designing career with an internship at Narciso Rodriguez.

The A-listers are already trippin' over this young designer, a boy-ish 23 years old (by today's standards, that is). Jamie Lynn Sigler, Amanda Hearst, Eva Longoria (who wore one of his confections to the 2006 Emmys), Mira Sorvino and Amber Valetta are hardcore fanatics, as well as the style arbiters at major fashion publications -- VOGUE and Harper's Bazaar included.

His Resort 2008 collection was literally a dream in dresses.

Good for you, Jason Wu.

I'm Lovin' it: This outfit from Thakoon is killer because of its chic-nicity, courtesy of his Resort 2008 collection. Sheer, voluminous sleeves, satin shorts, neo-bohemian belt -- it's so Haute Hippie!

I'm Over it: Is it only lunchtime? I've got a slammin' girls' night to host this evening -- in commemoration of one of my bestest friends Sushi coming into town for a few days -- which means I need to get the usual girls' night essentials going: wine, champagne, crackers, cheese, every dip available on the planet and chocolate. Oh yeah, and Sex & The City on in the background. Time to crack open those two bottles of vino Sushi and I purveyed from BC's wine county of Oliver a few months ago!

Track of the Day: "What's A Girl To Do" by Bat For Lashes. Natasha Khan -- a resident on the UK -- errs on the side of sensually eery on this track. She's like a modern day dark fairy flitting around with her harpsichord, piano and beat machines.

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Blue Baggin'

Stella McCartney -- stylish rock & roll spawn of Sir Paul -- debuted her Resort 2008 collection just recently.

Two things:

a) I can't get over how much I'm loving the skinny pants with suit jacket and altitude-defying heels

b) I am madly drooling over this clutch in black-eye type colors.

Not that I condone black eyes, but I DO condone carrying clutches at all times.

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Gettin' Rug-ged

There's no reason why what's under your foot shouldn't be as fabulously glamourous as what's on your foot.

Jimmy Choo, meet HZL by Henzel. This rug-slash-art company came to be with the help of Calle Henzel, one of Sweden's newest and hottest designers specializing in fusing fashion and decor. Think of him as the Norweigan Warhol, a shaggy-haired blonde dude with an affinity for bright colors, graphics and women in silk screen.

His wares sell anywhere and everywhere (and as fast as churros at Santee Alley) from New York to San Fran to Paris to London to Tokyo to Berlin to Amsterdam to Rio De Janeiro to Los Angeles. If you'd rather Henzel on your wall rather than your floor, you can also snap up special edition artwork, all you have to do is email HZL for their availability and closest distributor. The rugs range from about $600 to just over $2000, depending on the size and shape you most covet.

Get floored by Henzel, y'all.

I'm Lovin' it: The vintage, wide black belt with all-over slits (perfect for minor fluctuations in poundage) and gold buckle insert I purchased manana. Slick 80s-style for $3.29. Salvation Army, who knew??

I'm Over it: Being so addicted to celeb gossip websites. I should be reading Dostoevsky, not Perez Hilton. Oh, see! There I go again, googling another gossip site...

Musical Artist of the Day: Lately, I've quite addicted to anything French: the store Colette (so wish I could take one of their crazy, public dance classes!), baguettes, brie, Chanel, wine, MC Solaar and now, The Plasticines. This trio (down from a quartet, the image below is passe) of under-age girls have super catchy tunes (check out "Loser"), as well as the best hair -- in shiny, side swept-bang glory -- among femme music acts. They're it-girls, for sure. And it doesn't hurt that their music rocks out hard, too.

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