Tuesday, September 06, 2005

(End of) Summer Lovin'

Today is a sad one indeed. All us workhounds are fully back into office mode: cranking out the hours typing up end of month reports, attending snooze-fest meetings, pow-wowing with the big boss, and procrastinating by checking our Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo accounts every millisecond possible (completely aware the inbox is still empty). Ah, such is the life of the modern working man/woman.

Magically at the end of my work day, FedEx showed up at the door bearing gifts: one box for my L.A. boss and one for myself. Lo and behold, the affixed receipt indicated the sender was our big, big boss from head office in New York. Hmmmm...this meant one of two things: a) the contents were press kits or samples from a new and/or existing client OR b) the contents were of the present variety. Rummaging past wads of white tissue revealed the latter, both L.A. boss and I receiving the recent giftbags passed out at a client event in New York that we, due to obvious geographical logistics, could not attend. Ooo la la, how I love suprise presents! I suppose there are some perks braving the absolutely hideous Los Angeles traffic for work.

Going to see a show at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. Should be pretty exciting since I haven't yet checked it out...which reminds me, got to put some dinner in this tummy of mine before heading out. Don't want any hunger headaches or headache grumps, both of which I'm prone to, unfortunately. Ciao!

I'm Lovin' it: The new Diesel ads with their beyond wicked cowboy inspired high-heeled boots. Definitely a 70s vintage vibe. It's a racy spread indeed, I believe you can see a little male model buttcrack, but who's looking?? Boots come in some luscious falls colors: forest green, deep purple, brown...choices, choices! www.diesel.com

I'm Over it: The radio. Listening to the same playlist every day on the hour is not my idea of an audibly rockin' good time. iPod anyone?


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