Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Wonder Why...

I didn't stick around to keep talking to that very, very adorable guy at the bar last Saturday who came to chat with me and my girls (one too many beverages consumed must be the logical explanation).

And didn't quite realize -- till we were looking at the digi camera pics the next day -- how super hot Mystery Man really was.

Good thing my BFF took a picture of me pretending to kiss him.

Pretending?! Dammit. That is so NOT how it should've gone down.

Such is the life of a single girl in the summer time.

Wedge-d In

I cannot get enough of wedges in the summertime.

Which is precisely why I bought two pairs over the span of one week (both clearly outlined in my last post).

Let's take a look at some styles I wish I had in my ever-expanding closet, shall we?

Comfortable, chic, and with the ability to make your legs miles and miles long?

Being a diminutive 5'2 doesn't seem so bad anymore.

I'm Lovin' it: Juxt eyeshadow from MAC Cosmetics. With a sexy bronzed tan, this hot green shade is killer. And no, I DO NOT wear it every day. Well, kinda sorta maybe. You'll dig it.

I'm Over it: Every little black cotton dress in size small being sold out in every clothing store on Melrose. I had a minorly major freak-out session yesterday when I realized most of Los Angeles was sucked dry of this adorable dress (that I was SO going to wear with my white Dolce Vita wedges in Dallas this weekend!)

Track of the Day: "Le Disko" by Shiny Toy Guns. My buddy B. is totally into funky electro-rock and had a wicked playlist in the car on his iPod last Sunday. Thank god for MySpace Music. www.myspacemusic/shinytoyguns

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shopaholics 'R' Us

One of my BFFs from Vancouver came for a whirlwind trip to see me in my element here in La-La Land.

It was pretty much a five day binge of shopping and partying -- otherwise known as complete and utter debauchary.

Highlights from my bestie Sukhi (aka. "Sushi") flying into town:

1) Shopping on Melrose. We both got the cutest cotton empire waist dresses (in electric blue and classic black) with adorable white belts you cinch under the bust. Put on a pair of white leggings and you have the ultimate summer outfit. Trust me, it's a hit.

2) Finding Chloe wooden platform and strappy leather knockoffs at the Beverly Center Nine West. For $40. That's right, you read me.

3) Discovering the white leather and raffia Dolce Vita platforms I saw three months ago at The Shoe Lab in Huntington Beach were on sale and I snagged the last size 6.

4) Dancing non-stop like maniacs at Sutra Ultra Lounge in Newport Beach. Till the ugly lights come on.

5) Getting phone stalked at our hotel at 3:30 am after the bar and at 8:30 am the next morning by our Italian cab drive Toukhi who somehow mistakened our buzzed friendliness as flirtation. Um, no way.

6) Dulce De Leches with whip cream at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

7) Spotting Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air chowing down at Home on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. Surprisingly, the big fella's got chicken legs! And the California omelette is the frickin' bomb.

8) Silly (ie. completely hosed) photos in hotel rooms. MySpace!

9) Palamino and Joel (aka. Ma'Kai and Busby's).

10) Beach Cruisers and Beer Sunday at Hermosa Beach. Which is now a new monthly tradition.

11) Gap gladiator sandals for $13. Get them in black, white, and chocolate'll be set every single summer of your life.

12) Aviator sunglasses for $11 and a free case from that surfer dude vendor in Huntington Beach.

13) Del Taco and Fancy Ketchup.

14) Crab Mac and Cheese at the Belmont.

15) Coaxing my BFF to think outside the fashion box -- she's going home in style and "so L.A."!

I love vacations and best friends, no matter how short they are (five days and 4'11)!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pandora's (Jewelry) Box

I'm one of those crazy girls that can't leave the house without a bracelets on her wrists, earrings in her ears, rings on her fingers, and a necklace around her neck (well, dependent my shirt neckline).

No, it's not all Tiffany's, Garrard, Harry Winston, Neil Lane, or Van Cleef & Arpels. Though, like Jiminy Cricket, I wish upon a star that is was. I, Haute Hippie, am an avid buyer of bargain-basment priced costume jewelry.

So, today I decided to check up on my eBay account and wound up browsing for more pretty, dangly baubles to hang on myself. I've been obsessed with searching out a great tusk charm necklace and happened to cyber-stumble upon the eBay store Pandora's Pout.

Not only are there fantabulous tusk necklaces coupled with other cute charms, like fishes and anchors (nautical is SO in), you've also got lion safari charms, double gun charms, rippled leaf charms, and clock face vintage earrings.

It's way more than my poor PayPal account can handle.

I'm feeling pretty neutral today, so neither lovin' it or over it.

Actually, I'm just lazy.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Doo.Ri-ing It Right

Doo.Ri rocks.

As you can probably tell (if you're a regular reader), I'm a super fan of uber-feminine, drape-y designs. Which is exactly what I love about this label. The way the whole collection falls on the feminine form, the luxe fabrics, the beauty in the simplicity of her designs -- no wonder she's a Vogue favorite!

Fall 2006 is Doo Ri's most experimental and avant-garde yet. While her dresses are still in the fluid, drape-y realm, some of her fall pieces lean more toward voluminously architectural -- even costume-y.

Think of it as a little bit of Galliano and Ghesquiere in one, with maybe a smidge of Yamamoto for taste.

I'm Lovin' it: Shopping on Melrose. With summer dresses all the rage this year, it's the best place to go to score a pretty frock. Once you get past the fact that 70% of the boutiques carry the EXACT SAME ONES. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

I'm Over it: The lunacy that is Scientology. If no one's heard the Jenna and Bodhi Elfman story yet, check it out on or

Album of the Day: "Young Machines" by Her Space Holiday. An experimental album put out by HSH a couple years ago, it was a hit among critics and music lovers alike. Check out tracks five ("Japanese Gum") and seven ("My Girlfriend's Boyfriend"). They're golden.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Principessa For The Day

My weekend sure consisted a lot of window shopping during the day.

I hadn't yet gotten the chance to check out Abbott Kinney in Venice since my residency in Santa Monica began this past May, but Sunday seemed like the perfect day to do so.

Though I was pretty hungry and cranky by the time my pal R. and I started perusing the shops, the pangs subsided (a little) when we entered this fabulous and cozy little boutique called Principessa. The vibe was completely bohemian couture: Desanka tops, Loeffler Randall peep-toe flats, and my absolute FAVORITE -- a beyond gorgeous white, turquoise blue, and gold top/short dress by Milly of New York.

The tag screamed, "Out of your budget!", but I'm waiting for that mega blow-out sale.

And that better be damn soon, preferably before the summer lets out and before my tan begins to fade.

I'm Lovin' it: Indie clothing labels with awesomely funny names. Hits from this weekend include Young Fabulous & Broke (complete with a black and white photo that looks very JT LeRoy-ish) and Super Lucky Kitty.

I'm Over it: American Apparel. Didn't like the store at all. I suppose cotton clothing -- especially plain cotton stretch skirts for nearly $40 -- is not my steez. Creepy, intense cashier guy didn't help the situation any either.

Track of the Day: "Hard to Beat" by Hard Fi. These Londoners seriously rock the freakin' house. They're definitely 80s-influenced. Which is great, since I'm an 80s baby!

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

It'll Be Mine, All Mine!

I found a freakin' FABULOUS Chloe dress on eBay for a steal.

Three days left.

I'm not telling you or showing you which one it is because I want it that badly.

The countdown begins to my ownership of the perfect summer dress.

Now to find the white wedges to go with it -- at a bargain, of course!

Bargain meaning knock-offs.

I'm Lovin' it: My Boden headscarf. It's essential when you have no energy to fix your hair all pretty for the day. Like this one.

I'm Over it: The brouhaha over the Paul McCartney/Heather Mills divorce. Arrrrgh, who cares?! Actually, it's really funny hearing the Morning Show team on KROQ making fun of Mills being a mono-ped, as opposed to a bi-ped. God, they kill me.

Track of the Day: "Shakedown" by A Night (Afterlife Remix). So lounge-y and deep house sexy. It makes me want a pomegranate martini.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Watch-ing Out

My name is Haute Hippie, and I'm an accessories whore.

Shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves, watches...I love it all.

Years ago, I bought myself a huge men's silver watch because I thought it'd be fly to have a ginormous watch on my little wrist. It was a giant hit with everyone and since then, I always look at men's watches first before women's.

Which leads me to Nooka, a super modern watch line for guys (and gals) who are tech geeks at heart. It may take you awhile get the hang of figuring out the hour on these babies, but at least you'd look cool for the time being (no pun intended).

With robo-names like ZEN-V and ZOO-V2, that R2D2 has nothing on you and your Nooka.

I'm Lovin' it: Dresses for summer. I've never been one to wear too many casually, but the recent bout of hot and sticky SoCal weather makes me yearn for cool, cotton frocks with flats (preferably Dolce Vita) or wedges (preferably Chloe, but much too much out of my budget). Sure beats jeans and a tank.

I'm Over it: First loves. Found out yesterday my first love just got engaged in Hawaii. Felt pretty sick to the stomach initially, but now I guess I just wish him and his fiancee much happiness. Feeling a little more than a little regret on the direction of that relationship, but c'est la vie, n'est pas?

Track of the Day: "Baby's Got Sauce" by G. Love and Special Sauce. Listen to the track and you'll understand why it's one of the best jams ever recorded. Perfect for summer driving with the drop top down or sunroof open.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Feeling All Bradshaw Today

I've always loved Carrie Bradshaw. The dashing "boyfriend" (Mr. Big), a plethora of shoes, a fashion-friendly body type (thin, thin, thin), and a fabulous writing career.

Despite the snozz, the smoking, and the funky, itsy bitsy hat she wore on her first day in Paris, I just love her.

And today, I feel an itsy bit Carrie-like because my alice + olivia article for the summer issue of 944 Magazine ran today!

Support a sista and pick up a copy of 944 ASAP, they're all over Los Angeles!

I'm Lovin' it: I loathe to admit it, mainly because I once swore I'd never wear them, but leggings. In fact, I'm wearing a pair now and will probably buy one with lace trim before June ends. Arrrrrrgh, I'm SUCH a hypocrite.

I'm Over it: Sunburns. I got one after deciding to fry myself for a couple hours on Santa Monica beach. I'm not the type to burn up, so let this be a lesson to me (and you) in avoiding skin cancer. Ok, so I did use some Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning oil...but the tan beneath the burn is fab, yo.

Track of the Day: The Neil Aline (Chez Music) remix of Coldplay's "Talk", recorded live at APT this month. Soooooo good that I don't even have any words for it. I heart deep house.