Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cool Girl of the Day

Anyone who has the work title "Director of Mischief" is pretty damn awesome in my books.

Meet Jen Brill, the half-Chinese/half-Aussie beauty who dropped out of art school back in the day to launch her own lingerie line called Tinsley, who now flits about the town of NYC, charming everyone in the place and doing a myriad of enviable jobs, including the above-mentioned duty at The Maritime Hotel on West 16th Street. She also bagged the Director of New Business Development at Fred & Associates. Where does the girl get the time??

This girl can bottle her cool in jars, sell it for $10 a pop and become an instant millionaire. Her style is sexy downtown, without trying to hard -- though it's hard enough not to look at her. Uber-hip, bad-boy photographer Terry Richardson has been her other half for nearly three years already; when looking at snapshots of them, it's easy to see why they make such a great downtown, artsy pair. i-D Magazine did a great profile on Brill, with accompanying pictures captured by Richardson, including a breasts-exposed shot that had a slight "Girls Gone Wild" tone. Her crew includes the artists Ryan McGinley and Dash Snow, socialite Genevieve Jones and some other oft-mentioned party fixtures.

I'd want Jen as a friend.

I'm Lovin' it: My impending Thai massage with Austin Sakchai, who comes from a family of traditional massagers, at Smile Thai Massage. His gorgeous studio -- where you'll feel as if you're in Thailand for sure -- is at the Hudson downtown, and he's just so adorable! I heard his treatments feel like heaven, which is sure a lot better than feeling like hell. And my girl Sushi's coming into town tomorrow! Picking her up from the ferry and then, well, party's on.

I'm Over it: The phenomenon called road rage is directly proporational to the number of slow drivers on the streets. So, to the person in the red Honda Civic hatchback yesterday: Step on it, brotha.

Music of the Day: Anything from DFA Records, which houses LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip and the Shocking Pinks. If you rather enjoy indie house and electronica, take an auditorial dive into albums from this label. Especially sweet tracks include "Roar" from Hercules & Love Affair (animalistic sounding, hence the track moniker) and the Still Going theme song (dance-y with a great bass line).

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Gold trumps silver.

Or at least I think so.

Catherine Holstein is only 23 years old and has already made a friend of socialite/designer/style star/daughter of Danielle Steele Victoria Traina, made the pages of Teen Vogue and New York Times, introduced to the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte shortly after and promoted like crazy to stores such as Barneys, Satine, I Heart (in NYC) and Des Kohan by the Rodarte duo and Teen Vogue editor Kimball Hastings.

Holstein dresses are cute and youthful with distinction -- her bib and nautical frocks launched the label into the scene rather quickly, especially after being spotted on an out-on-the-town Mischa Barton.

This short sleeve metallic shirt is solid gold. Literally.

I'm Lovin' it: I'm not sure if any words can justify the absolute beauty of these criss cross ankle strap sandals by Alejandro Ingelmo. It only comes in my fave color of the season: Grey. Oh, and it's metallic, too! You can only pre-order them now, but hey, get on it before all other fashionistas catch wind.

I'm Over it: I wore my purple and gold mini sweater dress from the H&M in Pasadena. It's cute for sure -- especially with my grey boots -- but the sun decided to make a little impromptu appearance this afternoon. In short, I'm boiling right now.

Album of the Day: A few days ago, I made my way into Zulu Records in high hopes they carried the new Sneaky Sound System album. Alas, the indie-cute fella at the front counter informed me, regretfully, that they didn't have the distribution rights to carry the album yet. In sorrow, I went to the electronica listening station to drown in some music and, instead, fell head over heels for the Ed Rec, Vol.2 CD. Pedro Winter -- who used to manage Daft Punk -- started his Ed Banger hip hop/rock 'n' roll/dance music label, resulting in an interesting hybrid of French house that's nothing like Air. Love the Mr. Flash "Eagle Eyez" track. The freakin' awesome album art helps, too. You want a second opinion? Check out the Pitchfork review, they obviously know more than I do.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Don't You Love It When...

You see a great photo?? Check it below.

Yellow and black, whilst wind-blown in London.

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Protect My Crown, Stewart+Brown

I've got 'em all.

A black knit snowboarder hat, a customized graffiti trucker cap with my nickname emblazoned across the front (where is the dude that did that for me on Granville Street? He was a cool cat, fo' sho), a black floppy fedora from Banana Republic (so very Janet and J-Lo), a plain white Quiksilver ballcap, a soft oversized newsboy cap, a dope army hat with olive green detailing, an ebony cowboy hat and a white candy color-striped toque with pink pom poms from Gap Kids.

And that's not even the whole lot.

Since I'm the kind of fashionista that's sways on the more impulsive side than the conservative side, it's only logical I immediately craved this peasant cap from Stewart+Brown to go with the rest of my burgeoning chapeau collection. There's something at tad 1920s leafhat about it, if you look past the back tie -- think Louise Brooks. It's knit, it's warm, it's mongolian cashmere. And you can only wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

Now that's a high-class hat, I tell you.

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Movie Of The Year


How excited are you for the Sex and the City movie, slated for release May 2008??

I mean, sure, Carrie and the crew had their better and worse fashion days -- um, hello, horsehead purse?! How The Godfather of Patricia Field! However, SATC wouldn't have been anything if it hadn't been for the fantastic, the wacky and the Stanford. It also wouldn't have been anything without SJP, Cynthia, Kristin, Kim and the rest of the cast playing their parts to a tee. From the looks out it, their wardrobes are better than ever, which, frankly, is the amazing eye and handiwork of Miz Pat Field.

So three cheers and a sip of Cosmopolitan to the greatest foursome that ever graced the small screen.

We're so glad you're back.

PS. What's with Bradshaw and the big, ole flowers?? Oh well. Only she, only she.

I'm Lovin' it: Big ups to Ben C. and Perry P. at Ob1 Enterprises for taking me through the Spring 2008 collection of WeSC. Make sure to check out The Style Spy this coming Monday for my write-up on the brand. WeSC is too rad, even for the raddest, baddest person out there. But I'll still buy it.

I'm Over it: I'm trying to set up my local phone number here in Vancity. It's really and seriously time for me to put away the L.A. number for awhile, but there's been a lot of frustrating back and forth thus far. Not keen anymore on the fact that some of my friends actually boycotted my La-La Land digits from their phones until I pony up a local set.

Track of the Day: The Art Of Letting Go by Supermayer. The group has two parts: Aksel Schaufler (aka. Superpitcher) and Michael Mayer, both of whose monikers contribute to the band name. Their current label is Germany heavy-weight Kompakt and their albums have cartoon art sketched by illustrator Kat Menschik. This track has simple lyrics and a catchy little bass line with an electric guitar ditty at the end of each bass phrase, pretty much making you want to bob your head for the entire duration. And yeah, there's plenty of cowbell to go around, too. Cue Will Ferrell.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Matthew 51 30' 0 N : 0 -8' 60 E

Ah, Sir Matthew Williamson.

He of the bright prints (and this season, stripes), the hippie chic and the bohemian princess fans. His best pals include Kate Moss, Helena Christensen, Jade Jagger and Sienna Miller. Over the years, Williamson translated his flirty, pretty dresses into a brand, dipping his fingers into men's wear, children's wear, perfume, garden furniture, a collection with luggage conglomerate Samsonite and, most recently, a role as creative director at equally prints-laden Pucci.

His Spring 2008 collection had a the requisite Williamson touches, but also included forays into pieces not patterned: silk shirts, rolled up wide khaki trousers over heels, dip-dyed hems, solid brights and, well, a runway musical performance by the formidable Artist Formerly Known as Prince -- now again known as Prince -- as models stomped the catwalk.

I hate to say this, but Mr. Matthew reminds me a little bit of J-Lo's hubby Marc Anthony. Eh, you win some, you lose some.

And if anyone can decipher the meaning of my title, you're my hero.

* NOTE: My blogger image upload is busted today. I'll post some corresponding pretty pictures tomorrow morn! - HH

I'm Lovin' it: It's TV-and-Alpha Sushi Monday. This means me, my remote control, Sangria (my friend, not the drink) for company, soccer hoodie from back in the day, sushi from Alpha down the street and Prison Break. Ah, this is what fall is all about. That, and a fantastical new wardrobe full of cozy sweaters.

I'm Over it: TMI, ie. too much information. Not cool at all sometimes.

Track of the the Day: Needy Girl by Chromeo. P-Thugg (nee Patrick Gemayel) and Dave 1 (nee David Macklotvitch) do what they do best on this track from their three year old debut album of the same name -- lay down the sweet electrofunk in yo' ear. It kind of reminds me -- slightly -- of the Miami Vice theme song. Good news, local Chromeo fans: They're coming to Vancity on October 4th at Sonar. Get your tix at Zulu Records ASAP.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Friday!

Yeah, yeah!

Friday again. Too bad it's raining, raining, raining. Hello fall, good-bye summer.

Tonight is my girl Viv's birthday, which will be celebrated tonight by many of us who love her dearly.

My very fun neighbor Pammy -- who works for Corona -- just stopped by to give us some free liquor. Weekend's here, woot woot!

I'm Lovin' it: Girlfriends. Don't know what I'd do without them, always there to hold you up when you're about to fall. They pulled through for me yesterday, and for that, I'm so very thankful.

I'm Over it: Last night. From 10:30pm to midnight. SO over it.

Haute Hippie

PS. Safe travels to my friends who are heading to Thailand this weekend!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

B.B.'s Gun

Before heading into the office, I had a little time to kill. And there's no better way to kill time than to stop in a really awesome store you love.

In my case, this would be Mintage, located both on Commercial Drive and West Cordova in Gastown.

This was my first brush with B.B Dakota, a Laguna Beach-based line from Gloria Brandes -- who also happens to be a Canadian, via Montreal. She started her label back in 1986 (the birfday year of my l'il sis Roy-Boy!), bringing a little French vetements (translastion: clothing) aesthetic to SoCal. Today, B.B. Dakota is quite the fashion insider fave, gaining a ton of press momentum for the past two years. You've got e-tailers like Karmaloop carrying the clothing, as well as big, bad American department stores like Nordstrom toting it, too.

I'm particularly enamored with the "Hilda" plaid trench coat in green.

Though I'd also settle for the red houndstooth vest with grey faux fur trim, long cable sweater and "Royale" minidress in purple.

I'm Lovin' it: This New York Time's article called Between A Tan And A Hard Frost. It basically addresses my own summer-to-fall fashion transition, a time of confusion that often brings up issues such as:

Should I put away my short shorts just yet?
Is it too early to stash my dresses?
Do I need to start bringing out the tights?
Is a jacket my next fashion purchase?
Where can I find woolly, over-the-knee socks to go with my boots?

So many questions...

I'm Over it: Tyra Banks' Vegas showgirl/cabaret singer intro-slash-performance on yesterday's season premiere of America's Next Top Model. Her voice is, um, not good.

Art of the Day: The world needs more people like Jen Bekman, an LES (Lower East Side) gallerist turned internet art guru. She understands many people just love art, but often can't afford all those astronomically high price for cool creations. So, she's set it up that up-and-coming artists get featured on her site with limited edition works that sell for increments of $20, $200 and $2000 (prices dependent on size) -- new stuff goes up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5pm PST. Purchase online and get it shipped a tu casa and -- voila! A limited edition work of art in your place that'll give everyone something to talk about.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Being in fashion means having fashion friends. They're usually super fun, super hilarious, super stylish and super generous.

Today, I got a text from my buddy Mr. Awesome (aka. Brian) saying, "I got shooz for yooz." This could only mean one thing: My Cr8tive Recreation DiCoco sneaks (in black, white, olive, pink and gold) had arrived!

Thanks to Christian L. over at LEF Industries -- the CAD distributor for the brand -- for bringing out my sneaker street style. Yeah, yeah. I know Nike running shoes don't count.

Goodness knows I've got way too many heels, flats and boots in my closet. Maybe it's time to give those bad boys a rest.

Peace and love to Cr8tive Rec.

I'm Lovin' it: My new Fairy Tales Are True flats in bright royal blue suede with gold chain-links. Bagged them for $19.99, regularly at $52. This may be the straw that broke the shoe camel's back -- my closet is currently bursting at the seams. Suppose that's not entirely a bad thing...

I'm Over it: Public urination or defecation on our city streets. Thank god the Vancouver City Council has done something about it by installing these crazy public toilets around town, automated ones made in France that clean, disinfect and dry themselves. There's one located a block away from my apartment -- I always try to muster up the courage to peek inside when making a grocery run to Choices Market, but have yet to step inside. Sort of afraid what I'll find in there. It's all too Jetsons for me still, but good on ya, City of Vancouver, for trying to keep the streets free of toilet matter.

Concert Announcement of the Day: M.I.A. is coming. November 14th, 2007. Commodore Ballroom. Ticketmaster, otherwise suss out Zulu or Scratch Records. I'm down, even if you're not. At least she'd appreciate my new kicks.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Always Sunnies In Philadelphia

I don't care if the sun is bidding adieu to the western hemisphere and ushering in windchills, rain and umbrellas.

There's nothing like owning a great pair of sunglasses. Lots of them. And preferably aviators, which will never, ever go out of style. If you want to find cheap to expensive pairs -- depending on how much you've maxed out your good ole Visa -- then troll 80s Purple, an e-tailer full of eclectic clothes and accessories for les garcons and les filles.

They've got Dita, Tom Ford, Spy, Dior, Modern Amusement, Intium, WeSC, Paul Frank, Nour, Diesel, Ray Ban and their own 80s Purple vintage collection, where you can find candy-colored rims for as low as $13.

Or you can check out the Ditas for $275, if you're feeling especially flush.

I'm Lovin' it: Terry Richardson. This dude is a one-man photographing legend in the industry -- you can't claim to love fashion and all hip things surrounding it unless you know his sexually-charged work (and his tinted-lens aviator glasses). He shoots models, campaigns, mag spreads and celebs, and has some dope coffee books out on the market: Hysteric Glamour, Son Of Bob, Too Much, Kibosh and Terryworld. Now the man's dabbling in music video and film, recently helming the vid for Young Love's "Find a New Way". Hey, life would be SO much more interesting if every day was Terry day.

I'm Over it: The dudes over at Best Buy. Not only were most of them tagged "in training" (meaning they were completely useless), the supervisor of the television department was the hugest douchebag I've encountered my entire life. After Steffie and I explained our non-working universal remote control situation, he looked at us and proceeded to say, "What do you want me to do about it?" Um, your job, loser. And nice long pinky fingernail. Wonder what that's for.

Track of the Day: My girl Reems from L.A. totally re-invented the remix, not Diddy. When a good song hits airwaves, she doesn't download the original -- she's way too cool for that shizz. Instead, Reems automatically downloads a remix of it, usually the house version. So this is a tribute to her. Here's T Pain's Bartender, remixed by Manny Faces.

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Photo Of The Day

My girls Aggs left the rest of us crumbling in tears the day she packed up for Halifax, then Berlin.

Well, she's now on her way to Germany to really kick her fashion photography career into motion, but not without sending the team an amazing picture taken -- just before heading out to a dance party -- to remind us of her stellar personal style and funky shutterbug skills.


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Monday, September 17, 2007

Maid Marion Mille

What do you get when an ex-Vanessa Bruno designer goes out on her own?

A fantastic label called Marion Mille, that's what.

As the air gets chillier by the week and the sniffles begin to creep up on us all (I'm even sniffling, and I'm usually pretty good at fending off colds), it's going to be quite necessary to dig up or re-stock on warm, cozy accessories. Scarves, mitts, ear muffs, woolly hats...the works.

I'm devoting some of my spare time to seeking out where I can find these Marion Mille hood-scarves -- or at least something like it, since the brand is only carried overseas for now. Classy, functional and toasty -- like said label -- all sound pretty good when it comes to fall wardrobes.

Seek and ye shall find, no?

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One of the best things about having friends is having friends that work at Holts.

This Saturday, my girl Aims and I took in the Elie Tahari fashion show -- thanks to Bex for the invite! -- on Holts' top floor, hosted by the Western editor (and my old boss/mentor) of FASHION Magazine Kate MacLennan and the Toronto editor Tammy Eckenswiller (who has the most amazing shiny hair and blunts bangs I ever did see).

Not only did we get to see some new takes on 60s-inspired pieces -- trenches and shifts included -- we got to sip on some very interesting green, creamy, cold soup out of what appeared to be a squared-shaped shot glass. Topped with a sprig of cilantro, too.

Following the show, we ambled over to the Marni boutique, where my fashionable girl A-Lice is the specialist. After trying to convince me to try on pieces (unfortunately I wore a dress that's very hard to wriggle in and out of), I gave in and tried on this navy blue mini skirt with pleats in front and back that are placed just so, giving it a slight bubble shape. The ends are frayed and the waist is higher than I usually sport -- with my new gray flat boots on, the ensemble was so absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, Haute Hippie's gotta wait for the thing to go on sale -- new skirt and no car payment is a huge no-no. Aims tried on a gray blouse that fit her like a charm -- the button-up bib look is chic tucked into skinny, dark denim. A-Lice took us on a whirlwind tour past the Chloe and the Gucci and the Vince and the Lagerfeld -- she even dangled the new feather Prada dress in front of my face (the one making all editorial spreads in the fashion glossies), but just couldn't muster up the effort to slip out of my frock into that one, though I'm beginning to regret my decision (and choice of wardrobe that day!).

The moral is of the story is that Consuelo Castiglioni and her Marni label are to die for, and if you're ever hankering to try or buy some, make sure to see A-Lice at Holts.

She'll hook you up reaaaaaaal good.

* Note: The image below isn't the exact skirt I tried on -- same shape, but different material, color and without the frays. Sorry kids, it's the closest I could come up find.

I'm Lovin' it: Girls' nights all weekend. Had a low-key one with Aims and vino on Saturday at Subeez Cafe and an all-out one on Friday at The Modern with my partner-in-crime Berry (with Steffie, Megs and Viv later on). A good night may have occurred when you wake up at 4 am on Saturday, face down and arms out on your bed with clothes, boots, contacts and lights still on. Yup, great night, indeed.

I'm Over it: Finding out that I'm a size 8 according the designer world and size 4 in the real world. Gotta cut back on those carbs, I tell ya.

Music Video of the Day: Stronger by Kanye West, featuring Daft Punk. My buddy Nicky P. was showing me all the new Kanye vids during a momentary work lapse in the office today -- very cool and Hype Williams-directed, which basically says it all righ there. Lots of Japanese characters and clips, Kanye in a wicked pair of sunnies (exactly like the pair on his album cover) and denim/sweatshirt vest combo, crotch rockets blowing through Tokyo's downtown core (street bikes and those who ride them are automatically hot), a video vixen in crazy street fashion and a high ponytail, Daft Punk-in-their-helmets flashbacks and some crazy-looking rotating machine.

Awesome texts and fonts seem to be Kanye's current visual focus, so make sure to check out his other video Good Life.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Crumpets, Matthew Williamson, Earl Grey tea, Paul Smith ties, Buckingham Palace and the Queen Mum, Philip Treacy, Dazed & Confused, Kate Moss, Topshop, Aygness Deyn, bangers 'n' mash, Stella Tennant and Preen.

All British -- and all fabulous.

Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi of Preen, that hip and edgy label from the UK, made a grand debut showing of it at this season's New York Fashion Week. The label was founded in 1996, gaining loads of respect in the motherland among its fashion-forward and elite. London Fashion Week's loss is New York Fashion Week's gain, the designers describing their current runway collection as "a mix of soft shapes and a sexy, structured silhouette." Interestingly enough, each Preen collection picks up where the last one started, as opposed to a brand new theme completely different than the previous -- Thornton calls it a constant "journey" for him and his partner.

The duo did not disapoint in NYC, with their slouchy silks, suedes, sequins and bathing suits in muted, sophisticated colors with splashes of bright for accent. Above all, everything was actually ready-to-wear.

Giving you every reason to primp and preen next Spring.

I'm Lovin' it: The Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 RTW Collection. This fashion and lifestyle brand conglomerate just rang in its 40th birthday with style, grace and some amazing outfits sent down the runway (72 in total). Prints! Stripes! Polka dots! Hats! Canes! Ruffles! Horses! Gowns! Colors! It all seems like an odd mish-mash of different eras and interests, but somehow Ralph makes it coherent. Here's a nibble of how fantastic it is:

I'm Over it: All the crazy ghetto violence happening in our city. A shooting outside my building recently, the homicide at Burrard & Cornwall and then my buddy B.J. informed me of a gang-related shooting at Quattro's on 4th last week or so. At Quattro's!? Shiiiieeeet, son. This isn't Compton, you know.

Artist of the Day: My extremely, extremely talented (and super smart with the wickedest taste in music) buddy Russe just recently launched his website showcasing his talents, which range from painting to photography to digital creation to custom work. He even masterminded this cool mechanical contraption that attaches to the back of a canvas and slowly rotates it at the desired speed you wish, allowing you to see the art from different perspectives, especially when they have random objects and a certain MC Escher-esque quality. Check it out at Abstract Schwartz.

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