Thursday, September 08, 2005

California Here We Come...

Summer (no pun intended for any of the show's diehard fans, which is, like, everyone who owns a TV) is about the end in The OC, but there's never any shortage of drama. Ever since the season premiere date was announced, I've been marking the days off my calendar, counting down the minutes till 8 p.m. sharp today, this September 8, 2005. Showtime finally came, and let me tell ya, I was not at all disappointed!

Ten reasons why The OC is the greatest show on earth:

1. The flawed, but still completely enviable marriage between Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. They're the poster couple for Orange County's finest.

2. Seth Cohen and his one-liners. All of which are completely quotable and rightfully have been already.

3. Benjamin McKenzie's tortured Ryan Atwood look. Makes you wonder what he's really thinking...

4. The Seth and Summer love saga. Oh, and let's not forget Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle while we're at it.

5. That witch of a person Julie Cooper-Nichol. So gorgeous, yet so undeniable evil.

6. The show's soundtrack. Never has anything made emo alternative so damn hot.

7. It-couple Marisa and Ryan. Two tortured souls as one = overall craziness each episode.

8. The scenery. Huge mansions and poolhouses, beautiful beaches, a swanky-looking high school, the kids driving a bad-ass black Range Rover...they're just livin' it up in Newport!

9. Caleb Nichol. He's the hottest (and now dead) grandpa I've ever seen.

10. The clothing. These girls have killer style...or at least a killer stylist.

So now y'all know where I am every Thursday night at 8 o'clock!

I'm Lovin it: L.A.-based designer Rachel Pally. Her line is the definition of California chic. Since the clothing is mostly made of modal, you're guaranteed comfort in her duds. My personal R.P. faves: the 3/4 sleeve blouson top, the V-neck kimono dress, the panel dolman top, the obi belt scarf, and the split back mini dress in black. I'm pretty sure R.P. kicked off the whole gaucho pant craze that hit this past season. Nothing says fall in California like Rachel Pally.

I'm Over it: Standing behind someone getting a non-sugar, non-fat, extra hot soymilk caramel macchiato from the neighborhood Starbacks or Coffee Bean. Oh whoops, that's me. God, I sound so annoying when I order.


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