Thursday, August 30, 2007

Heeeelloooo Lover

Discovering a fabulous new label is ilke being a kid in a candy store for me -- I want to buy everything at once, divest items of their excess tags (or packaging) and put it to good use in my stomach (or body).

So when I spotted Lover -- a line from Down Under -- in Two Of A Few a couple weeks ago while dissecting the shops of Gastown, I nearly squealed in happiness. After composing myself, Dani (one of the adorable indie-style shop girls) took me through all the exclusive lines carried in the boutique. Yes, though the other pretty pieces of clothing beckoned my name, I just couldn't help but drift back to the racks where Lover hung.

We all know every fashion collection has a story behind it. Lover doesn't keep these stories exclusive to front row editors viewing their programs before a runway show -- the label puts the story right on its clothing hangtags for everyone to see. The latest Collection -- dubbed Alamont -- is inspired by the December 1969 Rolling Stones concert at the Alamont Speedway in San Francisco where all heck broke lose, thanks to rowdy Hells Angels.

Love to love ya, baby.

I'm Lovin' it: These Rickard Shah shoes from his Iconology collection. If you're in La-La Land looking for them, you can snatch them up at -- where else? -- Iconology on La Brea.

I'm Over it: Went to the opening of the Glowbal Group's newest restaurant venture, Italian Kitchen on Alberni. There was the red-carpet, there were the delicious appies, there were the beautiful people and there were a few Vancouver Canucks in the mix. But what was up with charging party-goers for drinks after 9 pm when they were free beforehand?? Big Brother K and I literally waited 45 minutes for two vodka sodas and to get his credit card back. Um, whack.

Track of the Day: I was watching The Devil Wears Prada -- again -- by my lonesome on Tuesday night and loved the track from Azure Ray. The song is called Sleep. It's ethereally slow and could literally put me to bed -- but I'd have the best dreams of my life.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Outfit Vinny

Honestly, I don't care if summer is on it's way out pre-maturely this year if I could own this entire outfit, courtesy of clothing label Vince.

The one trend I've noticed about newer hoodies/anything hooded is an extra-large hood -- kind of grim reaper style. However, death aside, the shape looks decidingly fresh and elegant. I can picture it going with muffs, Veronica Lake curls and minimal make-up, save for thick black liner and pale lips.

Girlz in the hood.

I'm Lovin' it: The possibility of taking a long weekend trip this September to visit my recently-transplanted-to-NYC buddy Oli dG. Apparently many of those who have gone before me are already thinking of moving to the Big Apple. Oli's always been quite the persuader, hence him being a lawyer. I'm going for the fashion, the plethora of restaurants, the museums, Central Park, the bars, possible SJP sightings and did I already mention fashion??

I'm Over it: Slooooooow days. I'm taking 'er easy tonight, catch up on some writing and much-needed grocery shopping. My fridge is in sad condition right now.

Blogs of the Day: I'm, naturally, always scoping out what else is out there in blog nation. One that caught my eye today is Confessions Of A Casting Director, which follows the daily musings of a model casting director and his/her Zoolander discoveries. Also on my list of haute blogs is photographer JD Ferguson's JD Vision. He's quite a cutie-pie of an older chap and his work is rather effin' cool -- mags, editorials, parties, models and backstage at runway shows are his forte.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh Wow...

Tonight, I got my first negative comment since starting this blog two years ago.

See below, an anonymous response to my Ride Or Die posting on celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito being on the popularity outs:

"Has-been? He's my favorite chef. He cant be 2 bad if he knows how hot those bikes are! What have you accomplished?"

Hmmmm...testy, testy...

Ride Or Die

All summer, my girl Aims C. and I talked about how we wanted to get beach cruisers so, so badly.

Well, the hot season is about to end in a few weeks and nary a beach cruiser in either one of our apartments.

Then I came across this fantastic photo of two NYC models who'd both been given sweet green and chrome cholo cruisers by has-been celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito at some dinner party they threw one night -- and he apparently wasn't officially invited to. Party crasher.

Anyway, so green (and chrome) with envy right now.

And sorry, Aims, I shot-ty the headband look on the left.

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Bad Vices

My buddy Huges B. flew into town for a few days last week, bringing his urban-planning-in-Abu-Dhabi arse back into the hometown for a short, but sweet 48 hours.

First off, he rocked the light pink polo Lacoste shirt. Absolutely rocked it. I usually have an aversion to fellas in pastel colors, but a few can pull it off and look so damn cool -- Huges is one of those fellas.

Secondly, he introduced me to a cheeky urban lifestyle magazine called Vice, established in Montreal way back when. It's now pretty much an international mag phenom, expanding not only in the publishing industry but the record, film, TV, retail and book industries.

The publication covers gaming, fashion, music, culture, politics, art and really effin' weirdly cool topics, like this month's "It Happened: Crackheads Stole The Door Off My Roof". Vice also has a Street Peeper-type section that coversthe good, the bad and the ugly of street fashion. Try not to be a Vice "don't".

So if this mag is your thing, it's easy-peasy to subscribe for a year's supply of awesome articles and photos. Check out the July issue, which always has a stack-load of photography in it.

Like I need more magazines littering my apartment. Oh well.

I'm Lovin' it: G. Davis for taking me, Mikey, Luker and Big Brother K to Tiesto in the pimped-out Lawson Lundell box at GM Place on Saturday night. The show and lights were freakin' amazing -- even my buddies, who never listen to trance, danced the night away with me. It was a show and a half for sure. And hey, free Belvedere is always a bonus. But note to self (plus G.D. and Mikey): Mixing bevys is never, ever a good plan and never has been.

I'm Over it: Over-priced everything! On Sunday, I took a trip to Old Navy in West Van with Scootsie, Hanna and Steffie. Hence, we are now known as TON, or Team Old Navy. Anyhoo, how could it be that a Jennifer Beals-esque off-the-shoulder sweatshirt goes for $35, then goes on sale for $15 three weeks later and the company still makes money off the slashed price?? Mark-up's a bitch. We're going to celebrate our yesterday's trip with a boy 'n' girls night watching The Hills and eating pizza this evening, boo yah!

Musical Artist of the Day: My hilariously random co-worker -- and surrogate l'il bro -- Nicky P., who introduced me to Bay Area rapper Andre Nickatina. He's a case of Wu-Tang meets People Under The Stairs, meaning his tracks are ghetto, but the lyrics are pretty poetic. Kind ying and yang, like Tupac but without the envy-inducing long lashes.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Show Me Your Identity5

One of the best things about the last day of my work week is researching and brainstorming trends.

Friday is trend day.

While trolling the 'Net for inspiration and references, I came across home, decor and accessories web mecca 2Modern. Here you can find art, pieces to make you chic home even chic-er, green decor and stuff for your (or someone else's) little rug rats.

Since I'm an art-whore, I was pleased to discover Identify5, a collection of some uber-hip portrait and fashion prints in muted brights (does that make sense?) that'd be perfect hanging from the wall of Gastown studio (Seems, you NEED one of these!). The prints have insouciant names like "Maybe Tomorrow", "Mala", "Manhattan", "Made For Walking" and "One Of These Days". Price points are surprisingly reasonable -- going for $290 and above -- so you don't have to break the bank to get a superb conversation piece for your arty, indie friends and acquaintances.

And don't forget to play a little Misshapes in the background.

I'm Lovin' it: Tiesto tomorrow! Thanks G. Davis -- you rock for getting us in a box.

I'm Over it: Sunny outside all day, Haute Hippie inside all day. Not my idea of fun, fun, fun.

Thought of the Day: Yippee-kay-ay, muthaf&#ckas, 'cause it's Friday! Hey, Bruce Willis said it first, not me.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Last Saturday, I did a little journalism work by visiting the new Two Of A Few in Gastown, the sister store to Vancity fashion mecca One Of A Few.

That day I came to love New Zealand more and more, all because of the unbelievably quirky-cool clothing of Deborah Sweeney.

Sweeney fine-tuned her designing chops at Jill Stuart in New York, as well as Top Shop and H&M in the UK, before returning to her mother country to launch an eponymous line. Her photographer/graphic design husband helps out with prints -- super cute, I know. The label is available in the States, Canada (Two Of A Few and Rebel Rebel in Victoria), Singapore, Australia and, of course, New Zealand.

I instantly fell hard with her quirky, yet tailored look -- nearly succumbed to this adorable blue and black vertical/horizontal-striped shorts jumper hanging lustily on one of the racks. Check out some looks from her Heartland '07 collection below.

And yes, Lee Lee and Andy Pandy -- my favorite NZers! -- I still love you, too.

I'm Lovin' it: Nee-Nee is bringing in the new collection from Evan & Dean into the office tomorrow!! Apparently, one of the dudes from E&D wants to show her the new stuff -- which means I get to oooh and aaah over it, too!!

I'm Over it: Irrational thinking. Like me, Scootsie and Hanna-Solo last night, thinking we'd follow drinks at Earl's Paramount downtown with a big, ole Wednesday night blow-out at The Caprice. Good thing we went back to Hanna-Solo's so the boys could change out of their flip flops and into close-toed shoes. 'Cause we got lazy to go back and totally saved ourselves the hassle of major headaches this morning. We're so smart: S-M-R-T.

Soundtrack of the Day: So this weekend, my buddy T. Chipman and I descended on Tinseltown Theatres to take in the sci-fi movie Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle. This flick was so INCREDIBLE, from the ensemble cast (Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yoeh, Rose Byrne, Troy Garity, Cliff Curtis, Hiroyuki Sanada, Benedict Wong and Chris Evans) to the special effects to the storyline to the soundtrack. I was so impressed with the music, I did a little research and found out Underworld -- the UK electronica band -- provided nearly all of it. If you happen to live in Los Angeles or New York, you can check out their shows at The Hollywood Bowl (awesome venue) and Central Park (I assume this is also an awesome venue) respectively.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh Hell...

I love ELLE.

The fat, fat, fat September issue -- with rehab patient Lindsay Lohan on the cover -- tips the scale 592 pages. The only thing in fashion allowed to be plump is a September fashion issue. Anything else needs to go on a serious broth and lettuce leaf diet.

But I digress.

Flipping through the beginning pages, I couldn't help but stop and envy Leanne Shapton, who is ELLE's resident jet-setter overseeing the "Style Dispatch" column. Shapton's job is to fly to ultra-luxurious destinations -- this time being Deia, Mallorca -- on the magazine's dime (a major feat) to basically eat, sleep, shop, sightsee, get inspired and paint gorgeous scenery to be laid out on the published page next to digital pics of her having "oh my god, soooooo much fun" while you're not as much.

And she gets to bring along her undoubtedly hot boyfriend for the ride. do I get that job, ELLE Magazine?

* Now I'm off to drown my sorrows in make-up and champers at tonight's event at the MAC store on Robson with Saritz and her friend J.

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Jessie's Girl


Target and Loeffler Randall are the hottest new couple on the collabo scene.

Jessie Randall -- the CFDA 2007 Swarovski Award winner for accessory design –- is set to launch an accoutrement collection for the super chain, better known to fashion elitists at "Tar-zhay". The label is well-known for its incredible shoes, but the handbags and (now) clothing are making some major waves in the industry as well.

The collection is set to be previewed by press of importance -- Vogue! Harper’s Bazaar! Elle! Nylon! -- tomorrow at the Target Studio on Seventh Avenue in New York, so expect to see a lot of Loeffler Randall in fashion pubs well into early next year in anticipation for the 2008 debut.

My fingers are double-crossed that a cheaper version of Loeffler Randall’s Matilde flat boot (in the cuolo hue) hits Target shelves, too.

I'm Lovin' it: Being able to sit and write, write, write as much as I want in the mornings (8 am to noon, baby!), thanks to my new gig at Hollywood Life. I feel so Carrie Bradshaw, it's un-freakin'-believable.

I'm Over it: An annoying tummy ache that's been afflicting me for the past week and a half. It's like my body is fighting off a major illness. Good job, immune system. I have yet to succumb to sickness because of you.

Art News of the Day: Since anything and everything hip these days is Swedish, here's another nugget from Sverige: Industricentralen, Sweden's own version of NYC's Chelsea district, is the latest see-and-be-seen (or is it scene?) fashion and art hangout. Already home to uber-awesome clothing labels Whyred and Lover, art galleries are also beginning to crop up in the newly reno-ed spaces. Oh, how I wish I were a Swede...

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Fashion Facelift

Nipping and tucking is de riguer these days.

Or at least we as a society have become unnaturally immune to it: Botox lunch breaks, the popularity of shows like Nip/Tuck (heeeelllloooo Dr. Troy!) and Extreme Makeover, lipo, Restalyne-filled puckers, calf implants, our obsession with all things Brazil (the world's #1 plastic surgery capital), butt implants, chest impants and anywhere else silicon and the like can be, well, planted.

And people aren't the only things getting a facelift.

Cyber fashion giants Fashion Week Daily and Daily Candy both got some work done over the weekend, because this morning they sure didn't look the same as they did last Thursday. Some touch-ups are wonderfully easy to like (Daily Candy) and some are not (Fashion Week Daily).

To be quite honest, Fashion Week Daily is harder to navigate and has lost a fair bit of the fun, feminine girly web aesthetic it had before, with bright pink -- almost fuschia even -- accents and easy-to-navigate homepage. Now it's white, black, grey and boring -- though I do like those neutrals in clothing form. Daily Candy seems to have updated fonts, which makes it cleaner and less grade school; all in all a nice improvement on their part, without losing its relevance with regular readers.

Now if I were to nip/tuck...

I'm Lovin' it: The H&M magazine I picked up in the lobby of my building today. I'm not entirely surprised the Swedish mega retailer has its own publication. In fact, I'm trying to find out just how I can finagle myself a writing job with it...

I'm Over it: This insatiable hunger I've been harboring the past few days. It's like there's something my stomach wants to eat, but just can't -- for the life of it -- figure out what. Trust me, I've tried nearly everything. Everything except for a cupcake. Hmmm...

Musical Artist of the Day: Zoot woman. So here I go again, totally loving a UK electro band. But honestly, these guys (Adam Blake, Jonny Blake, Stuart Price and Beatric Hatherly) are the shizznit -- check out their tracks "It's Automatic", "Living In A Magazine", "Hope In The Mirror" and their brilliant cover of Craig David's hit track "Seven Days". Some of their songs are super pop rock-ish, while the others are super chill. Price has worked extensively with Madonna for the past five years, while both Price and Blake do the remix path under the moniker Paper Faces -- with some major industry heavies, like Pete Tong, Madonna and the Scissor Sisters. Music to my ears.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday's Obsession

Yes, yes.

Fall 2007 is getting ready to kick us all in the ass. No more tans, no more patios, no more going out without a jacket. However, this chillier season does mean we get to splurge on oh-so-fab coats, sexy boots, more tights, chunky sweater dresses and other such fall ware.

But before we usher out summer, let me just shout out this amazing pair of flat sandals from Lanvin at Barney's in New York. The original price is slashed to $195 USD, which is good considering it is an Alber Elbaz confection.

Sigh. They would look so good with the Dace Moore Fall 2007 grey-blue bubble sleeve tunic mini dress I got at a Gastown sample sale today I attended with my girl Berry. My Friday night shout out goes to Adele, who gave us both a discount on the not-yet-in-stores collection.

Better get in all the summer outfits I can before t-minus three and a half weeks are up.

I'm Lovin' it: My buddy O. dG, who finagled me a box seat ticket at GM Place for the upcoming Tiesto "Elements Of Life" show next week through his crony G. Davis. Dear ole Davis got box seats through his law firm -- guess not many senior partners are interested in dancing to trance on a Saturday night. And all of this transacted from NYC to Vancity via text. Nice.

I'm Over it: My buddy O. dG and his crony G. Davis at the Justin Timberlake concert in Madison Square Garden last night -- by themselves. Yup, I chirped them pretty good.

Track of the Day: Reems -- my best girlfriend from LA who's coming to see me in two weeks! -- made me this awesome house mix CD last year. There's a wicked chill-out re-mix of the Destiny's Child track "Cater To U"...and it's damn sexy. Not sure who did the remix, but I'm sure Limewire will.

Happy Vodka Redbull Friday!

Haute Hippie

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Did You Know...

That this September's issue of VOGUE -- with Sienna Miller mugging on the cover -- is 840 pages?

That the Old Navy in West Vancouver's The Village is having a mega sale? Yesterday, I picked up two trapeze tent tanks (one in printed green, one in printed yellow), two silk camis (one black, one grey) and a pair of grey keyhole suede flats for less than $80 in total.

That the new collection by Canadian label evan & dean has the most fantastic garment construction I've seen in a few fashion seasons?

That designer darling Erin Fetherston is one of ten finalists competing for the CFDA VOGUE Fashion Fund and is collaborating with Target this year? Goooooo Erin!

That Chanel's flagship store in Beverly Hills re-opened to the public yesterday after major renos? Make sure to save up or pull strings for the Melrose bag, emblazoned with a blood-red "LA" in the bottom corner.

That H&M is opening in Vancouver in less than two weeks?

That supermodel Josie Maran -- of Cover Girl fame -- now has her own line of organic make-up?

That vintage and Brit punk rock-fashion veteran Zandra Rhodes is working on a collection for Top Shop, launching a make-up line for MAC and releasing a bag line this year? But don't confuse her with Betsey Johnson or Vivienne Westwood, because she's not either.

That Swedish label So Last Season is so this season?

That Sabre has the best set of sunglasses kickin' it on the current shades market?

That Hamptons-going ladies had some of the best summer outfits for 2007? Check out polo-player-about-town Nacho Figueras' g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s wife Delfina, in the wicked fedora.

I'm Lovin' it: Yesterday, with my editor-in-chief at Hollywood Life informed me during a phone pow-wow that (tentatively) I'm supposed to be caricature-ly immortalized by the artist Josh Agle of Shag, a little retro cartoon version of me lounging on the Fashion & Beauty page I'll be overseeing. I think I did a post on Shag sometime last year, so you can imagine my excitement at being interpreted by one of my favorite artists. Let's hope his interpretation is both: a) good and b) accurate.

I'm Over it: While waiting for a prescription at the drug store yesterday, I perused the rather thick September issue of Glamour Magazine. I was appalled to see they dubbed Prince (or The Artist Formerly Known As Prince) a sexy man. Um, who are they kidding?! I'd like to see how many ladies out there actually think a sequined jumpsuit, heels and eyeliner-wearing, uber-short man with diva-like tendencies and a penchant for purple is sexy (yes, I know purple is in this season). Not I. But his music kinda rocks out hardcore.

Track of the Day: Doing it Right by The Go! Team. This six-piece band has the best pop anthems ever, with tons of child-like choruses, cheering and handclapping. It's like listening to mature versions of typical kids' sing-songy tunes -- with lots of electric guitars and other grown-up instruments.

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