Monday, September 12, 2005

Puff the Magic Sleeve Silhouette

There's no doubt about the fact that I've fallen in love with California. But with Fashion Week in the Big Apple signalling the start of fall (though it's Spring 2006 that's showing!) and with leaves in Central Park changing color to that beautiful burnt orangey-red shade (note to OPI: is this in your polish palette yet?), I can't help feeling so immensely jealous of you East Coasters. California has no autumn season -- just one big, long Spring/Summer. This means a number of things for left coast "hauterflies": no tights, no Fall/Winter coats, no thick scarves and beanies, no shearling or faux fur, no buttery soft leather gloves...basically no fall wardrobe, simply for the fact that fall on the west coast is way too warm to bust out all of the above and more. Plus, fall clothing tends to be classically dressy and us Angelenos are just so darn casually chic 24-7.

Here's the good news, my fellow Californians: blouses are back in a big way this season, ranging in style from Victoria/Edwardian to dramatically European -- and they all can be paired with skinny cigarette pants for a dressy look (NYC) or a slim pair of dark denim for the more casual vibe (CA). I'm a HUGE advocate for blouses with big, bold and puffy or wide kimono sleeves for fall. It's just oozes feminine chic and, despite covering up so much skin, is super-sexy to boot. I don't care if it's too hot out for long sleeves, I will sacrifice my comfort and homeostasis for this look. My personal sleeve silhouette faves walked down the Kai Milla runway during the weekend. Oh yes, and Miz Milla also happens to be Stevie Wonder's also creatively-inclined other half.

So to those at Zara and Forever 21: Your racks better be teeming with big-sleeved blouses before L.A. slips into the "winter" season!

I'm Lovin' it: As I said before, Kai Milla! or

I'm Over it: Oh please, please, please let me never see another candy-colored (or any colored!)Ugg boot for as long as I live...


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