Saturday, September 03, 2005

Labor Day Lockdown

Labor Day Weekend = crazy nights in Sin City (aka. Vegas, baby!), Girls Gone Wild scenes in Arizona's Lake Havasu, throngs of young'uns living it up on the pier in Hermosa Beach, and general party anarchy everywhere. If you're hip, you were already out of town by noon on Friday. Which leaves me feeling not-so-hip this weekend, since I'm still here in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, I played assistant to my insanely fun fashion-publicist-slash-events-planner friend at a wedding she was coordinating. The bride and groom are perfectly in love, the reception took place at the drop-dead gorgeous Greystone Estate nestled in Bev Hills, the chocolate-dipped strawberries were to die for, and the bubbles everyone blew from wedding cake-shaped tubes were pretty damn fun, too. One mini celeb sighting: Alley Mills, who played Kevin Arnold's mother on The Wonder Years. Love that show! It warms my heart to see that little Winnie Cooper (nee Danica McKellar) has made a comeback on The West Wing...

Who needs to work out this fall when you can just lug around September issue fashion glossies?! This September's Vogue weighs in at around 800 pages and InStyle slides into second place at a cool 600 pages. I've spent the past several nights flipping through my pile of fall issues, making mental note of my favorite fall trends, praying when I reach 42 I'll look just as beautiful as Demi on the cover of Harper's, and dreaming of the day I'll be able to splurge on a seriously hot pair of Christian Louboutins without batting an eyelash.

Oh, and come Monday, I'll be feeling pretty smug when all y'all hipsters are stuck coming home in bumper-to-bumper Labor Day weekend traffic.

I'm Lovin' it: The beautifully unique and funky jewelry of Vancouver-based Sherry Haddow. A Vancouver Fashion Week 2004 winner, Sherry combines anything from feathers to zippers to gems to leather in order to create an artistic piece only you will possess. Not only is the designer a total sweetie and impossible not to love, word on the street is that Nicole Kidman fell heads of over heels for one of her creations at a movie premiere.

I'm Over it: Those white stickman family decals people put on the back of their SUVs or vans, naming every single person in their brood. Um, listen up parents: the names of your children are probably not the best thing to be advertising to strangers on the road.


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