Sunday, December 25, 2005

Twelfth Day of Christmas

Merry Merry Christmas, y'all!

This is the first in awhile I've just luxuriated in bed for most of the morning. It feels damn good.

Maybe it's because I can't move from all the Christmas dinner and dessert I ate last night.

I'm Lovin' it: The Great Old Tyme authentic gumball machine my sister gave me this year. Thank, l'il sis! But I know it's to stop me from always asking her for a quarter whenever we pass by a gumball machine at the mall.

I'm Over it: Calorie counting during the holidays. Aren't we instructed to eat, drink, and be merry?

Christmas Track Classic of the Day: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey. Except who I want for Christmas is already taken. Bah humbug.

HO, HO, HO!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Fashion Season-al Affective Disorder. That is exactly what I have. Is that the same as the winter blues? The answer is a moot point any way. The real point is I very badly want to wear this BCBG outfit, straight off the runway from their Spring 2006 Ready to Wear show. The top itself is so much better than getting fed a box of Godiva milk chocolates by the boys of "Thunder Down Under", while enjoying a full-body Swedish massage on a beach in Costa Rica.

My girl A-lice works at the Robson Street BCBG in my old hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Hey, so...Merry Christmas to me??

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I'm Lovin' it: Congratulations to the Rossdales! Gwen Stefani is expecting a bundle of joy from the stork. So the baby daddy's a fox and the baby momma's just about the coolest freakin' woman in the entire world. Now that's rock (steady) royalty for you!

I'm Over it: Twenty-four hours in a day = not enough time to get anything done. After university, life isn't a party 24-7 and it's certainly not something you can just skip if you have a killer hangover.

Band I'm Diggin': Panic At The Disco. The name of this Sin City-born band has got to be an inside, but their music is so wicked I don't even care to be in on the joke.

* photo courtesy/property of

Monday, December 19, 2005

East End Boys and West End Girls

I may be a West Coast girl through and through, but there is just something about the East Coast that calls my names every now and then. Patrick, my cute, sweet and darling friend from Chicago, is completely convinced I need to pack up and move from L.A. to New York. In fact, immediately after exchanging names with him and his oh-so-handsome friend Sylvester during our initial meeting, Patrick spent a good half hour persuading me I was made for the East Coast. Just because I'm a huge fan of men from the right coast and because I read up -- daily -- on everything imaginable about NYC (I might as well be wearing an I Love NY tee right now) doesn't necessarily mean I'm ready to brave frost bite weather, public transportation 24-7, and concrete jungle.

But, Patrick definitely got me thinking: can this Western girl be an Eastern one?

Okay. So I confess to know a whole lot about the Big Apple for someone who doesn't live there.

Let me count 21 reasons why Haute Hippie's a pseudo-New Yorker:

1. Olympus Fashion Week.

2. Carrie Bradshaw. Sex and the City. Cosmopolitans. Manolos. Mister Big.

3. New York is a city made for walking and the citygoers walk in four-inch heels. Every day.

4. Birthplace of Kirna Zabate, Scoop, Jeffrey's, Intermix, and other such fabulous boutiques.

5. Doorstoop block parties.

6. Rooftop pool parties.

7. Stomping grounds for the young designer wunkerkind brigade: Doo.Ri Chung, Richard Chai, Zac Posen, Behnaz Sarafpour, Petra Von Vaughn...the list goes on and on (but their latest concoctions are no doubt featured in this month's Vogue).

8. A gazillion eatery choices in a span of two blocks.

9. Muse for informative websites and some damn good fun ones. The New York Times. New York Social Diary. New York Magazine. Fashion Week Daily. Overheard in New York. Hollaback NYC.

10. Gawker Stalker. Regular folk dishing about their recent celeb sightings around the Big Apple -- very, very sarcastically. It'll be worth your New York minute to check out the entire Gawker site. Love ya, Jess Cohen.

11. The Conde Nast Empire Strikes Back. Scary how it's taking over the entire fashion publishing industry, but I still buy all their magazines anyway. And I would absolutely die for a job there. Fairchild, who?

12. It's a city where Christmas actually feels like Christmas. Literally -- as in zero degrees celsius literally.

13. A hop and a skip on the subway will transport you into a whole different world -- better known as a borough or if you want to talk in smaller terms, a district. The West Village, Chelsea, gentrified Harlem, Brooklyn, the Meatpacking District, the Upper East Side, Central Park, midtown Manhattan. How the heck does all this fit on such a tiny little island?

14. The only place in North America (maybe besides Dallas) where socialites legitimately exist and trump celebrities. PYTs -- shorthand for Pretty Young Things -- live and breathe to get photographed in borrowed couture at the evening's biggest soiree. Current PYT fave: Tinsley Mortimer. Classic PYT fave: Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer (Santa, can I pretty please have her husband under my tree for Christmas?). Classic of all classic socialites: the late and great Nan Kempner.

15. A city that actually has four seasons. California basically has one, with the odd rainy day here and there.

16. Anna Wintour. Glenda Bailey. Kate Betts. Leslie Jane Seymour. Kate White. Cindy Leive.

17. The Donald and his Apprentices. You go, Rebecca! (I know she was the runner-up this season, but still)

18. Those little vendors selling wicked costume jewelry. But beware of the knock-offs, unless you either want a huge fine or the knowledge that you've just supported child labor and contributed to terrorist funding through buying that fake Louis.

19. It's a city where most people keep it real, at least in my opinion. Maybe New Yorkers are harder, but they seem to know what they want and how they need to get there. I also like how New Yorkers -- male and female -- aren't afraid to strike up a conversation, wherever they happen to be.

20. There is so much culture in one small place. Broadway, museums, a multicultural population, ethnic restaurants galore. It's a beautiful thing.

21. New York is the fashion capital of North America. Enough said.

I'm Lovin' it: MySpace. R-Shizz was persuing it the other night, looking for people she knew in New York and for kicks, decided to search for an ex-boyfriend of mine that she met once when he visited here. Sure enough, there he was -- with a list of interests, a pseudo name (his real one spelled backwards, nonetheless), and a couple pictures. Interesting how many people (45 million members) are Myspacing these days. I looked up a guy I dated briefly awhile ago and found him. Needless to say, he still looks extremely good, is a Libra (okay, okay, I knew this already!), loves "baynards and beers", still works in fashion (he won a huge contest to design a men's collection for Le Chateau), is still athletic, is still close knit with his gorgeous boy posse, and is currently single. Think I need to start myself a buddy list soon, starting with Octobersam!

I'm Over it: Supermodels getting all the good men. Jacquetta Wheeler and hot fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski. Natalia Vodianova and British royalty Justin Portman. Gisele Bundchen and pro surfer Kelly Slater (see ya, Leo). May Andersen and human guinea pig Steve-O. Okay, maybe not Steve-O, but that still leaves no hope for us normal people.

Track Classic of the Day: "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra. Ol' Blue Eyes is completely appropriate for today's pick, n'est pas?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Milk-ing It

So madly in love with Adam "Seth Cohen" Brody (from The OC).

His pint-sized, cute-as-a-button (on screen and real life) girlfriend Rachel "Summer Roberts" Bilson hosted Monday night's top soiree: the grand opening of Milk boutique on 3rd Street, sponsored by ELLE Magazine. She wore a beautiful gold-flecked strapless dress with amazing gold jewelry and he wore head-to-toe black, right from his hair color to his shoes. Adam milled around the party, gesticulating madly and acting very much like his character on The OC. Was dying to hear some snappy Seth Cohen one-liners, but was much too shy to stand by and listen.

The servers were dressed in all-white milkman uniforms, carrying trays of the most scrumptious hors d'oeuvres ever. Mini potato skin cups with a dollop of sour cream topped with caviar, gigantic shrimp, sushi, and pastry filo shells filled with delicious ingredients. Tables were laden with Godiva chocolate (can hardly believe my own willpower -- I avoided them completely) and milk bottle-shaped cookies. Mini brownies and chocolate chip cookies were served with shot glasses of milk, either plain or chocolate. Of course, all the skinny stylistas there barely touched anything, but gladly freeloaded on the Bombay Sapphire beverages at the bar. And with DJ AM on the turntables, it was one rockin' soiree.

Celeb sightings: Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, DJ AM, model Caroline D'Amore (who is practically the super-thin version of Danica McKellar, aka. Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years), and Quincy Jones. Oh, and of course, all of L.A.'s pretty young things -- female and male.

If you look reeeeallly closely at the top left corner of the photo below, you can see my friend Leslie in her vintage grey fur jacket as well as part of Haute Hippie's head and arm checking out a vintage-inspired one piece bathsuit dangling on the rack. Not exactly a primo photo-op for me, but it's a start.

I'm Lovin' it: ELLE Magazine's gift bag for the event. Swanky shampoo and conditioner set, a Smashbox neutral eyeshadow duo, a funky tee (not a cheesy ELLE one either), a facial gift certificate, a Milk gift certificate, and the latest issue od ELLE with Scarlett Johansson gracing the cover (not loving the hair do though!). Best magazine event gift swag ever.

I'm Over it: Um, yeah. Got nothing today.

Track Classic of the Day: "When I Come Around" by Green Day. Reminds me of my friend Tynan from back in the day, who was considered the weirdest, most alternative kid during junior high. He loved Green Day then because no one knew about them. A decade later with millions of albums sold and we still have Billie Joe Armstrong in black eyeliner -- only now it's Christian Dior, not Covergirl.

* photo property of and Jeff Vespa

Monday, December 12, 2005

Accessoire Obsessed

I'm a firm believer that great accessories will make any pitiful ensemble just gorgeous. Shoes, rings, bags, bracelets, cuffs, earrings -- the more you have spilling out of your closet and jewelry boxes, the happier you'll be and the more flush you'll feel.

I tend to pile everything on: chunky wood bangles, long dangly fish lure necklaces, big cocktail rings, massive earrings (absolutely diggin' my "rice cake" shell pair -- thanks to Lee for the becoming moniker and thanks to to little old lady at Venice Beach for roping me into buying it!), and a silver toe ring that hasn't come off my middle left toe since 2000. Okay, okay -- it came off once, people. A long night in pointy stilettos not only molded my foot digits into a semi-permanent triangle for a day or two, it also squished my beloved toe ring. It needed some serious re-shaping and had to be extracted. But I digress. (Is that something I do a lot?)

Here's how accessory obsession happens to me: I'll fall in love with an accessory item for awhile, and much like relationships sometimes, I'll get bored and neglect said item or I'll develop of short-term case of amnesia and forget about it for a few months because I'll fallen heads over heels for something else. Tragically non-committal? Maybe. But there's no harm in switching it up sometimes.

My other fabulously fashion-conscious Kiwi BF Lee (about 6'4, dark brown hair, gorgeous eyes -- the epitomy of tall, dark, and handsome -- but sadly more into Brad Pitt than I am) sent me a picture of his adorable friend Simon and a gal pal friend. Immediately I noticed a curious accessory covering the girl's lower arm. It was a thumb sleeve, minus the entire top half of the sleeve. It sat on her forearm by its lonesome, defiant in solidarity. Very rocker, a little gothic (calling Evanescence Amy Lee) -- not really my style, but apparently all the rage across the pond.

From Chloe pretty to Aeon Flux scary. Not today, but possibly if you buy me the black kohl eyeliner to go with it.

PS. I had a picture of previously mentioned thumbsleeve, but silly bugger wouldn't upload! Sorry, kids.

I'm Lovin' it: Store openings with yummy hors d'oeuvres, drinks gratis, and wicked DJ on the tables. Tonight, me and my co-hort Leslie hitting up Milk Boutique's opening with "The OC" honey Rachel Bilson hosting and post-Richie DJ AM providing tunes. Um yeah, I'm only going for the spiked egg nog.

I'm Over it: Waiting to hear back from interviews! Oh, and Jessica Simpson plumping up her already super-plush lips. Hey J., you don't want to do the Lisa Rinna 'cause that's just heinous.

Guilty Pleasure Track of the Day: "How You Do" by Frankee. Remember when she said "FU Right Back" to supposed ex-flame Eamon? This song shoulda been the one to hit the airwaves fo' sho.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Lemon: The New Pink?

Via internation MSN conversation a few weeks ago, my good friend Andy was bringing me up to speed on New Zealand's hottest designers. Kiwi designers are definitely a grossly overlooked pool of talent. Their design aesthetic is more London than Milan -- a lot of the clothing is interestingly desconstructed and intellectual as opposed to va-va-voom sexy. Karen Walker, WORLD, and Trelise Cooper are among some of favorites to come out of Kiwi country.

My boys from New Zealand are stylish ones indeed. I've found most men from that side of the world -- Australia and New Zealand -- have a style nestled somewhere between west coast United States (particularly SoCal) and Europe. Not excessively Euro and not too California casual. Andy sent me a picture of his new favorite shirt, which is in a color I've never really given much thought to, but has now made me wonder: is lemon the new pink for men?

An ex of mine once asked for my opinion on a pink/grey shirt combination he'd been eyeing, during the time when pink and grey was the bee's knees. With him living and working in midtown Manhattan, you can imagine that he also has fashion flair, as most up-and-coming men in New York do. Not that I didn't like the combination of pepto and elephant, it's just I didn't particularly like it on such as masculine guy. But lemon is a more subtle color, not a pink or purple that's in your face and screaming "Hi, I'm a metrosexual!" It's more understated -- yet fresh. I can see lemon with a metallic green or kingfisher blue tie, solids or stripes, whatever strikes your fancy. If a man's feeling a little bold, even a pastel or deep purple tie could add some spice to a conservative black Zegna suit.

Will the male population pick up on this new color trend? Maybe or maybe not.

But I think it's the hottest thing around.

I'm Lovin' it: The new Lulu Guiness collection of evening bags. Either the Feather Drop Fan bag or the World Is Your Oyster purse will do, thank you very much.

I'm Over it: Lot parking near the Promenade in Santa Monica during holiday shopping madness. Hint: check the very first floor for spots. I scored one there yesterday (and saw loads more) while the rest of the fools were madly scrambling on the top levels.

Track Classic of the Day: "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan. Where the heck has this guy gone anyway? He was musically responsible for making my late high school to early university years so darn memorable.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fashion Kingpin Takes To The Heavens

Bloomingdale's, and the rest of the fashion, has lost one it's nearest and dearest today. Kal Ruttenstein -- fashion extraordinaire and permanent fixture at all the collections -- passed away this afternoon after battling lymphoma.

Couture kingpin, designer confidante, and respected colleague.

Rest in peace, Kal. The fashion world will miss you.

Fashion Loses Kal - Fashion Week Daily article

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Haute Hippie Holiday Gift Guide '05

Boy, do I ever love the holidays. Gingerbread lattes with peppermint brownies from Starbucks, the anticipation of a yummy Christmas dinner, decorations, holiday parties with lots of champagne, and a reason to wear your winter wardrobe -- which is, by the way, only boots and cute sweaters here on the (still sunny, but chilly) West Coast.

What I don't like about the holidays? Longer traffic commutes home (people seem to book it from work as soon as the winter sun begins going down at 4 pm), the cold weather forcing me to wear socks to bed at night, the dread of Christmas food weight gain, and the stress of getting the best gift ever for someone near and dear to your heart. Who has time to navigate packed shopping crowds these days, anyway?

Have no fear, darlings. Here is a little gift guide list of things to make things a whole lot easier for you this year.

For That Super-Fly Male Figure in Your Life

L.A.-based designer twosome Max Benatar and Lee Wasser head up Max Richard, a slick collection of printed silk-lined blazers. The jackets are so hot, male celebs young and old are snapping them up. Let your daddy dearest channel Don Johnson by gifting him the Miami Vice-inspired "Pink Panther", an ivory number lined with -- naturally -- pink silk. Add a pair of white loafers with no socks and he's good to go.

For That Eco-Friendly Mother of Yours

Holidays are a time for appreciating everything you have in life -- a crazy but loving family, a stressful but somehow fulfilling career, the perfect circle of friends, a roof to sleep under, food in your belly, and a beautiful world to live in. GLU (Girls Living It Up) is a local line contributing to our environment by creating cute accessories out of recycled soda tabs, zippers, and fasteners. GLU is exemplary eco-conscious and charitable -- South American women constructing the bags are able to support their families comfortably. What a wonderful world, indeed.

For a Great One Stop Gift Shop Destination

People these days have less time to wander around searching for the perfect gift. Brent-Air Gifts (134 S. Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles) is a hidden gem, located above Brent-Air Pharmacy and nestled right in the heart of Brentwood. This store has something for everyone -- specialty lines and products by local designers, custom gift wrapping, local deliveries, and a welcoming atmosphere that has yet to be matched by any other boutique in Los Angeles. Present shopping will never be this easy again.

For That Sister You Completely Adore

Sisters are notorious for raiding your closet when you're not a home, helping themselves to precious articles of clothing that not even your bestest friend in the entire world is allowed to borrow. Encourage her to start an indispensible wardrobe of her own, starting with anything from the absolutely adorable Girlie Designs by Linda Antwi. Buy l'il (or big) sis the silk-lined, cropped blazer with front-tie sash, furry purse, embroidered turquoise bolero, or the black, cropped furry chub and she will never go wrong. Better yet, get her all of them and make it a very Merry Christmas.

For That Rockin' Big Bro

Remember the time you caught your brother playing air guitar and lip-synching to "Eye Of The Tiger" in his room? Well, he may be a corporate suit these days, but every now and then, you know he still wants to be a rock star. For those precious moments, get him a Rock-N-Role one-off (meaning: only one like it exists) distressed tee or deconstructed executive shirt, loving made by designer Ali MacLean. Hey, while you're at it, why not get a restructured skirt for yourself -- there's nothing wrong with a little "one for you, one for me" when it comes to buying presents. Rock on.

For Keeping That SoCal Sun Outta Your Eyes

It may be winter, but the SoCal sun is still a-shining outside. Everyone knows the importance of having a good-looking pair of shades with you at all times down here. Delusions Eyeware -- a customized eyewear line -- is the brainchild of Douglas Johnson, a wire sculptor since childhood and avid sunglasses fan. Each Delusion pair is hand-made in Los Angeles with high quality UV lenses, which can also be made with a prescription. The line has already been featured in recent sci-fi flick Serenity and has been showcased at various local art shows, such as the Six Degrees the morning after a particularly fun holiday soiree.

Happy holidays, from me to you!

I'm Lovin' it: Anything from Bath and Bodyworks. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tints (No. 1136 - Nude) will keep your mouth pouty, Fresh Vanilla Body Splash will keep you smelling yummy, while Jacqua's Buttercream Frosting Body Butter will keep you supple and soft. It's hard to leave this store not covered in layers of lotion, fragrance, and lip gloss. Guilty as charged.

I'm Over it: Folks thinking it's okay to let it rip in crowded public places. Okay, just because there's a ton of people around doesn't mean we don't know it was you.

Track Classic of the Day: "Sunday Morning" by No Doubt. This song never really made it to the airwaves, but was hands-down the best track on "Tragic Kingdom". Play, rock out, and repeat -- that's my motto when it come to this jam.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Chillin' Like a Villain

California + rain + under 50 degrees outside + interview tomorrow at noon = Haute Hippie stayin' in this Friday night.

Like the rest of you Angelenos. (Don't front now)

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Agent Trovata-teur

It's a big deal when a cute surfer foursome hailing from the OC become Vogue's wunderboys of the year. Trovata snagged the annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award -- a grand prize of $200,000 cash as well as all the publicity perks and magazine support any up-and-coming designer(s) could ask for.

This OC groupie designs for both men and women, describing their aesthetic as "California-meets-the-East-Coast" prep. Each collection has its own complicated little story: title, characters, and all. Though Jeff Halmos, John Whitledge, Sam Shipley, and Josia Lamberto-Egan are not officially trained in design technique, they've gotten themselves an adoring fan base in Barneys, the CFDA, and Vogue. That triad for this foursome ain't too shabby!

Southern Cali Trovata-heads, it's time to get excited. There's a warehouse sale this weekend with fall 2005 overstock and samples from both the men and women's collections. The deals range from a 20-spot to no more than a hundred and a quarter ($20-$125). Details, you say?

Dates and Time: This Friday (11am-6pm) and Saturday (10am-2pm)
Not-So-Secret Location: 1945 Placentia Avenue - Suite B (between West 19th and 20th Streets), Costa Mesa CA
Got Questions?: Email

You dig, dude? Good.

I'm Lovin' it: New car smells. Yup, that's right. Got me a new vehicular, which is unfortunately on back order (geez, I thought back orders only happened with Birkin bags) for one to two weeks. Black, sporty, sunroof, great sound's going to be a smooth ride to San Francisco this New Year's!

I'm Over it: The flimsy black (with white stitch) clutch sent to me for being such a loyal subscriber to Conde Nast-y magazines. Couldn't they have just sent me a Doo.Ri top instead to help get my New Year's Eve outfit started? I mean, c'mon now.

Track Classic of the Day: "Luv'en Me" by Nelly. Ok, please don't get on my case about calling a song by this dirrty South pop-rapper a classic. The lyrics are sweet (and not as in "cool" sweet) and the delivery is smooth. Let's refer to it as a guilty pleasure classic. Nelly may look good in sweats and suits, but his new "Grillz" ain't got nothin' on this older jam.

Random Celebrity Sighting: Avril Lavigne and her teeny-tiny Sum 41 fiance Deryck Whibley driving down Santa Monica Boulevard. They were in the same black Volvo SUV that was in the episode where Avril gets Punk'd. Of all the Escalades, Beemers, Porsches, Ferraris, and Mercedes, the engaged duo pick a Volvo, thus validating mundane stereotypes of married life.

* photo courtesy/property of