Saturday, September 10, 2005

I Heart Fashion Week(s)

When Fashion Week comes around, I get that warm, fuzzy feeling. It's almost like falling in love, but with couture instead of a fella. Fashion Week in New York has already gotten underway and since poor me is stuck here on the West Coast, my runway show attendance is limited. Thus, I must vicariously live through the following websites:

1. New York Magazine:

2. Style:

3. The New York Times:

4. The Daily:

Want to know anything and everything about the shows -- from runway slideshows to photos of the hottest afterparties -- these are the places to check out for sure.

'Fraid today's post is a short one. Gettin' ready to boogie down in The (real) OC tonight.

I'm Lovin' it: Rodarte. The sister design team of Kate and Laura Mullavey, who are also from the Dub-C, have created breathtaking, feminine chic dresses this season. Guaranteed their masterpieces will on the red carpet for the upcoming awards blitz, which, by the way, is fast approaching. Is it just me or does time fly by faster after you turn 21?

I'm Over it: Pushy, creepy, leering salesmen at car dealerships. Was on the hunt for a new set of wheels today and can't wait till it's all over because I just can't deal with another slimeball.


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