Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stepping Up To Bauti

I was flipping through one of those high-end, glitzy fashion and design magazines at the Granville & Broadway Chapters the other day and came across a pretty frock -- though it was in black, not pale pink -- by Spanish designer Nino Bauti.

Curious as to who this mysterious Mr. Bauti was, a little web research yielded the following information: Spanish-born, graduated from St. Martin's, worked for Alexander McQueen, Armani and Louis Vuitton, started his eponymous collection with stylist-slash-fashion editor Niki Brodie, and designs feminine frocks that fall so easily on the female form that anyone who puts it on a Nino Bauti piece will instantly look ready for a Vogue editorial spread.

His Spring/Summer 2007 collection contained a color palette from out of the usual norm -- instead of neon brights or pretty pastels for a light-hearted season -- Bauti and Brodie opted for richer, earth tones in fluid shapes. I heart their burnished gold and black vertical striped sleeveless mini dress (Look #14), which goes brilliantly with flats, gladiator sandals, round-toes, wooden heels or platforms. The black Giambattista Valli-esque dress (Look #2) comes in as a close runner-up.

I'd post pictures of both dresses, but the Nino Bauti website's macromedia flash loop thing-y prevents image poachers like me from uploading.

But get thee to their site. It'll be worth the extra clicking and scrolling trouble.

I'm Lovin' it: Possible career advancements. Here's to tomorrow at 1:30 pm.

I'm Over it: Super hot power couples. For example: London-born supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler and comely fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski. Wheeler -- who is no older than 25 -- has been mugging for the camera for at least six or seven years, while Lubomirski used to be the assisant to uber-fashion photographer Mario Testino and has definitely come into his own right. Okay, okay. So I kid. I'd love to be the Jacquetta to someone's Alexi.

Track of the Day: "It's You, It's Me" by Kaskade. This track's definitely a repeat on my iPod Nano. Kaskade rolled into L.A. on January 14th, but I -- very unfortunately -- missed it due to my move back to Vancity. Perhaps a show at The Commodore is in order? Yeah, I think so.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Toki Doki So Good

I love collaborations.

Couture designers for Target (FYI: Proenza Schouler's line for Tar-zhay is coming out soon), Victoria Beckham (aka. Posh Spice, aka. possible Scientologist) for Rock & Republic, Snoop Dogg and Madonna for Boost Mobile, a potential Banksy for Artful Dodger NY and now Tokidoki for SmashBox Cosmetics.

The cutesy, yet sexy Japanese anime illustrations conjured up by Tokidoki founder and creative director Simone Legno (who rocks the fedora like no one else) have made their way onto tees, belts, purses, compacts and now a to-die-for limited edition make-up collection by cosmetics -- and fashion heavy-weight -- SmashBox, via Sephora.

No need to pull out a fugly, generic powder compact or cheap lipgloss from the drugstore out of your Fendi Spy or Marc Jacobs Stam bag.

Now you can have have Tokidoki pretty-ing up your face, too.

I'm Lovin' it: Aritzia selling Trovata. The Canadian fashion chain has really stepped up with the quality of labels carried in their stores -- Trovata, Wilfred, Tocca, the list goes on. I'm also digging the way they carry some of the best fashion and design-forward magazines on the market: Tokion to Nylon to Wallpaper to Surface. Where else in this town could you find a Trovata purple and maroon circle pattern sleeveless dress with a black and white checkered front pleat insert for $200?? And yes, that's a steal.

I'm Over it: My possible sciatic nerve damage. Ok, that's a little hypochondriac-ish of me, but one of the counsellors at Fitness World said my little injury might be something of the sort and to get it checked out ASAP. If I told you just how I got this ailment, you'd probably laugh your arse off. No, it wasn't from working out or any other "fun" extra-curricular activities. And by the way, Nadia's Body Ball class on Mondays at 5:30 pm: militant.

Track of the Day: "Even After All" by Finley Quaye. This nomination came by word of mouth from Stephanucci, who heard the track through Rob the V. I know little of Finley Quaye, except for the fact that he's from the U.K. and that his track is killer in a chill, good-vibes kind of way. Enjoy!

Even After All

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

This Holds The Key To My...

Well, house and car.

If you've ever wasted precious time in the morning trying to find your set of keys that managed to get accidentally put in the most inexplicable spot -- by you -- after a particularly hard, long and harrowing day at the office, then I've got a kitschy solution for you.

This His-And-Hers key holder from Uncommon Goods will keep your set in one place.

You'll never find your keys in the freezer again.

I'm Lovin' it: Ladies night! Me, the gals, downtown Vancouver (okay, and maybe some fellas as groupies). Rolling into Ginger Sixty-Two tonight for their all-house music Saturday.

I'm Over it: Trying to find a new digital voice recorder for my 944 Magazine phone interview on Monday morning! How can both Future Shop and Best Buy -- the so-called greatest names in electronics -- not have one?!

Track of the Day: "Chelsea" by Orange County's Stefy. The bass and beats sound a little influenced by the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams", with a new modern electro-twist. The quadrant is headed up by Stefy Rae -- hence the group moniker -- and rounded out by Jason Gaviati, Sean Meyer and Jordon Plosky on the instruments and synths.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Pony It Up

'Twas a long day today.

Which explains why I'm home before 12 am on a Friday night.

If I were out on the town, I would wish to be in this super-cute, English-prep outfit from Vancouver-based (and L.A.-available) line Chulo Pony. The brand's fans are not limited to those in the northern west coast -- Chulo Pony has already been shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at SmashBox Studios in Los Angeles.

It doesn't matter that Vancity's temperature dropped to below freezing tonight.

I'd still have worn the ankle pants.

I'm Lovin' it: The just-released-today film "Smokin' Aces". All-star cast, gratuitous violence, stylized cinematography and final credits rolling to a sweet track by Common. Jeremy Piven pulls out some Ari Gold-esque moves and lines as a washed up Vegas singer turned pseudo-mobster, while Common heats up the silver screen with his smoove flava. And that Ryan Reynolds proves he's got some surprisingly decent dramatic acting chops in that fine self of his. Two thumbs up from the crew of Stephanucci, Haute Hippie, Rob the V and Prev.

I'm Over it: The driver on the 10:37 am "9 Boundary" bus, which conveniently broke down on the morning of an important meeting for me. That evil driver told me Willow and West 6th was only a 5 minute walk away from where the bus went kaput. Uh, yeah. It was nearly 25 minutes away. Ok, I'm exaggerating a little, but it was far. And I was late.

Artist of the Day: "Sneaky Sound System" from Sydney, Australia. Completely infectious, disco-ish, electro-pop house from this Oz triad of Black Angus, Miss Connie and MC Double D. I'm wishing, hoping and praying Sneaky Sound System makes the 18 hour flight to Vancouver in the next few months to perform their uber-catchy "Pictures". I'll be at their show with a slinky gold lame top and dancing shoes on.

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Not So Foxy Roxy

Why, oh why, do I insist on following my friends to the Roxy.

Went for a little Jagr Bomb extravaganza that G. and J. were a part of, and though the domino effect Jagr Bombs were pretty nifty, nearly most of the crew didn't even get to partake (lots of pushing and grabbing for those free drinks).

Not that I minded all that much.

Especially in light of that fact that the Roxy floor constantly smells like beer, Jagr and something else funky -- quite the turn off.

At least R.'s inebriated eyes/slurring sentences kept me and Stefanucci from the brink of boredom. And the 60 year old guy in the black cowboy hat trying to get his groove on with the ladies was pretty damn funny, too.

Big day tomorrow. Good night, team.

Haute Hippie

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I love art.

I love shoes.

When fashion looks like masterful art, it's called couture -- shoes included.

It's also called heaven, so here's a little slice just for you:

Miuccia Prada doesn't disappoint with this earth, primary and pastel colored peep-toe.

Missoni takes so many soulier details -- the round toe, the platform, the thick heel, the ankle strap -- and puts in it the shoe blender for a fantastic result. I particularly like the white ankle strap in contrast with the other muted tones. I think this might be my favorite.

This Marc Jacob number reminds me of Joan Collins during her Dynasty years. A silky, lose cream-colored pajama set would suit this fabulous -- and almost gaudy -- pair of sandals.

Marc Jacobs at Marc Jacobs is certainly a different designer from Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton. This architectural looker would sure have the Greek goddesses up in arms.

I own a pair of towering dark wood platforms that are very Chloe, circa spring/summer 2006. But the height of this Christian Lacroix tasseled platform is beyond Jack And The Beanstalk. My sympathies go to the poor model who pranced down the catwalk in these.

You can never go awry with a Christian Dior. Don't let the softer color fool you -- there's something slightly powerful and definitely sexy about this stacked platform. Great with a feminine dress. Even better with some short, cuffed shorts.

Derek Lam plays with a seemingly odd material pairing: navy patent and varnished wood. Somehow it works. It is Derek Lam, after all.

Heeelllloooo Chloe. This pair is a mix of school marm and highland dancer. Multi-straps signals highland dancer and the thick stacked heel says school marm. The gold strip along the heel bottom says fashionista.

Balenciaga is always expected to bring out the unexpected. Who really knows what's going on here with the thin-heel platform? Only Nicolas Ghesquiere knows. But it's definitely eye (and foot) candy.

Anna Sui KILLS it with this stark white, wood heel boot with buckle straps. Goes with denim, goes with shorts, goes with dresses, goes with white tights, goes with everything.

And Anna S. kills it once again with this gold gilded, Napoleon-esque boot...

Alberta Ferretti works the lucite-with-heel trend with panache. It's architecturally gorgeous without being over the top. It's just so pretty.

Shoes, shoes, shoes. It's the life for me.

I'm Lovin' it: My coffee meeting tomorrow at 11 am. I hope it brings good news.

I'm Over it: Ok, so I lied. Miuccia Prada did disappoint with this horrific sandal. It's like Toucan Sam got sick all over the model's foot.

Track of the Day: "Give It Back" by Gaelle, which I know I already put down as a "track of the day", but the re-mix on the Donnelly Hospitality Group (think: Bar None, Republic, Granville Room, Bimini's, etc.) website is so sick, I had to do a double nomination for Gaelle. You'll have to scroll for it, but if you go to the site right now, it's Track #11.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Getting A Spank-ing

When you're young, a spank definitely means you've been a very bad girl.

When you get a little older, a spank could mean you've been -- ahem -- a veeeery good girl.

When you're a fashionista in Vancouver, Spank on West 4th is the place to get LA-based clothing label VOOM.

Yes, I've already sung the label's praises through this blog and 944 Magazine, but for me to stumble into VOOM while not in Los Angeles or New York? A pure blessing, I tell you.

You know what else is a blessing? This absolutely adorable tunic from Scrapbook, a label I knew little about till today. And luckily, I found it online right now for nearly $40 less than at Spank.

Ah yes. Today I was a veeeery good girl.

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Craigslist Rules

I'm sorry.

This shouldn't be funny -- it's kind of wrong to think it is -- but I came across this Craigslist ad while cyber-apartment hunting and couldn't help but laugh at the first sentence.

Actually, it's two sentences if you really look.

Takashi rules.

Wide Receiver

Last Friday, I had an in-depth conversation with some guy friends of mine about a topic I didn't think they had particular interest in: fashion.

What they had to say made me laugh my arse off, but mostly made me start to realize that what women think is fashionably hot, men often think is not.

Here are two of their observations:

1. Empire-waist, floaty tops are extremely deceiving. Apparently, guys don't like wardrobe deceit. My argument was that one can usually tell if someone is heftier beneath clothing. Their counter-argument was that a girl could have skinny arms, but still have a gut. Point taken.

2. Skinny jeans are ugly as hell. They don't understand why good-looking girls are always in them, and hope the style fizzles as soon as possible. The preferable form of denim for these fellas is the flare, not the peg-leg. Good thing I decided to change out of my skinnies and into my flares at the very last minute before leaving the house. It saved me from a lot of heckling.

Though I'm not going to be switching teams in regard to my own personal style anytime (ever), I've come up with a happy medium for Observation #2. I'm proud to introduce to you J Brand's Joplin Palazzo! It's wide and tight in all the right places.

As for Observation #1...well, I'm not shunning the floaty top anytime soon.

S.K., Joyce, Agro and Pashos -- you're just gonna have to deal with it.

* Hey dad, I know you're digging my blog title!!

I'm Lovin' it: Watching the Australian Open. Can't wait for the Federer vs. Roddick match up! Oh, and the hockey All-Star Game at Marla's tonight.

I'm Over it: No Canucks hockey till Friday. Oh wait, that's only two days away. Never mind.

Track of the Day: "Everyday People" by Arrested Development. This old school jam never ceases to amaze me. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. And that's saying a lot. "Whoooooaaa! Say yeaaaaaaaah! Whoa, yeah! Whoa, yeah! Whoa, yeah! Whoa, yeah! everyday people....."

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Graham (And Spencer) Crackers

No matter where I go or what I do, my style will always be influenced by Los Angeles: floaty tops, tight bottoms, oversize bags, big jewelry, incognito sunglasses, shoes shoes shoes and all-around SoCal flair -- minus the sugar-free, fat-free, no whip vanilla latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

L.A.-based designers Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer -- originally overseas girls from South Africa and London -- make up the clothing label Graham and Spencer. Their clothing label is as everything an Angeleno strives to be: sophisticatedly chic and modern, yet hip all at once. One look at the Graham & Spencer Spring 2007 collection and I was hooked. Who wouldn't want to slip into this flattering round-neck silk tunic with the odd but strangely beautiful color combination of grey, taupe and cream??

I sure as heck would.

And Vancouver's spring time is just around the corner. Well, not really.

I'm Lovin' it: RoidRage photographer Jeremy Kost's jewelry collaboration with Rusty Pistachio (I know, that name is a lot to take in right now) of PNUT Jewelry. The result? This limited edition solid sterling silver camera necklace on a matching silver ball chain. If only you could take real pictures with it. Oh, how devil-ish that could be...

I'm Over it: No car. Lots of rain.

Track of the Day: "Bitch" by the MisShapes. These rock/new wave/pop DJ-ing "It Kids" -- Leigh Lezark, Greg K. and Geordon -- of the uber-hip Williamsburg/SoHo set have reached notoriety status over the past few years for their huge parties at Don Hill's in New York. Never mind that they're mere babies -- 22, 26 and 23 years old respectively -- they have the hipster and fashion worlds at their feet. Lezark (arguably the group's breakout star) has already graced the pages of Vogue in all her cold beauty, while Geordon (a fellow Canadian) has just about the best and blackest bowl cut ever. And if you dig them, check out their version of Madonna's "Jump" from her "Confessions On A Dance Floor" album.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Miz(ter) T

Gisele Bundchen: sexy.

Clive Owen: sexy.

T-strap black patent shoes with woven heels and platform, red sole and peep-toes: double-y sexy.

The silhouette of this Oh Deer! number is a little retro ballroom dancer, but the patent finish and braided detailing make it utterly appropriate for the 21st century fashionette. Picture them with a fluttery white or cream mini dress and black, black tights.

And it's only exclusive to the Urban Outfitters website.

There's nothing like sitting home online shopping in PJs on a rainy Monday night and yet still getting chic-er by every passing moment.

I'm Lovin' it: My Dine Out Vancouver fixed meal at Joe Fortes Seafood Restaurant on Thurlow between Robson and Alberni. There's nothing like starting off with creamy clam chowder, followed by braised beef and mashed potatoes, then topped off with fruit compote-covered cheesecake. I'm SO full right now.

I'm Over it: A lot. Long story.

Track of the Day: "Wolf Like Me" by TV On The Radio. These fellas basically put out one the best albums of 2006 with "Return To Cookie Mountain", and luckily they're rolling into town on March 24th at the Commodore Ballroom for a shockingly low ticket price of $24. Get on it!

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I Take It All Back

I know. I have some sort of ADD happening here.

My last post informed you that I was coming back to Los Angeles, but once again the tide has turned.

I'm staying in Vancouver for at least a year or so, and I'm eager to see how I can apply all my crazy, wonderful La-La Land experiences here in the hometown market.

After my trips, a recap usually follows about the good, the bad and the ugly of that place and/or adventure. So here goes the G.B.U for Los Angeles, California.

The Good: Running along Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. My cozy apartment and my fantastic roomie Em on 9th Street. Laughing till I cried with R-Shizz, followed by an apple pie Coldstone or sundaes and cookies from McDonalds. Making fun of people with my l'il sis. Discovering new places to eat almost each day. The beach being only 9 blocks away. Forever 21. My co-horts and dear friends at Iconology. Sunshine nearly 365 days of the year. Melrose. Blu Jam Cafe. Crab mac 'n' cheese at The Belmont. My favorite bartender Palamino at Ma'Kai. 944 Magazine. Days off with Caro. Weekly trips to Target. The Cheesecake Factory. My great and sometimes crazy SoCal friends. Meeting new guy friends at The Abbey who don't hit on you because they're checking out the boys, too (it's WeHo, what do you expect?). The absolutely fabulous shopping everywhere and anywhere. Being only an hour away from my parents, 45 minutes from my grandma and three uncles, 20 minutes from my sister and 10 minutes from my fourth uncle, auntie and new twin cousins.

The Bad: Homeless people everywhere -- in your alley, on the beach, accosting you on the sidewalk. People who are "so L.A." because they suck. Being far from my hometown friends. Hideous parking situations at Fashion Week. Rudeness. Filthy air. Dirty oceans. Garbage on the freeway.

The Ugly: Traffic.

The good might appear to outweigh the bad, but I'm truly excited for this new journey in the life of Haute Hippie.

And don't forget, moving doesn't make me love fashion any less. I could move to Fiji and still write this blog.

I ain't done yet.

Haute Hippie

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On The Road Again

I'm seriously coming back to Los Angeles -- really I am.

Tomorrow night, that is.

Gotta love connecting flights to Phoenix, which make a two and a half hour flight turn into a flight just over five.

For now, I'll pass the time with some bevs, appies and pals at George in Yaletown.

Since it'll be my first time there, expect a lounge review to follow.

Tomorrow night, that is.

Haute Hippie

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Don't Ruffle My Fetherston

Ran into a little situation up North and will now be returning by this week's end. Long story, certainly not worth going into.

However, I DO want to get into a young designer who recently passed up and coming status, moving her Berkeley, Califonia self and design studio to Paris, and subsequently getting her designs (and pixie mug) splashed all over the best fashion glossies.

Her name? Erin Fetherston. And she's absolutely fabulous.

Fetherston's creations made runway waves at the recent Spring 2007 ready-to-wear shows in the City of Lights, with plenty of flower head-dresses, flowing locks, tie-up sandals and favorable buzz. Flirty, feminine and frothy are the best words to describe her clothing (not to mention the alliteration makes it sound fantastic), and seem to be a reflection of Fetherston's look and personality. Fetherston's burst onto the scene was further magnified by her fashion film entitled "Wendybird", filmed by the famous Ellen Von Unwerth and starring A-list fashionette Kirsten Dunst. The black and white film short follows five girls in identical outfits who happen across a chest of beautiful clothing -- all, of course, Fetherston's creations.

She's girly, coquettish and cute -- with a little couture hippie thrown in for good measure.

And not only does Erin Fetherston have a sweet collection, she also has the best blonde-blunt-bang look in the business.

I'm Lovin' it: The resurgence of clip-on earrings. We're not talking about cheap, plastic tacky ones in purple and turquoise from back in the day. We're talking sparkly, classy ones from Kenneth Jay Lane and Alexis Bittar. I may love my long danglies, but I just might have to shelve them for a pair of either the former. Especially the gold and crystal strawberry number from Mr. Lane himself.

I'm Over it: Still being in my PJs. Time to start the day!

Artist of the Day: My new favorite artist is (by far) Girl Talk, whose album "Night Ripper " is KILLER (no, not "Jack the Ripper" but "Night Ripper"). Diddy thinks he invented the remix, but Gregg Gillis of Pittsburgh, PA invented the re-re-remix. His work consist of 30 second shorts of the best songs ever, all in one brilliant track. The piecing together of The OC theme song and diiiirrrty south rap is genius. Auditory good for those with ADD, as well as those without.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Back to La-La

Yes, the time to return to La-La Land has come.

No more drinks at the Granville Room with friends. No more ordering Yellow Cabs from Cypress and/or Homer Streets. No more late poker nights (don't really trust my card skills with this game). No more teetering in my vintage boots on invisible ice covering sidewalks. No more 4 am poutine at Fritz. No more Fritz and Numero Uno pizza in one sitting with Casey. No more football and hockey sports days. No more lunches or dinners with new friends. No more listening to Bob Sinclair's "World Hold On", pumping my fists and reminiscing about New Year's Eve at NU. No more watching burned DVDs of Borat. No more house parties at Venus' with endless streams of beverages. No more late night banana caramel cheesecake and Sprite at Central on Denman. No more glasses of wine at those crazy West Van boys' apartment on Alberni and Bute. No more gallavanting in Ovitch's Pathfinder during everyone else's work day. No more waiting in secondary lines at Republic (what place would charge patrons AGAIN just for them to get a shake on the dancefloor?!) No more complaining about Lola's. No more waking up to snow in the trees. No more delicious, savoury eats at Cafe Crepe. No more watching Entourage and Lost episode after episode in my PJs in front of the TV. No more laughing at the Much Music VJs, who quite honestly can't hold a candle to MTV VJs. No more pseudo-fashion shoots with my girl Aggs. No more blaring Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape" in Saritz's car. No more eating Halloween candy at Steph's. No more enjoying Vancouver city downtown living (sorta). No more finding that oh-so-elusive parking in Yaletown. No more eggs benny at Cafe Zen on Arbutus. No more living with two guy roomies (though Khaleel and Nate are the best ones a girl could have). No more listening to silver and turquoise cuckoo clocks on the hour, every hour (very, very cute at 1 pm but not 8 am). No more After Eight spiked hot chocolates at the Wedgewood Hotel lounge. No more $1.50 oysters at Rodney's Oyster Bar in Yaletown. No more nights on the sleeper couch in the foosball room (it's oh-so comfy, really truly it is). No more making random fashion contacts while shopping on South Granville. No more traipsing through Whistler Village in my eskimo boots, Ralph Lauren gloves and Kemper knit cap. No more mid-winter BBQs at Tom's. No more days of being in bed till 4 pm (hehe...). No more watching Canadian comedy on Comedy Central (Goooo Paul Martin!). No more umbrella usage. No more drives through Stanley Park. No more walking into the Yaletown Brewing Company with Russe only to order hot chocolate, not beer. No more watching Saritz pass out on Russe after the bar. No more rides on the Sky Train. No more girl talks with Banana. No more home-cooked meals made by my best guy friend. No more saying "pop" instead of "soda" and no more saying "eh" instead of "huh". No more twice a week viewings of "The Devil Wears Prada". No more scrolling through Khaleel's iTunes list -- literally one of the dopest music collection ever (I believe Luker's is neck in neck).

And the most saddening of all: no more fabulously fun, random nights with my awesome hometown friends.

At least not till this coming summer.

And maybe just before, if Aritzia decides to hire me as their marketing coordinator.

I'm Lovin' it: My Vancouver team...who are not only friends, but family.

I'm Over it: Catching my 7:40 pm flight to LAX.

Track of the Day: Bob Sinclair's "World Hold On". Partying with good friends at a gorgeous waterfront location with live instruments accompanying the various DJs, a great New Year's kiss, feel-good happy vibes (insert smile and wink here), dancing all night long and this Bob Sinclair track just after (or was it before?) the clock rung in 2007 equalled the best New Year's Eve I've had EVER.

YouTube music video of "World Hold On" by Bob Sinclair

Friday, January 05, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

So today is the first day in two years or more that I've seen and walked in snow.

Which was rather unfortunate for my Italian leather slouch boots. For the first time ever, I actually wished I owned a pair of furry flat boots of the Ugg, Emu or Mukaluk nature.

Walking from my friend S.'s car to the front door of Earl's Restaurant for lunch -- and back again after our meal -- consisted of one shared umbrella, two shivering girls linking arms to avoid wiping out and four almost-bails on my part. Not to mention wind-blown hairdos -- though I must admit S.'s hair managed to stay sleek and shiny, as it always is!

Thank god the girl talk and salads were SO worth it.

I'm Lovin' it: The opposite sex.

I'm Over it: The opposite sex.

Artist of the Day: The kitschy, poppy Fujiya & Miyagi. No, no. This boy trio is not from Japan, but from Brighton in the UK. Steve Lewis, Matthew Hainsbury and David Best make up this infectious band, churning out jams like "Collarbone" and "Transparent Things". You won't be able to stop shaking your head or your tail-feather.

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