Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All In a (First) Day's Work

One of the best things about working at a place like Ron Herman is getting to see the newest fashion on the market. Up close and personal.

So here are a few things you MUST check out before they sell sold out:

1. Sacai's button down, asymmetrical closure v-neck cardigan. It's your basic cardigan with a twist. The metallic details and raw edges add a nice rock 'n' roll touch to a typical school marm/school girl basic.

2. Marc Jacobs may be trying to revive his grunge, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay lady-like in Rachel Mara's silk flower print long sleeve dress. It's not too, too prim though -- this frock hits above the knees and has a sexy silk sash for tying around hips that (in the words of sultry songstress Shakira) don't lie.

3. Pirates and everything to do with piracy has been making a swift comeback, thanks to Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow. Jump on the bandwagon (bandship?) and strap CC Skye's toggle skull charm bracelet around your wrist. Tennis bracelets are out.

4. Speaking of comebacks, Vans slip-ons are another frontrunner on the revival scene. You can pick and choose plaid skulls, peace leaf, bull's eye, and skulls 'n' bumble bee patterns, if you're over the classic black and white checkered pairs.

5. Vintage will never look old with Mayle's ivory silk lace detail top. This sheer blouse has girlish side ruffles, a slight v-neck and gorgeously detailed sleeves and shoulders. You'll feel so darn purty.

6. Miss Davenporte's black swing coat. Davenporte designers Cristina Ehrlich and Estee Stanley -- two of Hollywood's hottest celeb stylists -- hit the bull's eye on this one. Slightly shorter in the front than the back, the coat has a three button enclosure at the neckline and cuffed mid-arm length sleeves. Part coat, part top, this hybrid silhouette is all woman.

7. Have a crush on John Madden? Punt in the NFL season with Rebel Yell's mesh yoke football tee. Cuffed short sleeves and tunic length with stripe designs huddling the solid fabric from the mesh. Wearing this is like scoring a touch down on the other team's fumble from the opposite end of the field. Almost.

8. La Rok's trapeze top. The detail on this particularly piece is stunning. Loose and silk-blended with cut-out embroidery along the bottom, a silk sash ties along the bust and the silk 'n' buttons trail to the back. The straps are adjustable and removable. And absolutely perfect for the nights you have too many margs and enchiladas at Merix.

See it all at!

Wow, I love my job. And I would love it more if I get a discount on this La Rok top...

I'm Lovin' it: Long distance flirtations. Is that right phrase for it? There's got to be something better to explain one of my current "romance department" situations. All I do know is that a certain fella is getting a naughty little package from me in the mail by the end of this week. Oh yes, it's soooo good. And no, I'm sooooo not telling what's in it.

I'm Over it: Swollen eyes. For reason, my peepers were huge and puffy this morning. What gives? Thank god for those two frozen water bottles in the freezer, saved me from having to look like a freak all day.

Track of the Day: In the two weeks, I've been obsessed with watching DVDs of the now- defunct HBO series Carnivale. In homage to this creepy, intensely dark and religiously-tinged show, listen to "Micro Mini Cool" by Takako Minekawa -- very poppy electro with Japanese-accented lyrics. The song is very carnival-ish, in that same eery Carnivale way. Picture scary clowns and rickety ferris wheels.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Disco Inferno

Ahhh, the 70s.

Flipped out hair, knee high socks with colorful stripes and short shorts, sky-high wedges, polyester, skin-tight halter jumpsuits, hot pants, gold jewelry, the Bee Gees and disco everywhere.

This Saturday, Haute Hippie re-lived this era. Actually, come to think of it I re-lived two.

The evening kicked off with a fantastic 80s theme birthday party for a friend of a friend. She looked like Madonna, the girls looked like the Material Girl's backup dancers and the boys looked like Ponyboy from The Outsiders. Half a cupcake and a sliver of ice cream cake later, my friend and I trouped over to World On Wheels to get our roller disco on.

Let me say two things about roller disco: not as easy as it looks and incredibly addictive.

Most people were skating circles around me...and yes, I know I know! I'm from Canada, therefore I should know how to skate, but whaddya do? I got weak ankles, folks! And I wasn't a Canuck who had a pond in the backyard to practice on in the winter.

The fashion was just as crazy: short shorts, tons of leggings, patterned tights, headbands, striped socks, catsuits, gold armbands, the whole nine yards. The pros were seriously busting out moves hotter than Young M.C. while fancy hot pants-ing on their wheels.

So the long and short of it is that my friend and I were so addicted by the end of the night, we pretty much shut the place down -- along with a few other diehards -- at nearly 2 am.

It wasn't a hot Hollywood club, oh no no no.

In fact, it was SO much better.

Enjoy the pic. And yes, I look very awkward.

I'm Lovin' it: Awesome tops for $16.99 at Target. Oh, and the new Justin Timberlake CD for less than a ten-spot!

I'm Over it: This particular Monday.

Track of the Day: "Feel The Pain" by Dinosaur Jr. Underground rock band from Amherst, MA with some seriously good tunes. In the words of Wayne and Garth: Party on, excellent!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Yearnin' For Ron Herman

Haute Hippie's got herself a new gig, yo!

Meet Ron Herman's new website fashion copywriter! Ron Herman is a super hip, high-end boutique (think along the lines of Fred Segal) that's been around since the 70s. The stores reside in trendy, shi-shi areas of town -- Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, Costa Mesa and Melrose. Their label roster is pretty much the wet dream of every certifiable fashionette: Jovovich-Hawk, Marc Jacobs, Mayle, Stella McCartney, Vena Cava, Charlotte Ronson, Phillip Lim, Trovata, Proenza Schouler and many, many, many more that even I can't take it! My new co-workers seem fabulous, too, which is without a doubt a major plus.

It's only one day a week, but I get to do two things I love, love, love best: look at mouth-watering fashion and write all about it.

Ah, such is the life of a Haute Hippie.

I'm Lovin' it: My stepdad and his quips about fashion. My stylish mother bought him a pair of dark denim and a pair of lovely Italian-made brown leather shoes since I'd last been home for a visit -- a vast improvement over the black geriatric shoes he's fond of sporting for comfort (trust me, I'm trying to do damage control on this). In response to my compliment "Nice dark denim!" on his nouveau jeans, he replied: "You mean DORK denim?!", and though they're not pointy and they're not green, he's now taken up calling his snazzy new kicks "elf shoes". In conclusion, the moral of the story is unless gay or metro, men know not a thing about fashion...and don't particularly care either.

I'm Over it: My stomache ache. Souplantation on an empty stomach is the devil. Oh wait, I had two pieces of lemon coffee cake before I went. Thank god I went to the gym this morning.

Band of the Day: The Australian indie pop group of eight Architecture In Helsinki. This musical discovery I owe to my best guy friend (who lives so terribly far away from me in Vancouver) -- he is a true lover of music and has the wickedest playlists on his iPod. If he loves it, I love it. And if I love it, hopefully so will you. or

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Event-ually I'll Be Over It

So event season is upon us.

Not events as in award shows and the like...that's always earlier in the year. We're talking good, old La La Land, celebrity-hosted, swag-loaded soirees with the usual suspects: A-listers, celebrity stylists, magazine and publicity peeps, hipsters, scenesters and a couple regular people for good measure.

Last night was my inauguration into the 2006-2007 event season, kicking off with the opening of the Levi's Store on Rodeo Drive, which began at a freakishly early 6 pm. The celebrity host (though some may beg to differ on this one)? Super stylist Jessica Paster. The sponsor? Vanity Fair and Allure. The food? Mini burgers, shrimp, mini pancakes with some sort of cream cheese, mini veggie quiche and some other mini things. The scene? Magazine people, publicists, regular people who probably just wanted to snatch a gift bag, my 944 magazine editors, and the infamous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (of, who happens to be buds with one of my L.A. besties. Of course, my friend, editors and I high-tailed it outta there before the swag was handed out. Darn. But my guess is that the bag contained a Levi's tee or gift certificate, some sort of beauty product and current issues of both Vanity Fair and Allure.

Can anyone confirm??

The second event was a Genlux Magazine issue release party with its current cover girl Eva La Rue. She preened and posed in front of a teeny tiny press wall while many typical Hollywood types mingled 'round and 'round the hotel pool (a shi-shi hotel on the Avenue Of The Stars, but can't quite remember which). A lot of men blazers, button up shirts, expensive jeans, and pointy square-toed leather shoes made appearances, as well as some buxon bleach-blondes (signalling our time to blow the popsicle stand) and a woman in a VERY unfortunate white and blue printed Laura Ashley type dress with bad white espadrilles. No wonder she sat down the whole time! However, I did enjoy the cotton candy martini the bartender whipped up, as well as the pretty cut fruit display with the chocolate-covered strawberries. In any case, the was no swag -- just some free current issues of Genlux that were nary to be found by the time we left -- but I had a fabulous time making fun of people and chit-chatting with the girls.

And at least my valet driver was nice.

My final verdict is that events season is a love-hate relationship. Sometimes a girl just needs a little drama in her life.

I'm Lovin' it: My interview today at 5:30 pm at a super secret company for a super secret position. Which, of course, I'll reveal to you next week once I get their yay or nay.

I'm Over it: Weird, intense dreams. Been having some of those Mercury still in retrograde of something??

Track of the Day: "This Charming Man" by The Smiths. Somehow I just can't get enough of UK bands, especially ones from the 80s. Though I am an 80s child...sorta...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fashion Slacker

No, being a "fashion slacker" is not a new trend. It just happens to be Haute Hippie's current state of mind -- not by choice, rest assured!

Mostly it's due to lack of internet access at my apartment. Therefore, I haven't been able to view the awesomely awesome collections that showed at New York Fashion Week after hours, just in minute snippets of time at work.

Somehow when my roomie and I signed the rental agreement for our place, we thought we could do without:

1. Cable
2. Internet

Uh, yeah. How idiotic were we? However, there is light at the end of the tunnel (in the form of a visit to the parental units' abode, which thankfully has the web), and I promise a Spring/Summer 2007 style recap of extreme fabulosity by weekend's end.

If I ever decide to give up my job as a fashion writer to become a carpenter (or any variation of this vocation), this is what I'll be wearing to my first day at work.

Baby Phat-ilicious!

I'm Lovin' it: Harness your inner artsy-fartsy Picasso and check out Click and drag to make your own masterpiece and post for all to see! You may just be the next toast to the L.A./New York art scene. Just maybe.

I'm Over it: Stupidity, especially my own. I burned my neck using the curling iron yesterday. Wish I could stop being so OCD about my hair, that way I can stop injuring myself. This is not the first time this tragedy has occurred. And no, it can't pass as a hickey -- I already tried that excuse.

Track of the Day: "Broken Household Appliance National Forest" by Grandaddy. Solely for the randomness of the title. Oh yeah, and 'cause they kind of sound like Weezer.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Watching You Like A (Jovovich-)Hawk

In a world fraught full of models-cum-singers-cum-actors-cum-designers (or any variation of the former), model-actress Milla Jovovich and model Carmen Hawk are a dime a dozen.

Their super hip, vintage-feel L.A.-based label Jovovich-Hawk has been scorching the fashion scene even before their first collection dropped like it was hot.

Why, you ask?

Just take a look at this pinstripe 'n' ruffles mini dress and you'll know exactly why.

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How Sui It Is To Be Loved By You

Oh, Anna Sui.

The Spring/Summer 2007 collection of this free-spirited New York designer nods to the increasing popularity of pirates -- albeit pretty, bohemian ones -- thanks to a series of high-budget blockbusters starring a certain method actor by the name of Johnny Depp.

Her very recent show at New York Fashion Week started off boho enough. Lots of pretty hankerchief-prints in ivory and navy, white eyelets, and off-the-shoulder mini-dresses -- all, of course, accented with horizontal stripe knee socks, ripped footless tights, and hats vaguely resembling pirate chapeaus. The addition of huge flower chokers and bits of lace here and there gave the designs a little Spanish feel -- you almost think the catwalkers might break out into a mini flamenco.

By show's end, there's a lot of black, lace and chunky ebony-hued beaded jewelry (chokers and cuffs). The eventual progression was slighty Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness -- or Hussein Chalayan presentation, minus the uber faux-intellectual pretention.

The verdict? I've always been a fan of Anna Sui. She's forever a hippie cowgirl...and now slash Spaniard pirate. Her creations are fun, flowy and completely fabulous (three very important F's in fashion!). I go ga-ga over her boots (check out the buckled white number playing off the eyelet two piece) every season -- even if it's summer!

My fashionista pals have always touted me a teensy bit bohemian. Ok, a lot.

Anna Sui + Haute Hippie = Friends Forever.

I'm Lovin' it: Dame boutique in Santa Monica. Dana, it's super sweet owner, houses racks and racks of local L.A. designers and a few from the east coast in this warm, feminine, European-style store. The window displays are something to watch religiously (as I do), because those mannequins of Dana's sport new, pretty frocks every week. And look out shoe-mongers -- she now carries fabulous footlines like Dolce Vita. The boutique (about a year and a half old) is getting some great buzz around town -- both Los Angeles Magazine and Daily Candy have written praises about Dame already. I'm obsessed, and so will you!

I'm Over it: Trying to finish the novel Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem. I'm onto bigger and better things, like manic fictional biographies such as A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius (penned by Dave Eggers). Maybe I should stick to tepid roman a clefs by Lauren Weisenberg (the infamous The Devil Wears Prada auteur).

Band of the Day: Oh No! Oh My! from Austin, Texas. Catchy, poppy, indie-type tunes from Greg, Daniel and Joel will keep your iPod hopping. Check out fun track "Jane is Fat". I find any band with exclamation marks in its name is usually pretty good music to the ears.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh, Those Garnish Girls!

Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbs, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and their Sexy City made it incredibly chic to drink pink Cosmopolitans and red Manhattans.

However, it's the Garnish Girls that make these drinks oh-so-pretty for you and me.

Tina Pelletier, Ally Parra and Dani Tatarin are three fun and fabulous Vancouver girls (via Alberta) who began their Garnish Girls venture in 2002, translating their bartending and mixology know-how into catering company specializing in fresh and hip drink garnishes for their steady roster of clients. Here they found their niche, turning the catering into a creative line with products such as Infused Candied Apple Slices, Sugar Cane in syrup (straight from Thailand), Jalapeno or Bleu Cheese Stuffed Green Olives, Curaco Infused Cherries (a vibrant bright blue to enliven any martini of your choice) and, my personal favorite, the Wild Hibiscus Flower in syrup -- all in smartly modern packaging.

The Garnish Girls may be uber-hip to drink trends, but they're also smart cookies. This past year, the trio were dubbed winners of the 2006 BC Best Business Award, an accolade handed out by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and an amazing feat in itself. Be on the lookout for their new innovations to debut in the next while...and for those who like their martinis on-the-go, make James Bond proud and pick up their retro travelers martini set.

So watch out Los Angeles, the Garnish Girls are coming to hit the nearest Stone Rose Lounge, Hyde, Social Hollywood or Citizen Smith near you. A little bird tells me to expect their beverage adornments to hit the SoCal in the very, very near future.

Your Veuve Clicquot -- and your shaken, not stirred martini -- will never be the same again.

I'm Lovin' it: Anything and everything platform. Particularly the purple and gold suede Sergio Rossi round-toe number featured in the September issue of Marie Claire. Or this black patent, gold rivets Miu Miu pair. Either or.

I'm Over it: Britney Spears-Federline and her penchant for popping out babies.

Album of the Day: Uh, duh. This one is a no brainer. Justin Timberlake's "Future Sex/Love Sounds". The album's title may not be perfect, but every single JT's got in there sure is (Thanks to 102.7 FM, for playing it in it's entirety). I'm not even going to burn this one, I'm straight out buying the CD.


For those who aren't into boy banders-done-good, try The Russian Futurists. They're my next pick.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fall-ing For Fashion

Yep, it's about that time. Fall is here! Which means several things:

1. September fashion magazine issues that weigh as much as a ten-pound dumbbell and have a page count of about 1,000.

2. Seeing the leaves change color. Wait, we only have palm trees 'round these parts.

3. Fall fashion and accessories!!!

Here are some designers, accessories, and other fun stuff to keep you busy this pumpkin season:

Delusions Eyeware: Shades of Fall (

Tired of seeing those same wide-rim Chanels on everyone? Get yourself a pair of these hand-crafted sunglasses by Doug Johnson are available in sterling silver, gold-filled, and titanium -- all made with high quality UV lenses. Make sure to check out the "Doug" and "Mass" styles out this season.

Annatarian: Fall Consciousness (

Ec0-conscious couture is perfect for SoCal fashionistas. Designer Anna Mkhitarian creates gorgeous, feminine dresses for those who want to look beautiful, while saving the environment. Her creations have been sold at Fred Segal and have seen on Friends, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Every piece is hand-dyed and detailed individually -- and each has its own story.

Erica Flaum: Fall Glam (

Hollywood is up in arms over Erica Flaum jewelry. Watermelon tourmaline and sterling silver necklaces, fuschia jade belts, and yellow turquoise dangly's no wonder Hilary Duff, Sophia Bush, and Amber Tamblin have been scooping up her masterpieces every chance they get. Fall piece to look out for: laser-cut Swarovski crystal leaf necklace in light amber.

Fortune Tee: Messages En Espanol (

Watch out world. Fortune Tee is back and more multi-cultural than ever. Their three most popular tongue-in-cheek baby tees emblazoned with sayings like "I Am The True Good Fortune Of My Family" and "A Surprise Will Appear In My Pants" now come in Spanish.

Rosy Cheeks: Back To School's Best

Even the wee ones can partake in fall style. This adorable line -- brought back to life by Renee Harrington -- features the Australian Gum Nut Babies, spritely characters (Snugglepot, Cuddlepie and their friends) created by artists May Gibbs in the early 20th century. Baby blankets, wall art, bathroom accessories, collectible dolls, and a "School Days" set (sleeping blanket, hat and pillow) are available for your -- or someone else's -- tiny tot.

Skandlz: From Beach to Ball (

Designer Patricia Wells is a definitely beach babe. Going from the surf 'n' sand to a fancy dinner is one thing girls like her need to do in an instant, and her colorful, jewelled, patterned sandals are perfect for beach-faring fashionistas doing just that. A scenic drive down the PCH takes you to the OC boutiques carrying the four-collection Skandlz line.

Vanity Cosmetics: Oh SO Pretty

Fall is definitely the time to reinvent your wardrobe, your make-up, and your goals for the second time (after New Year's, of course!). To go from working girl to cover girl, look no farther than Vanity Cosmetics. This little shop in the Valley employs artists and carries amazing beauty products to re-do your maquillage. Pretty has never been this easy.

Her Style Source by Susanna Mercedes: New Vintage (

Everyone loves vintage these days. From Decades to Jet Rag to Wasteland to American Rag to The Way We Wore to Paper Bag Princess, Angelenos storm these boutiques to find that one-of-a-kind 80s clutch or that vintage Galanos gown. Designer Susanna Mercedes -- who also has a couture line -- restores vintage with her own contemporary touch. Reese "June Carter" Witherspoon, take note. You'll never show up at the Oscars in the same vintage Chanel once worn by Kirsten Dunst again.

Joey Jr.: Hopping Into The Season (

Huge, slouchy purses have made life hell for the modern woman. Instead of taking 2 seconds to find your MAC Nymphette Lipglass, it now takes a full 5 minutes. Enter Joey Junior. These seven-pocket foldable purse organizers stand up and sit neatly at the bottom of the offending bag, holding everything from your Blackberry to your keys (on the attached hook) to your Rosebud lipsalve from Sephora. They come in mouth-watering colors like Candy Apple Red and Blue Lagoon -- oh, and Forest Camouflage, too.

Don't Use My Sweater Like A Towel (http://www.don)

With the weather turning colder (slightly), it's the right time to snuggle in a blanket with a great book in hand. Jennifer Kelton's one year personal dating experiment is chronicled in a viciously hilarious novel, spurred on by a major break-up and an unfortunately "messy" dating experience. You'll be in stitches until the winter starts rolling in.