Monday, September 28, 2009

A Single Man.

The way I felt watching this trailer was the same way I felt after watching the trailer for The Fall.

Here is a no-dialogue, all-haunting soundtrack preview of Tom Ford's directorial debut, A Single Man.

Frightening. And stunning.

Friday, September 25, 2009

White Brites.

Many good, fun things in this world are white: rice, bunnies, Elmer's Glue, snow, Liquid Paper, crisp new stationary, a blank painting canvas before you go to town on it, the inside of Martin Margiela's studios, MacBooks and adidas Originals Stan Smiths.

So in homage of this shade of color (or lack of color), I'm wearing white today and sharing with you some images that are inspiring me to appreciate it even more than I already do.

D&G Spring 2010.

SJP filming the second Sex and the City movie.

Moschino Cheap & Chic sleeveless vest worn as a dress.

Quilted Chanel guitar case.

Gianfranco Ferre white open-toe booties.

Carrie Bradshaw's Lanvin short and tiered wedding dress.

Carrie Bradshaw's matching Lanvin accessories.

I'm Lovin' it: Catherine Bruhwiler, the woman who taught me how to surf (though I'm still not pro by any menas), is a spokeswoman for Skoah beauty products. Go, Cath!

I'm Over it: My eye has been twitching all day, and it's getting mighty annoying. Lack of sleep, perhaps.

Track of the Day: "I'm Ready" by Kano from the UK, who holds courts with other Brit rappers like Dizzee Rascal and Lady Soverign. Heard this while with Trini at one of my favorite sushi spots, and have thus been listening to it ever since. Interesting fact I read: Kano was courted by Hugo Boss in 2004 to model for them, but he decline to go touring. Now that's true love for your craft.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Color Purple.

The Emmys aired on Sunday, and though I love Neil Patrick Harris, I found the entire thing very, very safe, both on the stage and in terms of red carpet style.

In fact, the only dresses I truly thought looked good were both purple: a J. Mendel on a glowing Lindsey Price (who I didn't know was dating How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor...interesting...) and a YSL on Ginnifer Goodwin.

Okay, I lie.

The Bottega Veneta on Leighton Meester was lovely, too, in a fashion-forward way and in a style manner you don't quite expect from a TV starlet.

I have to give props to the girl for shocking and awe-ing most of the time (her Louis Vuitton ensemble for the Met gala!) rather than being P&B (pretty and boring).

I'm Lovin' it: My good girlfriend Reebs made it onto Garance Dore!!!!! She does have amazing style, so it actually doesn't surprise me in the least that Miz Dore stopped her on a London street.

I'm Over it: Yesterday, I saw a pair of neon pink and black-printed Alexander McQueen for Target tights that reminded me a lot of Marc Jacobs' neon ones of the same color for his Stephen Sprouse homage. Do I smell a creative robbery or is it just two designers on the same wavelength?

Track of the Day: The Passion Pit show here is already sold out for October 10. Not happy about that. So I spent most of yesterday listening to the P.P. track "Swimming in the Flood". Yeah, a flood of my own tears for missing the ball on a ticket! Can't get that haunting piano riff and those sad, beautiful lyrics out of my head, but I'll still listen to it over and over.

my eyes
have once again
been proven wrong
your clouds
your blanket and
my pity song
hovering on your front lawn
carry on untilit’s gone
what can I do?
the river’s overrun
we’re swimming in a flood, you know?
i thought i felt your touch
but the water’s rising up
(now all my lovers raise their cups)
then i lie naked in a rampage
in the flesh, face to face
with the onset
i forget everything
that’s ever made me
rise again, now slowly
leave my memory

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Shoes at Schouler.

Proenza. Schouler.

I was completely blown away with the Spring 2010 collection of Vogue favorites Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez. A few seasons ago, I wouldn't have considered myself a huge fan of the label, but I've increasingly grown fond of Proenza Schouler in the more recent ones.

Everything for Spring 2010 was bright and bold, and the attention to unexpected detail in prints, embellishments, fabrics and shape left me wanting to examine the entire collection up close and personal.

I must say, though, I'm not sure how I would do walking in these Proenza platforms -- a broken ankle would not be a great way to start Fall '09 -- but I've zipped myself into my high suede booties today to practice tottering around, just in case I ever get my hands on these beauties.

I'm Lovin' it: These Madison Harding Cyndi Boots. Once again, there is a good reason why I'm spending my Monday running around in extra high heels. Practice makes perfect!

I'm Over it: I tried on these Alexander Wang boots for Fall '09 yesterday, except in the distressed white and black leather. They were about an extra ten pounds on my feet. Those silver buckles were unnecessarily heavy -- walking around in these every day would give any girl massive calf muscles.

Track of the Day: "Skeleton Boy" by Friendly Fires. It's not that new, but it's that good.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Karen Walker Spring 2010. Happy Friday!

Labels from the Southern Hemisphere are among the ones I want to wear the most: Lover, Kirrily Johnston, COLAB, Sretsis Metamorphosis (that's a mouthful!), Alice McCall...

There's always something quirky and slightly off-kilter about them, and there's no sense of pretentiousness or ostentatiousness, just self-expression. And isn't that what fashion is about?

Karen Walker, a designer from New Zealand who has probably made the biggest Southern Hemisphere impact on North America's fashion set since the Sass & Bide girls from Australia, now shows her collections at New York Fashion Week.

Oh, Walker would be missed by NYFW if she decided to up and leave back home to NZ.

Here's photographic evidence of why:

Happy Friday!

Haute Hippie

I'm Lovin' it: Though the clothes left much to desire, the models at Anna Sui were SMILING. A welcome change to the typical catwalk death stares!

I'm Over it: This male model's legs at Rad Hourani are skinnier than my arm. Give the guy a steak and eggs or something.

Music of the Day: Z-Trip was on fire last night. He somehow perfectly mixed Bob Dylan with Missy Elliot. That is all.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Motown, in my humblest of opinions, is the best music genre of all time.


Thanks to my girl Phyll C., I'll be (hopefully!) grooving to DJ Z-Trip's "Motown Breakdown Part I" at his show in town tonight.

And for your listening pleasure, here's Z-Trip.

Z-Trip - Motown Breakdown Part 1
Found at bee mp3 search engine

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Three More Things from NYFW.

Tommy Ton spotted these suede and bondage Christian Louboutins at NYFW. All I want for Christmas...oh, and happy 1st birthday to Ton's Jak & Jil blog!!

StyleCaster has these adorable vintage Fiats stationed around NYC, waiting to take Fashion Week goers to their shows (as long as you have a valid ticket to a show and aren't just crashing one).

If I died and came back as Carine Roitfeld, I would be so very happy -- and I would be equally happy if I came back as the indomitable Kate Lanphear of American ELLE.

I'm Lovin' it: Though I'm sad to see the sun go, I get to wear boots all the time now. Yay!

I'm Over it: Catchy phrase-making is just par for the course in a writer's career, so there are certain word pairings that work every time. But if I see the title "Prints Charming" when it comes to anything print or motif- related in fashion ever again, I'm going to swear off magazines forever. The latest culprit in using this over-used phrase is none other than Rachel Zoe. Argh!!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rupert Sanderson Sale.

This one's for my British readers: Rupert Sanderson is having a massive factory sale starting tomorrow and ending with a BBQ on Saturday!

Sanderson not only won Accessory Designer of the Year at the 2008 British Fashion Awards, he also won ELLE's Accessory Designer of the Year this 2009.

Thanks to Alexandra at Rupert Sanderson for passing this on...see below for a map and more details!

Haute Hippie

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An Amazing Thing I Read Today.

Fashion photo-blogger Garance Dore, on her fashion photo-blogger boyfriend Scott Schuman (known to all as The Sartorialist):

"Scott has a great gift. He knows how to see beauty in every walk of life. He doesn’t focus necessarily on context. He knows how to recognize a detail, the little thing that makes magic. The complexity of an adolescent, the vulnerability of a man, the strength of a child. The fragility in the determined stride of a woman.

It’s the same with photography. Who cares about perfection when you can caputure a moment saturated with life?"

* Photo property of The Sartorialist, Barneys and is used solely for commentary purposes

A Few Favorite NYFW Ensembles Thus Far.

Band of Outsiders. Feminine tux-styles.

Christian Siriano. He's the little Project Runway winner that could. I think this print is amazing in its abstract, watercolor nature. My bets are on Forever 21 to knock off the motif pretty quick.

Jen Kao. Sexy and feminine. Don't even try to figure out how young that model is (okay, guess puts her around 14 or 15-years-old).

Erin Wasson x RVCA. Wasson may find inspiration in the homeless people of Venice Beach, but this urban-chic look says anything but living in a cardboard box.

Erin Fetherston. Three words: so damn pretty. And that gold bib necklace...

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