Friday, May 30, 2008

Let It All Wang Out

Alexander Wang. Uniqlo. Now.

If you're living in New York, please -- for the love of all that is sartorial -- get down to Uniqlo and pick up one of Mister Wang's dresses for $50 to $60, which rolled out earlier today. Apparently, doors opened at this morning to special editors, stylists and FOAs (Friends of Alex), all of whom were sipping Bellinis at 9 am.

Yes, folks, bellinis at 9 in the morning. Helps to be a Conde Nastie or Hearst babe.

Anyhoo, once the initial racks run out, 200 more dresses in each style will go up, at which point I assume that'll be it.

You can't have Erin Wasson and the girls at Nylon be the only chiquitas in town rocking the Alexander Wang for Uniqlo, right??

I'm Lovin' it: This picture of Marc Jacobs is worth a thousand Martin Margiela Spotlight clutches. It is widely believed he's making a childish statement to Suzy Menkes of IHT, though he denies it to this day. Either way, it's still really, really, really hilarious.

I'm Over it: Stress levels are is one of the culprits...need a glass of something either red or white...

Music of the Day: Cut Copy. From Melbourne, Australia. Exceptionally catchy stuff, especially "Feel The Love".

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This One's NOT For The Boys

Please, fellas -- for the love of god -- do NOT purchase and wear these mandals from Raf Simons.

I respect Raf, but these horrific excuses for shoes are not beautiful or sexy or hot.

They're just plain butt. And they cost over two grand.

Review below. I'm sure you'll agree with me (except for my new favorite fashion blogger Bryanboy, who not only loves these mandals, but also claims he's so gay, he sweats glitter).

I'm Lovin' it: This Apple vending machine in New York. Um, iPod Nano anyone?

I'm Over it: OMG! I almost had a heart attack. The Detroit Red Wings almost scored to tie up game three with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'm all about Sid the Kid winning this year.

Photo of the Day: This rather regal one of Anna Wintour in her custom-made Chanel haute couture gown from the Costume Institute gala. She looks like some majestic alien queen, like the mother of Natalie Portman's Queen Padme Amidala or something.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Margiela Is The Man

This morning, I happened across a picture of the stylish Rachel Bilson at the Rogan for Target debut at Barneys in Beverly Hills.

She, as always, looked hip and put together (boyfriend blazer over short loose dress), but this time she really brought it home with the gorgeous shoes that were on her feet: Martin Margiela open-toe ankle boots in nude.

With its four-inch wedge heel and wide band, these babies are super fashion-forward and slightly remind me of the shoe silhouettes coming out from the House of Chloe (remember the pair on Kate Bosworth at LAX?).

Right now, it seems the only retailers carrying them are eLuxury and Barneys, which means their cost is on the luxe side -- as in $595 USD.

I'll give Steve Madden and Nine West a few months to knock them off.

I'm Lovin' it: Most likely Turkey. In July for a few days. With good friends. Iyi kere! (apparently, this means "good times")

I'm Over it: Why is it that I can hang up all the clothes on my bed one moment, only to find a new stack on there at day's end? It's not like a do five outfit changes throughout the day. No, honestly, I don't...

Album of the Day: Here's a blast from the past: Nirvana Unplugged, possibly the greatest unplugged albums ever made. Kenzo had it playing on our drive to the 'burbs on Sunday, and I remembered exactly why Kurt Cobain was so awesome. Plus, Woxy was playing Nirvana for their Memorial Day weekend "Modern Rock 500" show, bringing me back to the 90s in an auditory flash.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Best of Balmain

Whomever is behind the French label Balmain -- founded by the late Pierre Balmain in the early 20th century -- is a genius.

Ever since that short, black Balmain number made it onto the Zone Diet bodies of Celine Dion and Diane Kruger, I've been taking special note of one-shouldered frocks from the French house making paparazzi-worthy appearances.

Like these ones on French Vogue editrix (and my fashion hero) Carine Roitfeld and her equally stylish daughter Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, both snapped during a day at Cannes.

I noticed a few one-shouldered tops and dresses, a la Balmain, at the new downtown H&M that just opened up here -- ah, how I wish I spoke to the MisShapes' Leigh Lezark instead of lamely taking a camera phone picture! -- and seeing as how it is H&M, the price tag will obviously be a whole lot more affordable than an original.

Though I highly doubt putting on a one-shouldered will get me anywhere looking like either Roitfeld, but hey, a girl can dream.

I'm Lovin' it: Beach Saturdays and BBQ Sundays. A huge crew of us trekked to Kid-d's mom's place out in the boonie 'burbs so the guys could have a few go-rounds of paintball, followed by a delicious BBQ and a few hours of chilling in nature. It was a far cry from the constant police sirens and crazy people yelling at each other outside my apartment building. And you know, it really was kind of nice.

I'm Over it: Pesky mosquitos from those few hours of chilling in nature. It made me remember the pros of city living.

Track of the Day: For someone who enjoys a lot of different kinds of music, I will sheepishly admit to not having listened to much of hippie-dippie Devendra Banhart. Yesterday on the drive back from the 'burbs, Kenzo threw on some Banhart for the Sher Bear and I to hear. His song "Little Yellow Spider" is pretty funny, a sort of cutesy kind of tribute to animals of the world. My favorite verse? Hands down this one:

"Well, I came upon a dancing crab, and I stopped to watch it shake
I said, "Dance for me just one more time
Before you hibernate and you come out a crab cake."

Sher Bear and I burst out laughing when that came on. God, I love crab cakes.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Like A Rollingstone

Chanel's cruise collection '09 was magnificent.

Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones provided Herr Lagerfeld with obvious inspiration, down to the hat and haircut on opening/closing model Sasha Pivovarova.

And on Diane Kruger, too.

That Kruger, always showing up at events and looking so goshdarn amazing.

PS. Anyone know that name of this particular hat silhouette?? It's not a porkpie and it's not a fedora...what is it?

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My Word Is My Bondage

I spent a very lazy Sunday hanging out with my girls Aims and Berry on the streets of Robson and Granville, checking out what fashion had in store for me on the long weekend.

Well, it had in store for me these AH-MAY-ZING Spring/Summer '08, bondage-inspired "Macy" heels from the rock 'n' roll peeps over at Miss Sixty.

The multiple straps, open-toe, zipper back and Miss Sixty side signatures made me hyperventilate as soon as I spotted them, and I continued to hyperventilate as I slipped them on.

And then over-hyperventilation kicked in when I saw the price tag.

Little ole me wasn't fully prepared to fork over $300 for the Macy, considering my upcoming voyages this summer (more details later), so back on the B2 Shoes shelf it went.

I will, however, put them on in my mind and rock out to some Pat Benatar.

Or Allison Mosshart.

Either or would do.

I'm Lovin' it: The chance to see Leigh Lezark, live and in person at the H&M opening tonight. She's cool, but you all already knew that. Greg and Geordon are aight, too -- they rock the bowl-cut better than no other.

I'm Over it: Go away, swollen lymph node in the back of my neck. It's currently a bit sore and making my nose run, since Mister Lymph Node is obviously not taking his job seriously and regulating my immune system as well as he's supposed to be. Yes, I made it male, and for good reason, too. Ha, just kidding, boys.

Track of the Day: My pals and I took in the Kaskade show on Sunday night and he played his version of Robin S.'s Show Me Love. Dance Mix '93, what!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Get Your M On

It's all about color, color, color when spring and summer roll around.

Pucci prints, Missoni motifs, Jackson Pollock-inspired spatter patterns, neons, pastels, bright jewels -- each is fair game come SS '(insert year)!

Office supply chain Staples is making sure that your closet matches your desk by launching the M by Staples stationary and office collection. They've got luggage, journals, notebooks, file folders, thumbtacks and bulldog clips in enough patterns and colors to rival your Crayola box (assuming you still have yours kicking around from grade one).

Their new ad campaign is wickedly clever, too.

Filing bills and receipts being stylish?

I woulda never thought.

I'm Lovin' it: Getting my Maria Sharapova on with Scoots and Viv at le tennis courts this evening. Okay, Maria's slightly better than me. Whatever.

I'm Over it: Uggs hired L.A.-based designer Rozae Nichols to design their apparel line, which will begin as a 14-piece collection. Will it be shearling-lined and ugly?? My guess is yay and yay, but you never know.

Track of the Day: Cheap and Cheerful from sexy electro-rock band The Kills' new album "Midnight Boom". Jamie Hince and Allison Mosshart were apparently inspired by Pizza Pizza Daddy-O, a 1960s documentary about inner-city schools. That'll explain the sing-song vibe and occasional hand claps. It all works, and makes this Kills album one of my favorites of '08 so far. Oh, and dammit, they were in town doing a show yesterday and I didn't know till last minute.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Squirrels Dance Too


My girls Aggs -- aka. The Squirrel -- sent me a Flickr link to a set of pics from a recent night out she had in Berlin.

Only she could rock Hammer pants, neon shades and a makeshift headband -- and still look too cool for school.

Sie ist so Hüfte.

PS. I think that means "she's so hip".

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Don't Touch My Johnston

My girlfriend Sangria just got back from Australia last Friday and couldn't stop talking about how well-dressed the folks Down Under were all the time.

Sounds like my kind of people!

I've seen quite a few friends take off to Oz in the past few years: my buddy Skirts, my pal Jibba and my old boss/mentor Kate, formerly the Western Editor of FASHION Magazine, with whom I credit for making me fully realize my sartorial and writing inclinations.

I can see why Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast are ideal places to live: beautiful beaches, blue waters, adorable accents, practically year-round sun, cute koalas, baby Joeys, Sass & Bide, Ksubi, Zambesi, Jayson Brunsdon, Alex Perry, Lisa Ho, Michelle Jank and Kirrily Johnston.

Ah, Kirrily.

I wanted every single, blouson-y, casual chic piece in her High Summer 07-08 collection. Her color palette consisted of three colors -- white, black and this bright pop of pinky-purple. The silhouettes were youthful, yet tasteful with drawstring, big pockets, collars and elasticized waists serving as perfect embellishments. That white jacket with ruffled collar had me bug-eyed with ecstasy, and the contrast between voluminous and body-skimming was a harmonious dynamic.

Mate, I really wasn't kidding when I said I wanted everything in this collection.

I'm Lovin' it: My best guy friend K-Dizzle rocked a grey-striped red tie with his navy blue suit on Saturday night (he was coming off his accounting convocation dinner), and I appreciated the boldness of the red against the navy. That's why I was super excited when I came across Cyberoptix Tie Lab, which touts that their ties "don't suck". Well, they don't. Call 'em ties for the dandy dude.

I'm Over it: Think there's an itsy-bitsy spider hiding in my bed, because I woke up with bites on my finger and back.

Music of the Day: Ladyhawke. Her real name is Pip Brown from Sydney and her electro-rock gets into your head. Make sure to check out these three remixes of her track "Back Of The Van" off her official website: Mock & Toof (trance-ish), Ultimate Beverly from Fred Falke (disco house) and Van She Tech (hardcore electronica, a la Simian Mobile Disco or Digitalism). Sooooo good.

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