Friday, September 16, 2005

To Stiletto or Not To Stiletto

Randomly on Tuesday night, I decided re-organize my shoe closet. Putting mes souliers ("my shoes" en francais!) in clear plastic tupperwares and labelling them accordingly was surprisingly gratifying, but the ultimate satisfaction came from seeing how clutter-free the bottom of my closet became. What I really wanted was to do it up Carrie Bradshaw-style, taking a polaroid of each pair and sticking the picture on the box. Alas, lack of the proper camera robbed me of this pleasure. As my L.A. BFF and I always lament, why does everything in our lives come down to an episode of Sex & The City?!

My footwear reorganization/exodus turned up a forgotten pair of sky-high, dark chocolate brown faux-croc platform stacked heels. Ah, so resplendent with their peep-toes, little bows and white stitching! For awhile, I'd been rocking my stiletto collection, rotating colors depending on the outfit, of course. Naturally, my feet cry for help after a night on the town until the wee hours of the morning -- I'm in serious pain over the next day or so. Thank god for the flats comeback! Last weekend I decided to break out the platforms and to my delight, they had both gals and guys singing their praise! One guy pal -- bless his heart -- actually said they were awesome and so much better than "those pointy shoes"...y'all know he's talking 'bout those darn stilettos!

Here are a few pairs of platforms, stacked heels, and wedges to keep your tootsies happy this season:

1. Nobody mock me, but JLo (yes, as in Mrs. Marc Anthony) has an absolutely bomb pair called Velocity that are not only comfortable, they're sex on wedges. If you want a cheaper knock-off, pay a visit to Baker Shoes. But ain't nothing like the original.

2. Christian Louboutin is my shoe guru! After the smashing success of his summer espadrille, it's time to check out his new Bruge pump -- to die for in soft leather, rounder toe and 4 inch stacked wood heel. Not for the faint of heart at a cool $735. Best footwear investment you may ever make -- they'll stand the test of fashion time! Call the Los Angeles boutique at 310.247.9300.

3. For the girly girl in all of us, try the Marc by Marc Jacobs wine colored, turquoise bow trim platform pumps with gathered edges. You'll won't feel as sex goddess, but you'll definitely feel uber-feminine.

4. Wedges, wedges, rah-rah-rah! Seychelles consistently puts out some great shoes. Get either the suede wedge or leather wedge in a fall color -- black, brown, gold, tan, rose or bronze. Or get them all. I second that second motion.

I'm Lovin it: Anything not stiletto. And Silk chocolate soymilk.

I'm Over it: None. Happy weekend, everyone!


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