Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oochi Koochi Gucci

I know this may be a tired topic, but all hardcore fashionistas agree that there will never be a more perfect man than the one below:
Tom Ford
Just wish he was STRAIGHT! Lucky ducky Richard Buckley. And according to a very good source of mine, Mr. Tom "Gucci/YSL" Ford -- the man who single-handedly brought glitz and glamour back into the fashion industry -- is the nicest, most loyal employer to work for. Word on the street is he's opening up a studio here on the left coast next year, and you can bet your bottom dollar a thousand copies of my resume will deluge his office until I'm part of his team!
Expect his collabos with Estee Lauder, Vanity Fair, and Hollywood to come out soon. Is there anything he can't and won't do?? Not only is this man a fashion icon, he is becoming an institution. All hail Tom Ford!
I'm Lovin' it: The Tom Ford coffee book. Plain black on the outside, but full of fashion goodies inside. Hefty at around $100 but so, so worth it. I'll even give up eating Coldstone Ice Creamery for the rest of my life to get this. Ok, maybe not.
I'm Over it: Hippie skirts. I may be a '"fauxhemian", but I never quite caught on this trend. Maybe it's because it just doesn't look that good on me. Yeah, that's it.

Classic Tom

Post-Tom design


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