Thursday, April 30, 2009

Leather Love

Leather isn't the best textile to wear when the thermometer starts hitting the hotter temps, but when it comes in vest form, it's okay in my books.

A recent jaunt into Club Monaco resulted in me drooling fairly heavily over a cream leather vest number, which was quite chicly paired with a plain white tee, big ole scarf, and gold bangles.

It's a nice departure from the usual black leather, a la Mike & Chris jackets and Kova & T leggings (okay, the latter are latex but look like super shiny leather anyway).

PS. The vest images are actually of the satin version -- the leather number was on a hanger, so this gives you a better idea of how it can be ensembled (I know, not a word) with other pieces.

I'm Lovin' it: The Jeans Day charity bbq that went down near the art gallery downtown. Checked 'er out with Hanna, TC, Roops, and Miz Bond. I like smokies, chocolate cookies, and apple juice boxes at lunchtime. For only $8, too. Felt like I was in grade school again. Oh, and I like running into old friends at said charity bbqs -- yes, that means you, Mr. Sam Lawson!

I'm Lovin' it, Part Deux: Found a place to host my celebratory birthday drinks next weekend. Whew! Was stressing out until yesterday. Thanks to the chickies over at Hawksworth Communications for making the suggestion and saving my bday soiree!

I'm Over it: I could've done without the Neil Diamond impersonator "entertaining" the crowd with ND hits at the bbq. He was in a sequined button-up tucked into very dad-like denim. Okay, so maybe I tapped my toes to "Forever In Blue Jeans".

Track of the Day: "Got To Let Go" by The Bees. Super cool garage band from the UK. I like this track. The horns and keyboards in it remind me very much of The Avalanches. Anyhoo, the song is very summery. And with the weather outside, I'm in a pretty sum-sum-summatime mood.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mount This Fuji

Steph A., Ovitch and I have been on a hunt for bike cruisers that went from semi-serious to full-on serious now that the sunshine's been sticking around longer.

Oh, because our friend Trini has a bike gang. Called "Bike Gang".

Due to the rise in popularity of cruisers over the past couple of years, the ones we've been finding have been:

a) non-existent


b) massively expensive

Last Wednesday, while DB was getting free air for his two-wheeler at a local bike shop on the marinaside, I found the most perfect Fuji Cambridge cruiser, outfitted in white paint, matching white leather seats and gold hardware.

It was like it was made just for me.

Unfortunately, the $1440 price tag was not.

But that didn't mean I couldn't take a picture of it.

I'm Lovin' it: Alice Dellal's sister Charlotte has her own shoe line called Charlotte Olympia -- and it's pretty fantastic. Maybe not enough to give my favorite cobbler, Nicholas Kirkwood, a run for his money, but it ain't no small thing that Net-A-Porter, Harvey Nichols, Dover Street Market, and Browns carry Dellal's collection.

I'm Over it: My bangs. They grow like weeds and are currently obscuring my full vision.

Music of the Day: Holy schnikey! The Field out of Sweden is rolling into town (with The Juan MacLean opening) on June 9th. Tickets, I'm coming to get you...

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My Birthday Wish(es) This Year...

...include this Lomography Holga camera, which I've been eyeing at Urban Outfitters for quite some time.

I'd like to record my Summer of '09 with pictures I'll actually have to get developed!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flaunt It If You Got It

It all was about action sports-slash-lifestyle brands for me today.

This morning, I wandered down to the Peak Performance showroom with Jenks to check out what the Swedish brand has in store for Fall '09.

I'll admit, I thought Peak was only about action sports -- a la MEC and Arc'Teryx -- but was I wrong.

They have both women's and men's casualwear, all of which reminds me a lot of that other big Swedish Brand, WeSC. Lots of plaids and casually cool silhouettes in high-quality fabrics. Who knew?!

Shortly after, I popped into the Oakley showroom to see what was up in sunglasses, goggles, apparel, suitcases, hats, and watches (didn't even know they did the latter). The brand is doing some exciting collaborations with female artists for a limited-edition collection of women's sunglasses, and has also worked with big-time snowboarder gal Gretchen Bleiler for a signature apparel series.

Before bidding the showroom adieu, Oakley's Ingrid and Mike -- plus the lovely PR doyenne Micki Benedetti -- sent me off into the sunshine with a new pair of the Flaunts in polished black frames, grey lenses, and rad white case.

Big ups to both Peak Performance and Oakley for starting my Tuesday off right!

I'm Lovin' it: Hi, purse. It's a Topshop special.

I'm Over it: Been feeling a bit headache-y lately. I never get like that. Maybe I'm getting too much sun.

Music of the Day: The Junior Boys are playing a live DJ set on Woxy tomorrow at 12:30pm EST. Be there! Or if you can't get a flight out to the studios in Cincinnati, then at least tune in.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

And Now I'm A Believer... the goodness of people!

Thank you thank you thank you to the person who turned in my lost wallet to the security desk at a building downtown!

Apparently someone found my wallet -- which was maliciously pickpocketed from me THREE MONTHS AGO while I was working at a coffeeshop -- on a Starbucks table and handed it in.

I logged into my Splendora account today after months and months of it being idle and found a message on there about my wallet. So thank you to Splendora, too, for enticing me enough to create a profile!

It was returned with everything in it, including the small amount of change it had in the coin section.

Oh, and I'm also a big believer in my pal Jeff Hamada of, who -- via his site -- is producing a music video for "Action/Reaction", from Denmark-based Choir of Young Believers.

And you get to be involved in it, should you so desire! For more deets, click here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

Off to the mountains for the big ski and snowboard festival...and to watch Metric for free!!

Happy Friday, y'all!

Haute Hippie

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Such A Greenie...

...thanks to my lovely friend, Shannon Heth!

She sent me a baby tree in an Ethical Bean cup, which I plan to plant and put on my balcony to grow, baby, grow.

Speaking of greenies, DB tried to convince me he was being a good samaritan on Earth Day because he was biking himself around the city yesterday. Lo and behold, he didn't even know it was Earth Day until he came downtown and heard all the fuss.

Nice try!

I'm going to plant my pretty little tree now.

Haute Hippie

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Americans In Paris

The American Embassy in Paris has put on an interesting fair called "Americans in Paris" at the Jardins D'Acclimatation, a children's park not too far from the Eiffel Tower.

For less than $4 USD (or under 3 euros), Parisians can partake in a bit of the American life: smaller-scale replicas of American iconic statues (like the Statue of Liberty), classic cars, baseball battings cages, basketball courts (hosting slamdunk spectacles), cheerleaders, apple pie, popcorn, and hot dogs.

Though I'd probably much rather it be the other way around with us being able to get a taste of la vie Parisienne over here -- baguettes, Bordeaux, Balmain! -- it would still be a bit of a trip to see pom pom-ed cheerleaders high-kicking it on the streets of Paris.

I am wondering, however, are the people working this fair really Americans or Parisians acting as Americans?


I'm Lovin' it: Boy, does it ever feel good to get things out and set things straight with people who matter to you. Makes life much, much better! And so do my new Dolce Vita Drake sandals. Positively Margiela and summer-esque! Now to make sure Steph A., Aims, and I don't wear our same respective pairs at the same time.

I'm Over it Paying $2 for a tea each time I got to work at a coffee place (out of principle), when I can just come to Shackenzie's patio and work for free. Like I am today!

Track of the Day: Everyone's obsessed with Chester French. I'm obsessed with their track "The Jimmy Choos".

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lash Out

The search for eternal happiness is really a series of smaller searches and discoveries that eventually make up the big, final find (is there one, though?).

Listing all my mini searches would take more time that you have to read and I have to type, but here's a sliver of a snippet of what I've been looking for in the past year.

And just to let you know, the list below is purely superficial.

1. Anything Alexander Wang for less than $400. I've been eyeing a T by Alexander Wang shirt, but still can't wrap my head around the fact that I'd be paying $130 for a piece of loose cotton. It's a struggle.

2. Gladiator sandals with a small wedge. I err on the side of short, so a little height in the summer -- without resorting to five-inch heels -- would be nice.

3. For the Mango store at the airport to get itself out of that atrocious location and move itself downtown. It really doesn't make sense to me business-wise why they would open in the International Departures section of an airport instead of downtown, where the constant foot traffic and the fashion-obsessed would rake them in so much more dollar bills.

4. DJ Z-Trip tickets for less than $42. He's great and all, but seriously?!

5. The perfect eyelashes. I eschew lash extensions, given the horrible experience I had five years ago that left mine brittle and dead.

In regard to Item #5, shu uemura has come through.

Okay, maybe a little too much with their new Lashes in Nature falsies collection, but these babies are like eyelash art.

Behold below.

I'm Lovin' it: Gwyneth Paltrow has herself quite a good little website in GOOP. This letter she wrote to readers in regard to Paris and her late father brought tears to my eyes. Maybe because I'm a total daddy's girl (and mommy's, come to think of it). But in a good way. My parents are amazing people :)

I'm Lovin' it, Part Deux: My girl Steph A. coined the phrase "bro-ing down" yesterday, in context to boys congregating in packs and doing everything together. Hilarous!!

I'm Over it: How the sunny weather makes me not want to work. I love and hate you, sunshine.

Music of the Day: The Calm Blue Sea. This all-instrumental, ambient, experimental group -- which has only been together since Spring '07 -- would definitely be absolutely phenom live.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Kiehl-ed Over

In unexpected beauty collaborations, Terry Richardson has shot the campaign subjects and window displays for the limited edition label art series for Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion.

Adrian Grenier, Erykah Badu, Kelly Slater, and a triad of students from Parsons concocted pretty labels for the collection, from which all the proceeds from sales benefit the Waterkeeper Alliance.

I'm just pleased to see more Terry Richardson photography, to tell you the truth -- especially love the shot of Erykah Badu.

I'm Lovin' it: These outfits from Madewell, which were all apparently influenced by the chic women of Paris (on their more casual days, of course). I'd like my Fall '09 wardrobe to resemble this. A lot.

I'm Over it: How do I accumulate so many papers and receipts?! My desk is overflowing. Again.

Track of the Day: "Big Bills" by Flosstradamus, featuring Caroline Polachek from Chairlift.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going To...

...the Sephora media preview in t-minus 20 minutes.

For the occasion, I've gone more business-like in dress than usual.

I'll be reporting back on what's new in the beauty world shortly!

Haute Hippie

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Move Over

Just finished blasting my way through the new Chairlift album Does You Inspire You -- and listening to "Planet Health" about twenty gazillion times.

I've now switched over to Peter Bjorn & John's newest record work, Living Thing, which is slightly more melancholy than their debut album.

And now I'm listening to PB & J's "It Don't Move Me" thirty gazillion times.

Sock Me One

Socks with heels: to do, or not to do?

This combination always looks good on the likes of statuesque girls like Caroline Trentini or Raquel Zimmerman in glossy mag spreads and on Prada Spring/Summer '09 runways, but translating the look into real life is a dicey risk.

Then I saw a fashion friend of mine make the trend look so easy with super rock-chic heels (gold metal eyelets for laces and open toes) and socks.

White socks at that, too. And she looked amazing (as always...she is a stylist, after all).

It was then that I realized that I, too, could pull possibly off the combo.

So here I am, doing black socks with my grey suede cut-out heels, black skinnies, Graham & Spencer racerback, and ghetto fab chain.

I'm Lovin' it: Sebastien Tellier last night (with Steph A., poor Aims came down with the flu!). What a character, indeed. He drank white wine the entire show -- the man just needed a baguette with cheese to go with it and he'd be the picture of Parisian (oh wait, he is). But, in my humble opinion, Tellier and his merry band of musicians sound better in person than on the album because you can really hear all the little nuances of the instrumentals. Really wish I got me a Tellier concert tee last night.

I'm Over it: My little pile of tickets to shows is down to one. Waaaah! Oh, and how is it possible that I just downed a cup of coffee and feel more tired than pre-java?!

Music of the Day: Chairlift. This Brooklyn trio was a pleasant surprise last night, and sound great live, particularly Caroline Polachek on very pretty lead vocals. Most of you will recognize them from that iPod Nano commercial, which uses their track "Bruises". Last night they did a few great covers, including oldies but goodies from Lisa Loeb and Chris Issak. But it was their clever musical segue to Sebastien Tellier -- a cover of Snoop Dogg's "Sexual Seduction" -- that was the kicker. After all, Tellier's newest album is called "Sexuality", so really, there was no better way. Check out 80s-inflected "Planet Health" below.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

To YVR...

...thanks for your comment the other day!

You can find those black skinnies at Tru Value Vintage :)

Haute Hippie

Borsa For Wear

Bangles have two meanings:

1. That all-female pop band that blessed our ears with such 80s hits as "Walk Like An Egyptian" and "Eternal Flame".

2. Those chunky or thin bracelets meant to be stacked to the elbow or worn singularly; have made a comeback in a big way on recent runways, preferably stacked for the new season.

I do like both definitions -- um, who doesn't belt out "Eternal Flame" when it comes on the radio (well, I do anyhow) -- but bangles, as in the bracelets, have a special place in my heart. And on my dresser, apparently.

These 24k gold Borsa bracelets from Vita have a mini lambskin leather envelope pocket that remind a lot of those fancy leather hip-slung packs that girls have been sporting sporadically over the past year and a half (I've got a bone-colored one), except these go on the wrists rather than around the waist.

It's bangle on.

(Okay, not such an impressive play on's the end of a long weekend, give a girl a break!)

I'm Lovin' it: A sunny end to a lovely Easter long weekend.

I'm Over it: Weird ex-friend spottings at shows. Especially when you're not quite sure why they stopped talking to you in the first place. Childish, I tell ya! Get over it, honey.

Track of the Day: Me, Mikey, Oli, and Ovitch were tentatively supposed to catch the Crookers last night. Then Friday night and Saturday night happened, so Sunday turned into a night at the movies instead. That means we missed dancing to their version of Kid Cudi's "Day N Night", so here it is.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

The long weekend is here, and that means a few things to me.

Our buddy Oli is in town for Easter (so hang ten time with him), Kaskade is tonight for Dan-o's birthday, Junior Boys is tomorrow night, and Lazy Sunday hopefully consists of scouting out a bike cruiser for Summer '09 (reminds me of riding from Marina del Ray to Redondo Beach in South Bay with my momma every second Sunday or so when I was living in SoCal).

Right now, I'm trying to be good by getting in some work time before all long weekend hell breaks loose.

I'll leave you to your weekend shenanigans with a link to my friend Jeff Hamada's, where he just posted some very amazing, slightly dark and macabre photographs by Tom Hines.

Happy Friday and, of course, Happy Happy Easter!!

Haute Hippie

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ruffle My Feather

The other day I was at a store event with a colleague, who happened to be trying on a new pair of shoes near night's end.

I tried on two fantastic pairs myself (one from Calvin Klein, one from Donald J. Pliner) but stopped myself from bringing either to the register, lest I -- gasp! -- buy another pair to go with the 60 or so already living in my closet.

Remember that SATC episode where Carrie laments that she might literally end up the old woman who live in a shoe (well, her Manolo shoes anyway)?

Yeah. Well.

Then I came across these sexy little Topshop feathered numbers today and all of a sudden I thought, why not one more?

I'm Lovin' it: My new black, skinny, ankle-length jeans. I haven't rocked a pair of ebony denim since junior high. Things are different -- and so much better -- now that I'm pairing them with booties.

I'm Over it: Where did the day go? Whoops.

Track of the Day: "Erase/Rewind" by The Cardigans. Yep, straight from the folks who brought us "Lovefool". One ain't nothing like the other, though.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Browns Eyed Girl

My girl Reebs over at FASHION Magazine sent me an invite to a Browns Shoes event for later on this month, and I had absolutely no idea Browns was upping the ante on their designs.

The invite -- which came as two different inserts -- have two pairs of killer heels on it.

And the spiky gold cuffs? Where can I get those babies, please?!

Here are the shoes, in all their six-inch glory.

PS. The first pair remind me slightly Louis Vuitton "Spicy" heel from Spring/Summer '09. I mean, minus the tassels and feathers and ties...

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pay It Forward

Thank you thank you to the lovely gal at Cafe Artiggiano downtown this morning that gave me my peppermint tea for free because their debit machine doesn't take chip cards (of which I happen to have and which has been a royal pain in the a** more than once when paying for things).

Now to pass along the good karma!

Haute Hippie

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I Dream In Corals and Cream...

...on another day of sunshine in the city!

Have two work-related meetings this afternoon on that same patio from yesterday, but I made sure to go sleeveless this time.

My t-shirt dress gave me a farmer's tan from sitting out in the sun yesterday.

Don't want a repeat of that aesthetic mishap.

On another note, I love big, slouchy pockets on dresses!

Haute Hippie

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Doin' It and Doin' It and Doin' It Well

Sometimes I like to think a small part of me is Parisian.

That's not the case, obviously, having not been born in Paris and not having French parents, but I do like Colette, croissants, Kitsune, Olivier Zahm, pastries, Le Blog de Betty, French Vogue, Balmain, Lou Doillon, Alaia, and Carine Roitfeld, so that has to count for something.

Now there's a new website called Do It In Paris, founded by former fashion editor VĂ©ronique Roger-Vasselin-Constantinoff, that gives the rest of us a daily peek into the life of a typically chic Parisienne, from her style to her hobbies to her favorite restaurants to her must-go boutiques (all conveyed in curly-cue font and cute fashion illustrations).

That way I can save on an expensive flight across the Atlantic -- and still buy my chocolate custard croissants from Epicurean Caffe Bistro around the corner (okay, across the bridge).

Haute Hippie

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Is Here!

When people talk about being as happy as a clam, they must be talking about how I'm feeling right about now.

Walking to the marinaside from a lunch meeting to work on a patio, I passed by a tree in bloom.

Spring is here, kids.

Now I'm typing on a patio, watching the water (and the people) going by while listening to the Fleet Foxes' "Quiet Houses" on Woxy.

Certainly don't have what they call the Monday blues.

And boy, do I feel so very lucky.

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