Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Freja Beha Bag

My little gold vintage clutch is my go-to bag for evenings out, namely because the color matches my usual jewelry choices and the space comfortably holds my aresenal for the night.

Although I'm in love with said clutch, being a Taurus means I can tend to get stuck in a rut every now and then.

That then is now, bag-wise.

As a big fan of edgy and forward things in life, the Freja slip through clutch from Chloe caught my wandering eye like that. The croc skin and haphazard shape are divinity! Also much appreciated are the three choices in which one can carry the Freja: holding it firmly on the bottom, on the top or through the middle.

I opt for the middle, only because it makes the clutch look like a giant bangle that way.

FYI, it's named after model Freja Beha, but you probably already knew that.

I'm Lovin' it: Finished an article today, yay! Just need a few pieces of confirmed info and it's ready for submission...and editorial remarks. Yikes.

I'm Over it: Couldn't get to sleep till 2:30 am last night. Yawn-skis. My eyes are a little bloodshot, too.

Music of the Day: My buddy Sochan informed me of a streaming house website that's really, really, ridiculously good listening: The Fresh Page. They've already played Sneaky Sound System. Opa!

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Fashion Television did a five-minute segment on JD Ferguson, the gay model-photographer of JD Vision, both of which I've blogged about before (the man and the blog).

His eye for beauty and model talent is astounding -- check out his website to see what I mean. Plus, for such a huge industry insider, he seems amazingly nice and down to earth. He goes from a model casting call to a Visionaire shoot to a pow-wow with Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine, and gets shout-outs from Heather Marks, Coco Rocha and Irina Lazareanu (who recently had a "gay day" watching Dirty Dancing with him).

So this is a day in the life of JD, naturally filled with fashion, fun and all things fabulous.

I'm Lovin' it: Gold necklaces with opaque white jewel stones.

I'm Over it: Minor insomnia. I AM writing this past midnight, after all. Oh, and the really snobby hipsters working at an unnamed store* in Gastown today. I smiled at them, they did not smile back. Yeah, have a good day, too.

Outfit of the Day: I've never seen a picture of Bergdorf Goodman's Roopal Patel in anything as form-fitting as this Herve Leger before. Girl looks goooood! Very different than her usual garb. Love the dark grey and violet pairing, too. Wearing a Herve Leger means not eating anything but celery three days prior.

* Ed. Note: This was not One Of A Few or Two Of A Few or The Block

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Soooo hungry...

Waiting for Sochan to pick me up for a rainchecked birthday dinner.

Very hungry.

Tummy's growling.

Need food.

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May Day

Ahhhh, there she is.

May Andersen is one of fashion's underrated models, known more for her partying and bad boyfriend picks -- Steve-O from Jackass and Kid Rock, um, no thanks! -- than her amazing skills in front of the camera.

This great Dane from Copenhagen, born Lykke May Andersen, has had her own share of self-induced drama, namely an air rage arrest back in 2006, but has since bounced back and delivered an AH-MAY-ZING editorial for us fashionistas to enjoy.

So enjoy May in all her glory.

I'm Lovin' it: I stopped by Anti-Hero on Davie Street for the first time recently to talk to Grace and Peter -- and what a find that was. The store is full of overstock from Italian brands, as well as some your may recognize (ie. Young, Fabulous & Broke), at a discounted price. Tried on this crazy, cool overall dress with huge pockets. It was totally funky cold medina.

I'm Over it: Tourists in bad clothing. I'm watching a few from my office widow (aka. the window seat at Blenz on Granville) right now. Just terrible.

Album of the Day: Jenks gave me the new Al Green album Lay It Down the other day. Amir "?uestlove" Thompson from The Roots produced it alongside James Poysner, making this Green's first Top Ten album since the early 70s. Congrats to Al, whose beloved track "Let's Stay Together" was played on repeat during road trip to Texas back in 2006.

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Versace's Got Me Hooked

On their Resort '09 collection at least, that's for sure.

The bright red is nearly blinding, but I love the whole direction Donatella took this collection -- it's like India-Meets-The Victorian-Era-Meets-70s-Glam.

Or something like that.

I think it's also the best collection I've seen from Ms. Versace to date, and she's been helming that house from quite some time now. Those dhoti pants are fantastic.

The Fashion Spot calls the color palette "Forever 21", but to me it's got Donatella written all over it.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Resort Raves

Resort '09 has come to an end pretty much.

Yes, you read right -- Resort '09 is finito.

Let's not get into the whole, "Oh my, how time flies" discussion. Instead, let's get into some of my favorite outfits from the presentations: Marchesa, Jenni Kayne, Lanvin and Zac Posen.

The Marchesa gown is a no-brainer and will probably be worn by some actress on some red carpet very, very soon. I'm a sucker for black and gold together, too, and the tiered ruffle hem just sealed the deal. Those clever upside-down Chevron stripes also trick the eye into thinking your waist is a heck of a lot smaller than it really is, so eat that cupcake if you want.

Jenni Kayne's urban safari outfit in monochromatic colors is stunning, an interesting point only because it's not about embellishments here -- the simplicity and quiet assuredness of the cuts and draping speak for itself. Plus, the model just oozes cool, no?

The Zac Posen sequin mini dress is something I see on Diane Kruger or Natalie Portman, hands-down. Black sequins are typical, navy sequins not so much, making this frock that much better.

Any naysayers of Lanvin are probably not that into fashion, because anything Alber Elbaz makes turns into sartorial gold. His Resort '09 collection is still completely feminine, but quirkier and a little like "she's come undone". Once again we have navy, and once again we have gold. And they're gold tassels, too! It's sexy 70s at its best -- Bianca Jagger and DVF are probably salivating over this number.

I obviously am, too.

Happy Friday!!

I'm Lovin' it: Matt W. Moore, aka. MWM Graphics. His job titles include gallery artist, apparel designer, screen printer, editorial illustrator, identity and logo designer, print and interactive designer, art director, curator, producer and publisher. His art is way wicked, so much so that Nike, Ecko, Burton, Smart Car, JB Scotch and Samsung have enlisted his creative services. I can't even begin to describe how amazing his solo show at the ROJO Artspace in Barcelona was. No, I wasn't there but I saw some really pretty pictures.

I'm Over it: Not leaving on a jet plane to Europe as previously planned, thanks to a little thing called work. Boo. My cronies Berry, Kenzo, Mikey, Luker and Gracie Poo are, though, with K-Dizzle taking off next week and our NYC-transplanted pal Oli meeting them there. For three whole weeks. Sigh. Paris will just have to wait.

Music of the Day: Alphabeat from Denmark. Anders SG, Stine Bramsen, Anders B, Rasmus Nagel, Anders Reinholdt and Troels Hansen came together to form this Danish pop band with a penchant to spew fun music that doesn't take itself too seriously. Which is exactly the kind of music you need on a Friday.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anna Gives The Finger


Two things are absolutely fabulous about this picture:

1. Anna Wintour has actually been caught mid-laugh.

2. Anna Wintour is giving someone the finger.

Okay, La Wintour is probably just scratching her chin, but whatever.

I say she's flipping the bird!

PS. Karl Lagerfeld may want to crack a smile once in awhile. I hear it's good for your health.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So walking home yesterday from Fruit Cup's place, I noticed a big ole poster sign for NYLON's Summer Music Tour at the Commodore Ballroom tonight.

She Wants Revenge will be there, along with Switches, Be Your Own Pet and The Virgins.

Yes, The Virgins of Rich Girls fame.

The problem?

I have dance class tonight.


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Monday, June 16, 2008

Williamsburg's Getting Double T-ed

In interesting fashion news, word is socialite-designer Tory Burch -- who just snagged a CFDA award for accessory design, thanks to her uber-popular Reva flats -- hired hipster Paris-based label and cool collective Surface 2 Air as creative consultants.

I personally like Tory. It's massively impressive what she's done with her brand, turning it a legitimate contender in this fickle-prone industry. Her double T logo is just as recognizable as those legendary double Cs (hi, Chanel), and her Revas were accessory catnip for the past two years.

Now it seems she's looking to snag the artsy, scenester crowd, too, which is awesome and totally do-able, especially with Surface 2 Air on board.

Could there be another CFDA in Tory's future??

I'm Lovin' it: Perfect weekends, as in this past one for me. And this mesh flower headwrap.

I'm Over it: I love scarves, really I do. I just don't love scarves on people in the summertime, while they're wearing shorts, tanks and tees. It's weird.

Band of the Day: Checked out the block party on Main Street last night with Tom Tom, Fruit Cup, Chesterson, Mike Jones and Sangria, and this wicked, wicked, WICKED band called Fur Bearing Animals was playing the main stage. Andrew Clements and DJ Michael Fraser make up this electronic, neo-soul, funk band -- and they are badass. Think Jamiroquai, but cooler. Apparently Clements used to be a pro baseball player and Fraser is some sort of musical prodigy. Their track Someday is so sexy and chill. They're also playing a gig at the Anza Club on June 27th, so if you're in Vancity, I suggest checking it out. See you there.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

I Heart This Girl

This outfit kicks ass.

Wish I had it for tonight.

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Run, Lovers, Run

Runaway Bride was not that good.

Runaway Lovers is.

In my ever-increasing stable of favorite Oz labels, Runaway Lovers -- founded by Jacqui and Nik Demkiw -- has that same, funky aesthetic that makes me wish I could live in Sydney half the year just for the fashion.

Their Winter '08 collection is dubbed "Backstage Antics", and am I ever anxiously waiting for its debut and its "modern take on 90s grunge". Plus, I totally dig the shirt dress pictured below (including the styling in image #2).

It's often said if you want to know what's trending next in the industry, just look at what models wear during downtime in between shows and shoots. This makes logical sense, since most models are gifted clothing from designers, who work seasons ahead.

So clearly, Runaway Lovers' new collection should be sartorially clairvoyant.

Sorry, Sylvia Brown, you lose this time.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's A Beautiful Life

Each year, Paper Magazine lists the newest movers and shakers in fashion, music, art, design, acting, sports and living the good life (aka. partying).

And each year, I look forward to running my finger down this list, just to see what people like Minnie Mortimer, Russell Brand, Sia (check 'er below), Clifton Collins Jr., Riley Keough, Taylor Momsen, Joel K, Sinister Surf Club and Sean O'Pry are up to.

So here is Paper Magazine's Beautiful People List for 2008.


I'm Lovin' it: Saw this amazing plaid Richard Ruiz top with huge sleeve openings at One Of A Few today, which you'll see under the khaki overalls below.

I'm Over it: Hmmmmm. So I'm watching the Pussycat Dolls perform their new song on So You Think You Can Dance? on TV right now. It sucks. If we're talking PCD, then nothing beats Beep.

Store of the Day: Jenks showed me pictures of The Hundreds' new store in San Francisco. It's inspired by Indiana Jones and the Goonies and all that. Super cool and kind of scary.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Get Alife

Jenks and I were crazy excited when we picked up our UPS package today.

Could it be...??

Oh yes, kids, it was.

Nicely boxed up were identical pairs (okay, mine were about 12 sizes smaller) of New York-based Alife Everybody Mid Parachutes in pristine white -- round rubber toe, parachute material body, leather padded insole, the works. If you like the steez of this particular style, it also comes in yellow, sky blue, purple, royal blue, black and red.

Me and Jenks also decided to rock our new Parachutes this summer sans the laces and definitely not with blue-staining denim.

Thank you thank you thank you to Steph and Jason over at snkrbox on the east coast, you guys rock our world.

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I've Got Lots Of Pictures In My Head...

...You'd better not turn off the projector
And I've got lots of pictures in my head,
You'd better not save them all for later...

Well, that's according to Sneaky Sound System anyway.

Here are two pictures that I'm NOT saving for later.

One is of a masquerade art party at Art Basel in Switzerland recently, the other of an opera house in Dubai that was conjured up by modern day (and female) Howard Roark, architect Zaha Hadid.

They were too beautiful not to share with you.

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Worth A Thousand Words

Even though this shot is posed, professionally-shot (Annie Leibovitz, y'all), airbrushed and not exactly caught candidly, it's still worth a thousand words.

Francis Ford Coppola and Marc Jacobs' BFF Sofia Coppola are the latest subjects in Louis Vuitton's Journeys ad campaign series. Dad is talking to daughter over a script, naturally.

I wasn't sure what my thoughts were on the Journeys series, but it has since grown on me. It's not every day you see Mikhail Gorbachev, Andre Agassi with Steffi Graff, Keith Richards and Catherine Deneuve hawking LVs, but I suppose that is the point -- and to point out the amazing lives of said people.

This picture makes me really miss my dad (and mom), that's all.


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So here I am at Blenz on Richards and Davie, doing intense research for my upcoming WE article (this intensity is courtesy of some hardcore iced Americano) for the past two hours.

I was thoroughly enjoying working away with a little J Dilla playing in my ear until someone walked in and sat down with some majorly major BO, stinking up the java joint.

Now I'm trying to type while simultaneously holding my nose.

Not an easy feat, let me tell ya.

PS. People are starting to blow this popsicle stand. Gee, I wonder why.

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This Movie Looks Phenomenal...

David Fincher. Spike Jonze. Tarsem Singh. The Fall.

PS. Tarsem was also responsible for the very beautiful and very eery movie The Cell.

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Next Of Kinney

Alison Lewis and Rachel Antonoff make up -- or is it made up, since I heard rumors they may have parted ways? -- Mooka Kinney, an NYC-based indie label of dresses, tops and cute rompers.

I've blogged about these gals before, but I just thought this last photo of Alison and Rachel in their Spring '08 lookbook is so peaceful and way adorable.

If you think either of the frocks they're wearing are adorable, too, the maxi is the Lefever and the mini is the Catwalk.

My big thing about Mooka Kinney is that it's almost like finding a great vintage dress that no one has, only it's brand spanking new.

You won't find runway knock-offs here.

I'm Lovin' it: Haute Hippie is officially a new addition to the fashion team at The Westender! It'll be so amazing to see by-lines in print a lot more. My first piece is coming out this summer...more deets later!

I'm Over it: It's June, it's raining and I'm still wearing my coat with faux fur-trimmed hood. Something's wrong with this picture.

Music of the Day: Me, Luker and Gracie-Poo were walking to our respective homes from Subeez last Friday and got caught in a huge wave of hipsters leaving Richards, who had obviously just seen a show. Upon questioning, one unnamed hipster said they just saw Crystal Castles, a band I then remembered a friend mentioning to me a week earlier. One MySpace Music peruse and Torrentz download later, I present to you Toronto-based Crystal Castles, in all their electronic glory.

PS. The band name is a She-Ra reference, you know, as in that magical castle where Light Hope lived.

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