Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've Got A Crush On You

There's something kind of insouciant sexy about hip-slung bags.

I have an ivory leather fannypack-ish bag purchased a couple years back from One of a Few, but the snaps on it are silver -- and I'm a gold girl through and through.

Which is why I'm crushing extremely hard on this mini Rebecca Minkoff (which looks like a tiny saddlebag), aptly named, er, Crush, with its gold grommets, snaps and chains against black leather. Thank you to WWW for exposing this beauty!

You can sling it across your body or wear it around your waist or hips, depending on what boho style suits your fancy that day.

So is this something like puppy love?

Yeah, I think so.

I'm Lovin' it: Ran into my new pal Trini -- the marketing manager for Spy eyeware up here -- while killing time downtown (before a late afternoon appointment). He was also killing time (before a haircut), so we killed some time together (who knew he takes pictures of food he likes with his phone and archives it?!). Trini said a ton of people were headed to Whistler this weekend for ski and board action, which -- lo and behold! -- I'm doing, too, with my girl Adrienne, her hubby Jesse and Jesse's bro, Adam. The mountain and Village will be going off! Let it snow.

I'm Over it: I had my car in a parkade for a little four hours yesterday. It cost me 20 bones. On parking. Ugh.

Track of the Day: "Last of the Bullets" by Up The Empire. Their new EP Loose Ends is out now.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank You, Thank You!

Just wanted to say a big, huge, sunshine-y thanks to all the new readers who checked out my blog yesterday via the Metro News!

There was a good spike in traffic, which makes me happy :)

Hope you enjoyed your read!!

Haute Hippie

My, My Marni

Wooden heels. Six-inch height (nearly). Lilac suede. Marni.

I'd probably pull an Abbey Lee at Rodarte trying to walk in these, but I'll gladly hobble around on crutches for a month or so just to own them.

Except they cost almost as much as my rent.

So back onto the proverbial shelf they go, but I'll keep dreaming on (swathed in imaginary Marni, of course).

I'm Lovin' it: I've been searching high and low for the perfect aviators to replace the ones that someone broke while on a group trip last summer (and failed to 'fess up about). I have a slight thing against paying too, too much for sunnies, which is probably why it's been taking me this long. Until this past Monday. Check out my new, no-name avs from Ark that were only $29.99. Gold and navy blue, yay!

I'm Over it: This rain has got to go. What happened to the sun?! I need to wear my aviators, but it'll look way too weird if there's no sunshine. I'm obviously not Victoria Beckham, so I can't get away with it.

Music of the Day: Steph A. introduced by to The Whitest Boy Alive (via her sis) yesterday. Just awesome. They're from Berlin. Check out "Burning".

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I almost forgot about this!

A few months ago, the New York Times wrote an article on the rise of absinthe as alcohol of choice for young, hip people.

This excerpt from the piece just had me dying of laughter:

"If absinthe were a band, it would be Interpol, third-hand piffle masquerading as transgressive pop culture. If absinthe were sneakers, it would be a pair of laceless Chuck Taylors designed by John Varvatos for Converse. If it were facial hair, it would be the soul patch. If absinthe were a finish on kitchen and bath fixtures, it would be brushed nickel."

How very droll!

Haute Hippie

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Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Twittering!

So I decided to jump into the whole Twitter-sphere about half an hour ago.

Check out my "Haute's Thoughts" tweets below under my "About Me" and right below my email link!

Feel free to follow me anytime you want.

Don't worry, I won't think you're creepy.

Haute Hippie

Oh, Coraline...

Tom Tom and I caught a Sunday matinee of Coraline, the new 3-D stop-motion horror animation from Henry Selick, who also directed the Tim Burton-produced The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Coraline Jones, voiced by Dakota Fanning, moves into a weird, old apartment building called the Pink Palace, where she has eccentric neighbours and little attention from her parents.

Like Alice in Wonderland, Coraline discovers a small door that leads into an alternative world, or more like alternative version of her life (where everyone's alter ego, except her, has buttons for eyes), which seems great at first but quickly becomes a nightmare.

Teri Hatcher also provides character voicing and does quite a good job being creepy.

The flick is based a Neil Gaiman novella of the same name, and reminds me of an animated version of Pan's Labyrinth in concept.

Seeing Coraline is worth the $15.50 -- the cinematography is breathtakingly beautiful and scary at the same time. Make sure to see it in the theatre, folks.

And don't worry, everyone looks awkward in 3-D glasses.

Thank You To The Smart Cookies!

I'd just like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to the Smart Cookies for including me in their recent column in Metro News as one of their favorite blogs!

These ladies are lovely, beautiful, smart and amazing, having both been on Oprah and having their book "Making More Dough" on a New York Times list on books to have on finance (and Newsweek, too).

Thanks so much to Sandra, Andrea, Angela, Katie and Robyn!!

Haute Hippie (aka. May Globus)

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Electric Blue Avenue

The 80s are back for Fall '09, as are all the colors that helped define the era.

I'm particularly pleased to see electric blue making a huge comeback, as recently seen on Giovanna in New York (an oft-photographed subject for The Sartorialist) and on Freida Pinto at last night's Oscars (donning a John, jealous much?).

This weekend, I did my style duty by paying homage to this bold color by purchasing Graham & Spencer's Micro Sheer Cropped Back Tank at one of my favorite shops, debuting it at the Ra Ra Riot show later that night.

I'm not as bold as to wear it without doing some layering, however, so I ended up pairing it with my trusty black fitted tank, my dark denim, my Industry boots (that have made several appearances on this blog now) and my new ghetto-chic necklace from Tru Value Vintage (only $21!).

It's now my favorite outfit, and I need to stop myself from wearing it every day.

I'm Lovin' it: How happy am I that Slumdog Millionaire won for Best Picture last night!!! I'm so very, very ecstatic that such a positive movie won top accolades. Plus the soundtrack is KILLER. Jai ho!

I'm Over it: Nothing yet to report.

Track of the Day: Here's another gem from Andre Allen Anjos! He just sent this one today, which just got the okay from Interscope to release. It's the remix of Yuksek's "Tonight".

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hills Street Blues

Yesterday, me and my girls Steph A., Aims and Berry indulged in a nice little girls afternoon of shopping (and eating).

Along the way, we stopped in Livestock to look at sneaks -- I tried on an amazing pair of black and purple Keepers with a black cable-knit back -- because Steph was on the hunt for a new pair.

All of a sudden a hip hop track from a Dipset mixtape came on sampling the Hills Street Blues theme song.

Yup, good old Hills Street Blues, that cop drama from the 80s.

So I asked the Livestock guy -- who said it was the first time someone had ever come in to say, "Hey, isn't this the Hills Street Blues theme song?" -- about the track, and it turned out to be courtesy of Cam'ron, of all rappers.

Recognizing the sample was completely nostalgic because growing up, I was forced to learn how to play the piano (thankfully!) and my mom had bought me this huge piano book of sheet music from old TV and movies -- and Hills Street Blues happened to be one of the songs in it.

Anyway, the Cam'ron song is called "Harlem Streets", and it's cheesy good.

But it takes me way back, so here you go, kids.

PS. Steph ended up picking out a pair of Creative Recreations in white, purple and gold on her walk home from girls afternoon, which coincidentally complement the the pink, gold, white, silver and black pair Jenks got me last year as a thank-you present. I knew there was a reason we were friends!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Friday!

And what a Friday it is, indeed.

I'm sitting here, typing away with the sunshine streaming on my face, while listening to a fantastic new musical find: Fitz & The Tantrums.

Fitz, a half-French and half-Irish gent that moved from France to Los Angeles as a kid, poured the heartbreak from the ending of a relationship into a 60s-influenced album called Songs For A Break-up Vol. 1, a blend of motown with a dash of "early Hall and Oates records", according to Rcrdlbl.

It's like the male version of Dri's Smoke Rings album, to me anyway.

"Darkest Street" is by far my favorite track.

And it's the perfectly chilled out song for a Friday like this.

Haute Hippie

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Doo.Ri It Right

There's a reason why Doo.Ri has won repeated accolades in fashion (and a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award back in 2006): draping, draping, draping.

But what makes a really, really good designer is not rigidly sticking to what made you famous, but rather evolving upon it.

Doo.Ri sent out a (very black) Fall '09 collection that had draping, sure, but said draping was often paired and interweaved with loosely tailored pieces and silhouettes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the jeweled tights, beautifully hung sleeves and off-the-shoulder silk top.

It's Doo.Ri for me!

I'm Lovin' it: Hello, lover. I am FOR SURE copping this girl's watch-and-bangles style.

I'm Over it: What is up with my Safari not working this morning?!

Track of the Day: "Turn Cold" by Cut Off Your Hands. These guys are from Auckland, New Zealand and were formerly known as Shaky Hands, before they found out their name was already taken by some Portland, Oregon band. They've toured with Ratatat, We Are Scientists and Bloc Party. They're good.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shoulder Lean

Whoa whoa whoa.

The Sartorialist took a picture of this gal in New York recently -- just look at those shoulders on that blazer.

So Marc Jacobs Fall '09-meets-my-grandpa!

I wonder if my mom has any old numbers like this kicking around...

Off to check out Jeff's Converse sneaker launch tonight. Should be quite the evening affair!!

Haute Hippie

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In Da Hood

Want to know where this girl got this AMAZING hooded jacket!!!

It makes her look like the stylish kid sister of the Grim Reaper, no?

She probably got it from some amazing Scandanavian brand.


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A New Mix From Andre Allen Anjos of RAC!

Andre sent over his new Minimix 3, which you can download here.

Check out the tracklisting:

01 – Intro
02 – Justice Vs Simian – We Are Your Friends (RAC Mashup)
03 – Yuksek – Tonight (RAC Mix) (Preview)
04 – Shinichi Osawa – Electro 411
05 – Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Danger's Racing Club Remix)
06 – Cut Copy – Far Away
07 – Vangelis – Blade Runner (RAC Edit)
08 – M83 – You, Appearing
09 – Anoraak – Nightdrive With You
10 – Daft Punk – Television Rules The Nation
11 – Kavinsky – 1986
12 – Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Chrystal City
13 – Outro

The Outro is AWESOME, by the way,

It starts around 13:30.


Haute Hippie

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yesterday, my girl Ovitch was talking about wanting to combine maroon and turquoise into an outfit-slash-accessory combination (in the same vein as Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker a few years back).

Then I got an email about a new Gustto bag style and guess what?

One of the color combinations was maroon and turquoise!

Maybe Ovitch needs to get out of real estate and into trend forecasting...

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A Shout Out To JH!

As my girl Aims would say, check it to wreck it!

My pal Jeff Hamada is on the cover of Hypebeast today!!!

His shoe for Converse's 1HUND(RED) Artists project is dropping this Thursday night at Livestock, so come by anytime after 8 pm to show some love and support if you can.

All proceeds from the sale of his shoe goes toward the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

Check out the Hypebeast feature here.

Congrats, JH!

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Marc. Jacobs. Fall. 2009.

Marc Jacobs IS New York Fashion Week.

His show is the one that the elitest of elite fashion people want access to -- and any of them would honestly care less if they had to squat on the floor at the feet of Andre Leon Talley and his ilk to watch.

Jacobs' newest collection was a tribute the the 1980's, when he was a club kid and when Stephen Sprouse, Day-Glo, big shoulders, blue eye shadow, mohawks and Boy George reigned supreme (all of which were referenced on the runway).

Sprouse, the late graffiti artist, was a friend and collaborator of Jacobs -- and the designer made he sure was paid homage to this season (both at MJ and Louis Vuitton).

I was a mere child during that era, so I never got a chance to wear anything like what came down the runway at the Lexington Armory yesterday, which is a damn shame.

But that's no matter, because according to Marc Jacobs' Fall '09 collection, the 2000's are the new 80's -- and you can bet your bottom dollar I'm taking full advantage of that.

I'm Lovin' it: This shoe shot Ovitch took at a recent show. Ceux-là sont mes bottes vers la droite! Those are my booties to the right!

I'm Over it: Is it considered gauche that I'm blogging about fashion while in my gym clothes and workout bandana? Shhhhh, don't tell Carine Roitfeld. Then she'll never be my friend.

Track of the Day: "Work Day" by It Hugs Back. The boys are from London. They kind of sound like a nouveau Beach Boys, with their soft and melodic sing-songing.

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Karl In Charge

A day in the life of Haute Hippie just can't begin right without a quotable quote from Karl Lagerfeld (and maybe a glass of eBoost).

In the upcoming March issue of Harper's Bazaar, the magazine has a feature called "Karl Lagerfeld's Fashion Therapy", where he provides timeless Karl-isms to general fashion questions.

See below for my favorite.

Question: "How to wear sky-high heels at, gulp, a cocktail party?"

Karl Lagerfeld: "Please, your question is childish. Don't drink when you wear stilettos. I can't advise you to get drunk at home to find out if you would be able to walk in them at a party. Plus, you aren't on the runway. Life should not be a fashion show."

But, Kaiser, I thought life WAS a fashion show!

Have I been living wrong all these years?!

Yes, apparently so.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Not...

...a fairweather girl or a fairweather friend, so I really wish people would stop wasting my time.

Just. Don't. Waste. My. Time.

Getting mad or annoyed on the regular is not in my nature, but today it is.

I need some Balenciaga -- or anything else beautifully sartorial -- to look at to make me smile.


These cut-out Alexander Wang Fall '09 leggings will do, too.

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New Dress!

Dresses have taken over my life.

Here's a recent frock purchase from yesterday's lazy Sunday...

It's rad and plaid!

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The Cost of Lacoste

My girl Reebs -- the ever-so lovely west coast editor of FASHION Magazine -- was off in New York this weekend, taking in the Fall '09 shows.

Lucky girl!

I wrote her, saying to pretty please tell me she got to see the Yigal Azrouel show, but she was on a plane mid-travel while it was happening and missed it.

Reebs did, however, get to see the Lacoste presentation -- and, my god, I had no idea a matchy-matchy color palette from head-to-toe could be so to-die-for.

In addition, I never thought of putting mimosa yellow and light gray together as a color combination -- it's definitely making my Fall '09 closet (or even Spring '09, but is that jumping the gun?).

Hmmmm. I suppose that's why Lacoste's Christophe Lemaire is a designer and I'm not.

I'm Lovin' it: Coco Rocha is covering New York Fashion Week for E!. I ADORE Coco. I mean, who else can Irish dance her way down a 2007 Gaultier runway and make everyone fall in love with her?!

I'm Over it: I really do heart my iPhone, but the sensitive touch screen makes it easy to accidentally call people. Last last weekend, this snafu happened to me twice in one day -- once in the afternoon and then at 1:45 am, yikes! -- to the same person, though that wasn't my intent. Perhaps I need to rethink my phone dialing strategy. Instead of going into my recent calls to dial friends, I should laboriously go through my contact list to prevent accidental redials to people I've already dialed out to or those who have already dialed me. It all makes sense in my head -- and it makes me look less retarded in the end.

Track of the Day: "Wildcat" by Ratatat. There's an actual cat "reowr"-ing in the background amongst synth and guitars. Amazing.

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