Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waking Dream.

Vogue Nippon's Anna Dello Russo on photo-blogger Tommy Ton:

How do you know Dello Russo is Italian?

Because of this, which sounds as gorgeous and romantic as a Lanvin dress looks:

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Invite Only.

Here's a fun invite entitled "Usual Suspects" from my buddy V., who is having a birthday-slash-housewarming shindig this weekend.

Muy creative!

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More Lifetime Shots.

Just a few more shots from my camera from the Lifetime Collective look book shoot for Spring '11, as well as some shots sent to me from the Lifetime crew.

Haute Hippie

Photographer Jeff Petry setting up the perfect shot.

Makeup artist Jenna Kuchera painting the models pretty.

Collaborative leather accessories line with Ken Diamond.

Browsing the racks.

Climbing down the big boulder, equipment and clothes in hand.

Clothes and stuff.

Jeff snapping model Kristen Jacobsen.

Trevor Fleming testing out his set.

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Eau du Erica Weiner.

New York-based jewellery designer Erica Weiner has just helped us kill two birds with one stone, thanks to her perfume locket necklaces.

She teamed up with DS and Durga Perfumes to concoct 1/2 dram bottles of two scents named Foxhunt (country herbs, patchouli) and Empress Jingu (Hinoki wood, violet fields), which you dab on accompanying pieces of linen and put inside a perforated locket, reminiscent of ones worn by women in the 18th and 19th centuries (and which were usually filled with smelling salts, lest a pretty dame faint).

Body heat then warms up the metal, which in turn warms up the oil and leaves you smelling fresh as day, therefore meaning we can now look AND smell good.

Guess our sh*t won't stink anymore.

I'm Lovin' it: My buddy Rob is re-opening his men's shop in a new location, but will now be carrying womenswear, too. He also has one of the buyers of Barneys New York helping out, so you know the merchandise will be sick. And when I say sick, I mean he'll be carrying an awesome little big label called Rag & Bone.

I'm Over it: There is a dude working in my coffeeshop wearing a pair of these with nice dress pants and a nice button-up shirt. No, no, no!

Track of the Day: "Delicate" by Damien Rice. I've been an emo song mood lately.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Orange You Glad.

While I was working at one of my usual spots today, a song came on that flashed me back to when watching The OC every Monday night was routine.

That was a good five years ago or so.

"Orange Sky" by Alexi Murdoch, which appeared in an episode way back when, really is a beautiful, beautiful song.

Happy Friday! Cartoon Crazy.

There's no better way to start a morning than someone sending you funny cartoons.

Here are two gems from my dad today!

I can SO see him "Woo hoo"-ing!

Happy Friday!

Haute Hippie

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Screw You Nature.

Ah, I just heart my girlfriends.

Steph A. just sent me this hilarious cartoon, in response to reading about the 12 bug bites I managed to get during the Lifetime shoot.


Let There Be Light...

...even in the heart of darkness.

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Take It To The Streets.

I appreciate urban street style just as much as I appreciate what comes off the runway.

Case in point: I've never left the house without my ghetto gold strapped on.

So peeping remixes by Diplo and checking up on sites like Hypebeast, Highsnobette and Kanyeuniversecity are still activities I partake in (even though my Alife and Creative Recreation sneakers have been gathering dust in the closet for awhile, for shame!), but what I like about most about streetwear is that it's fun fun fun, and that, dear friends, is what fashion is supposed to be about.

Streetwear doesn't take itself too seriously -- though seriously enough to make people want to buy it -- and it's always slightly cheeky, if not blatantly cheeky. It's wearable, it's accessible, it's (usually) affordable and it's not likely to be deemed sartorially elitist, like a Hussein Chalayan or Martin Margiela (important note: I'm not knocking either labels, both are incredible, but just making a point).

That being said, I'm thinking this super urban, light-colored denim vest with rad, bad gold studs would look ever so cool with Dior leather leggings (or these laser cut leather Margiela pants from Spring/Summer '10) and an Alexander Wang tee.

Word 'em up to that.

I'm Lovin' it: Ha! This little cartoon made me crack up this morning.

I'm Over it: I have approximately 12 bug bites from being one with nature on the Lifetime shoot this Wednesday. I certainly don't regret going on the shoot, but I do regret not bringing a bottle of Off! bug spray with me.

Track of the Day: "Weak Ends" by MillionYoung, one the originals of chillwave. It's the Music Genre of Summer '10.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Snapshots: Balloons and Dreams.

Wild child actress/model/muse Paz de la Huerta ready to fly away with pastel balloons and in fur.

The late Tobias Wong selling dreams to the hopeless for a good price.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Once In A Lifetime.

I headed to the rocks and water this afternoon with my girl Nat to partake in a few hours of behind-the-scenes action with the Lifetime Collective crew, who were shooting the brand's Spring 2011 look book.

One hike up a big rock, one rising tide, a dozen bug bites within 10 minutes, two rows of amazing vintage shoes (there was even a pair from Pegabo!), accessories from leather master Ken Diamond (the nude-colored, braided number will for sure be mine next spring), three topknots among five girls, two little toy dogs, one model couple (literally, the models were a real-life couple), several massive wads of turquoise and pink paper and one privy secret to the concept for an accompanying video to this look book, all of the above of which was accomplished and/or seen in two hours.

Here are my shots from an afternoon of lifetime memories.

Wood platform, turquoise paper.

Pretty Nat.

A mess of accessories.

A model modeling.

Lifetime co-founder and designer Trevor Fleming building a wood and paper set with his crew.

Doggie swim between takes.

The big rock, site of the first photo shoot.

Rolling racks and rocks.

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Fendi Fan.

My summer thoughts should be of sandals liberating my toes from the confines of close-toed shoes.

But all I can think of, instead, are these vintage Fendi boots.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Je n'adore this Dior.

I usually j'adore Dior, but their new monogrammed CD contact lenses?!

That's a resounding non.

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Happy Friday! Celine Resort 2011.

It didn't take long for Phoebe Philo to re-enter the fashion world and to create pieces that will stand the test of trend time.

She's streamlined the already-minimalist Celine fashion house even more in both apparel and accessories, and to great effect. Even when Philo incorporates print and bold color, everything she does is classic, chic, clean and covetable.

Her '70s-tinged Resort 2011 collection is -- dare I say! -- yet even better than her last round. The presentation showed brass metal accents around the models' necks, and sometimes around the wrists, and the monochrome tunics (which came in white and in brown) covered the body, save for elbows to fingertips, and still managed to look sexy.

Less is more apparently, to Ms. Philo.

Happy Friday!

Haute Hippie

I'm Lovin' it: Why buy a Damien Hirst or Banksy contemporary when you can DIY with iArtist? Absolutely fantastic.

I'm Over it: June gloom is NOT fun.

Track of the Day: Er...well...okay, fine. I can't stop listening to "California Gurls" by Katy Perry. I said it. The music video? Like the Candy Land board game come to life, but in Snoop Dogg's world.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Somewhere Out There.

Sofia Coppola has a new movie coming out, and many music lovers will be pleased with the soundtrack, which includes Phoenix and The Strokes.

The film is called Somewhere, starring Stephen Dorff (is this his big comeback, perhaps?) as an actor living at the Chateau Marmont in L.A., with Elle Fanning as his estranged daughter.

Like most of Miss Coppola's movies, this one is rich in color and in long, lingering looks. The trailer certainly makes it appear to be a flick that needs watching, plus I'm an overall fan of Francis Ford's daughter's celluloid work. Sofia certainly has a talent behind the camera.

And I do still love that "like father, like daughter" ad campaign she did with her dad for Louis Vuitton.

I'm Lovin' it: Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez posed with their accessories design team for CFDA spread. Oh, those shoes and bags...

I'm Over it: Delays.

Track of the Day: "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens. My guess is this song somehow inspired John Mayer's "Mothers and Daughters".

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Surf's Up.

Nicked this images from a friend of a friend's online album, but only because they're gorgeous shots of Tofino.

And because they're really cute shots of big fellas going surfing with a little fella.

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What About Bob?

My interview with Bob Rennie went up on Vancouver Is Awesome today, and I'm excited.

It was a great chat and Rennie Gallery tour with a truly superb fellow.

Click through to check it out, but in the meantime, here are some photos from his headquarters and personal gallery!

Haute Hippie

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