Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sea of Seychelles.

I spent two hours yesterday at the KNOW?SHOW with my team at cut & SHOW, saying hello to industry pals and checking out what the brands, reps and distribution companies had for Fall 2011.

My girl Mir owns an agency called Brunette Showroom, representing brands like Sienna Ray hangbags, Lisbeth Jewelry (her sister Sophie's line), BC Footwear, QSW (Quiksilver's higher-end women's collection) and Seychelles Footwear.

Oh my.

Seychelles' offerings for the fall season are on par with what Sam Edelman used to be, before the Edelman's prices went up (I do love the SE brand, though).

A lot of new Seychelles styles would certainly catch the eyes of a discerning fashion set, whereas before, I don't think they would. There were platforms, more architectural heels, wedges and more pleasing color ways and patterns.

She sells Seychelles by the sea shore.

I'm Lovin' it: Think I might be inheriting an SLR camera from Jenks. Happy dance! Click click click.

I'm Over it: Oh, spare car keys...where are thou?!

Track of the Day: Last night, Farrzy spent 10pm-10:45pm convincing me to get off my laurels for a dance party at Fortune. I finally—and begrudgingly—obliged at 11:15pm, whipping to Chinatown in a cab.

I was home but 12:45am, but not without running into my girl MDLC and having an outro dance with her to Trevor Fleming playing this Remix Artist Collective mix of Tokyo Police Club's "Wait Up" in FSC's Lifetime Collective room.

* Photo property of May Globus and is used solely for commentary purposes


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