Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All I Want For Christmas...

Is this holiday gift set from Bond No. 9.

It comes with six 50 ml bottles of Bond's Downtown Eaux de Parfums. got the West Side, Bryant Park, Chinatown, Wall Street, Hamptons, Harlem, Coney Island and more in pretty packaging.

And yes, it is rather expensive-o at $1600 per keepsake box.

But considering how much it costs per square foot in NYC nowadays, owning a little bit of New York's boroughs in a bottle for less than two grand is a STEAL.

I'm Lovin' it: The boots Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter snapped in the bottom left corner. I likey the lace tights with it, too.

I'm Over it: Rain, rain, rain yesterday and super sunshine-y today. Vancouver's winter weather '07 has some serious ADD.

Track of the Day: The remix Adrock from the Beastie Boys did of M.I.A's "Paper Planes". Check out the Diplo version, too. Giant Step put out a CD of these M.I.A. remixes -- plus one of her track "Boyz" -- if you really want a hard copy.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Collectives

Working in fashion here on the Pacific Northwest -- where skiing, snowboarding, hanging ten in Tofino, skateboarding and living the good life (as Kanye would say) reign -- has exposed me to a lot more brands that speak to lifestyle.

I'm discovering the word and the concept of "collective" taking over the worlds of fashion, music and art. In terms of lifestyle brands, you've got Lifetime Collective, WeSC (We Are The Superlative Conspiracy), FORM, Ksubi from Down Under and Threeasfour, formerly As Four before Kai Kuhne bolted. When talking art, you've got Wooster Collective, The Silver Lake Art Collective and the Brooklyn Art Collective. In the music scene, The MisShapes, Broken Social Scene and The Raconteurs.

It's no longer about just creating a logo, brand or band -- it's about creating a particularly hip, underground lifestyle that people (and consumers) see themselves fitting into. WeSC and Lifetime Collective are both merry bandits of friends, musicians, designers, artists, photographers, skaters, snowboarders and celebrities that embrace certain philosophies and ways of living that suit the group outlook of fun, rockin' good times and creativity as a whole. FORM is NYC-based trio made up of a designer, an art director and a architect-slash-restauranteur who make gorgeously drape-y clothing and live a very downtown, art-driven existence. Wooster Collective is a group of street artists who create beauty out of urbanity and those who love them. Forget individualism.

There's something alluring about being part of a fashion, music or art (or all three) collective. Nothing cultish or creepy, just a sense of belonging, an understanding and a way of living your life that goes straight into the heart of who you really are.

And that, in itself, is pretty f*cking cool.

I'm Lovin' it: FrostFrench. Engineer Dress. Must have it.

I'm Over it: Past 10 pm and still typing away on my laptop. I've been waking up at 5 am every day this week for some reason, so naturally I already feel like it's my bedtime, yo, 'cause I'm beat.

Track of the Day: Had no time to scour. Though I wouldn't mind finding that Justice vs. Simian Mobile Disco track my girl Reems has on her MySpace page.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Hat Head

Like I need another hat to add to my collection, but wow, wow, wow.

You gotta love these white, silver and black sequined knits hats from Erin Fetherston.

And since her collection for Target has dropped already, may as well spend the money you saved on her Tar-zhay collection on a real piece from her runway collection.

These adorable and sparkly hats don't come in at mass retailer prices, though -- they go for $255 a pop.

Eh, what's life without a little Erin in it?

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Who Says...

You can't do matchy-matchy??

Take a look at this haute girl with her matching dress and heels at some party in London. Note the black and gold accents, too.

She makes me blue with envy.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Butik & The Beast

Everyone talks about Linda, Cindy, Claudia, Christy and Naomi.

But no one really talks about Helena, who's got to be one of the world's most underrated supermodels -- and also happened to co-found Nylon Magazine with Marvin Scott Jarrett.

Helena Christensen -- the great Dane-Peruvian with those sparkly eyes, a stint in that Chris Izzak's "Wicked Game" music video from 1991 and a wicked photography eye -- has her own little shop in NYC worth checking out...again and again. Butik, which she opened in 2006 with her best friend and flower artist Leif Sigersen, is a Hudson Street haven of clothing, antiques, candles, lamps, accessories and the like from Paris, Denmark, Germany and other exotic Scandanavian locales. Browsing through its trinkets and treasures is like stepping into Christensen and Sigersen's world of favorite things, all of which is hand-picked by either or both owners.

Butik -- the Danish word for "specialty shop" -- was remodelled from an old bar in the West Village with high ceilings and exposed brick. Sigersen, a lover and artist of all things flora, has a tropical arboretum in the back for his flower creations. They also set up sewing shop in the store, where the sartorially-minded duo produce their Christensen & Sigersen clothing collection.

It's a like little bit of Denmark in the Big Apple.

I'm Lovin' it: Doing it "Cheers"-style: Where everybody knows your name. This for me would be the staff at Alpha Sushi behind my apartment building. It's kinda nice being greeted by a rousing chorus of "Hi, (XXX)!" at least once a week from a kawaii (English translation: cute) Japanese staff.

I'm Over it: My comp is sooooooooo slow sometimes.

Music of the Day: A few days back, I went into HMV today to pick up Daft Punk's album Alive 2007 (which basically chronicles their recent world tour), but it doesn't drop until December 4th. My buddy Oli -- who saw helmet-headed duo in NYC, lucky bastard -- informed me today that the entire album is available on Limewire. Look out for the two-case bound book, 'cause that'll be the money buy.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grand Obus

Just before a client meeting today, I got into a great discussion about which glossy fashion mags were best on the newsstands.

My bantering partner named Vogue Australia as one of her faves -- and one that I've never picked up. So after my evening run, I made my way over to that fab magazine store on 4th to flip through the latest Vogue from Down Under.

Seeing as how labels from the southern hemisphere already make my heart pitter-patter, I knew I'd find a few more to add to the growing roster. Part way through my page flips, a slouchy and big-collared plaid Obus shirt caught my eye. Designer Kylie Zerbst began the brand in 2000, making practical yet playful clothes for the woman who walks to her own beat. Her Summer 2007 collection -- or "range" as they say in Oz -- is dubbed "Electric Safari" and full of slouchy layers, pants, shirts and socks. Her Fall 2007 collection is full of greys, chunky knits, smart tailoring, layering and hooded coats.

Obus in North America is only available on the right coast, so make sure to check out Blush in NYC, P. 45 in Chi-Town and Circle Boutique in DC, mate.

I'm Lovin' it: The thought that Lagerfeld Confidential is going to hit the north in 2008 sometime. This film, directed by Rodolphe Marconi, follows the day-to-day of Herr Lagerfeld and marks the first authorized biography of his life. I can't wait, wait, wait to hear all the designer's Lagerfeld-isms. There's something intelligent about "Personality begins where comparison ends." There's also something to "Yes, some people say to me you're too skinny, but never a skinny person says that to me, only people who could lose a few pounds say that." Oh Karl, you blunt dog, you.

I'm Over it: How -- by the end of my evening run today -- I couldn't feel my face or hands, actually saw ice in a puddle and finished up just after 5 pm in complete darkness. Yuppers. Winter is here.

Art of the Day: Way back in the day, when still a uni student, I thought taking a film studies class would be fun. And so it was, for the most part -- my prof was pretty crazy. Anyhoo, we watched a film adaption -- directed by famed Italian director Luchino Visconti -- of the Thomas Mann book Death In Venice. Fast forward to just recently, when the artist Nick Walker created his take on what reminds me of a very poignant scene in the movie, where the protagonist rows away from the shores of Lido. Don't be fooled by the bright colors of Walker's piece -- to me, the dripping colors are as macabre as the beginning and end of Visconti's tragic film.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What A Stud

Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the biggest stud of all??

Methinks it just might be these Alberta Ferretti t-bar pumps.

These light grey babies are silver-studded on the t-strap and toes, slightly rounded at the front, have velcro-closure ankle straps and click-clack-click-clack with mirrored heels. It's a great way to funkify holiday outfits, especially the ubiquitous Little Black Dress, but also go well with skinny slacks and denim. They pop against winter colors and dark tights -- completely indispensible for fashion-obsessed this Winter '07.

For a cool $665 USD, I think this pair of shoes needs to go on my holiday wish list.

I'm Lovin' it: Frye Boots. My first encounter with Frye was through my L.A. BFF Reems, who continues to rock the Campus Stitching pair in banana. This boot company has been around since the 1860s, still kicking it well into the 21st century and getting more fans than just cowboys. They've got the classics, the westerns and the new -- take your pick.

I'm Over it: Did anyone else's jaw hit the ground at the outcome of The Bachelor last night? What was Brad Womack thinking?! DeAnna Pappas totally should have gotten the ring. Or Jenni Croft. Instead, he picked NO ONE. Yesterday was for sure the most dramatic rose ceremony ever. Oh, why do I let myself watch these things...

Music of the Day: Muscles out of Melbourne, Australia. It's a cool mix of techno, soul and gospel -- at least that's what their MySpace page says. I find a lot of hardcore dance electro coming out of Oz, kind of along the lines of another one of my favorite bands Sneaky Sound System, but Muscles is a bit more psychedelic. Admittedly, you have to be in the mood for a long run of listening to the album -- it's all worth it though, especially if you feel like dancing, dancing (cue Scissor Sisters).

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Friday!

Whew, I made it. We made it.

It's finally Friday -- of a short week.

Went into the cut & SHOW office today to work -- and hang ten -- with Jenks and Sandwich, but not before hitting up the WeSC sample sale at Main and 3rd with them boys.

A big, big, BIG thank you to Nick B. from Lifetime Collective for the super awesome Alice collared jacket (in blue) from the Holiday 2007 collection. You rock, dude.

I also picked up a striped Lifetime Collective beanie for $10 and a dope fitted hoodie from WeSC (what up to the OB1 boys!).

J 'n' S also managed to score cool shizz from the sale, too, so if you're kicking around Main this weekend, make sure to visit the OB1, Lifetime Collective and Artikol fellas at some point before Monday.

Looks like I gotta get ready for drinks at 1008 Cambie, followed by a chill night at Chill Winston's. A nice, wind-it-down Friday night out.

Riiiiiiight. Happy RBVF!

Haute Hippie

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Light As A Fetherston

I'm so beyond excited.

And I know that all y'all are, too.

Erin Fetherston -- that fairy-esque, blonde bang-ed designer and F.O.D (Friend Of Dunst, as in Kirsten) -- is debuting her collection for Target on November 18th, a mere three days away.

Since the collection is inaccessible in C-country, I'm enlisting my l'il sis in SoCal to charge the Target closest in proximity to her apartment as soon as doors open. We'll see how that goes, but she's my only hope thus far.

Those who know Fetherston's style know just how girly, feminine and ethereal her clothing is -- Wendybird anyone? The Californian-turned-Parisian-turned-New Yorker is a darling among the fashion and art sets, bringing an American edge to something that looks so European. Fetherston fans are already salivating at the thought of snapping up her red heart bag, cocoon jacket, headpieces and tiered dress.

Count me in as one of them.

I'm Lovin' it: The recent NY Times article by Eric Wilson entitled Loving and Hating Marc Jacobs. Jacobs has received so much flack this year for his personal and career choices, it's kind of nice to get things straight. Or as straight as any type of journalism allows.

I'm Lovin' it, Part Deux: Being the guinea pig today for my buddy Davis (also known to us as "The Scientist"), who's super duper smart and currently conducting a study on the relationship between height, balance and fear. So I got electrodes put on my head and legs, got strapped into a harness and lifted pretty high in the air on a hydraulic platform to see just how well I managed standing at the edge of it -- while electrical pulses shot down my right leg -- without freaking the hell out. Well, I freaked out intially. And the electrode gel made my hair look all Cameron Diaz in "Something About Mary" -- white, sticky and crusty. Hotness, I know.

I'm Over it: You know. Thinking too much about stuff. I'm right about done with it.

Music of the Day: Me and my shopping crew -- usually consisting of some combination of Aims, Scoots, Hanna, Alicia and Roops -- made a little trip into HMV the other week, where I was promptly introduced to the indie-pop Canadian band Stars by the ladies. So my music-obsessed self checked them out and became even more obsessed with their auditory goods. Check out "The Night Starts Here", "Take Me To The Riot" and "Bitches In Tokyo". The five-member crew went from Toronto to New York to Montreal, keeping it nice and Canadian, eh.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So Dress-y

It's almost mid-November.

This means a whole bunch on things to do with the holidays crop up: eggnog lattes from your favorite java stop, Christmas carols in stores (and restaurant bathrooms apparently, as I found out Monday afternoon at Browns in Yaletown), lights on apartment balconies, packed malls and shopping strips, warm hats on everyone's heads and holiday par-tays by the dozen.

Over the summer, I developed a strong affinity for dresses. There's no restriction in the lower area, plus they go from casual to chic with a simple change of shoes and bag. Slowly, my closet became packed with staple frocks that go with flats, boots, heels, clutches and hobos. It was beach to bar in no time.

Holiday dresses are different, however. They're often shinier and more complicated than their summer counterparts, but heck, do they ever make a statement at your next office, friend or family shindig. On my wish list are four fabulous frocks from McQ (Alexander McQueen's sister collection), Tibi, Just Cavalli and RM (Roland Mouret's sister line).

One look and you'll understand just why they make the cut on my wish list.

PS. Yes, I do heart black and gold -- which you obviously can deduce from my sartorial choices.

I'm Lovin' it: Yesterday, Jenks re-introduced me to the artist KAWS. Born in Jersey and now living in Brooklyn, this artist started off by stealing bus ads and touching them up with his cartoon designs before putting them back. Now his world includes a toystore in Japan called OriginalFake, buyable art and clothing. Very rad stuff.

I'm Over it: The heart -- matters of the heart, a broken heart, a conflicted heart, hearts worn on sleeves, all of the above. Wanting to understand, but knowing that won't happen right now. Hating bad timing (among other things), but knowing time -- and space -- is what's needed to make things feel okay again. Whoa. Heavy stuff, sorry about that. But it all makes appropriate material for this section, unfortunately. Trust me on that one.

Music of the Day: Those Swedes are at it again, winning the world with their Nordic charm. My best guy friend Big Brother K introduced me to Tough Alliance, an electro-pop duo from Gothenburg, Sweden. Henning Furst and Eric Berglund started off with the label Service, but now have one all to themselves called Sincerely Yours. Their EP (a record with more than one single but not long enough to be an album) "New Waves" is getting some major critical acclaim stateside. Check out their super catchy single Holiday.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

So Jank-y

Here's another shout-out to a designer hailing from Oz.

Michelle Jank -- who's been kicking it in the industry since 1991 following her stint as a model and completion of a fashion design degree at Sydney Institute of Technology -- has the craziest, coolest jewelry I've seen in awhile. She started off designing clothing, blending influences from her continuously growing collection of vintage lace, textiles and baubles, eventually stitching them together to create something new.

Her big break in North America came after a barrage of Aussie actresses confessed their love for her clothing, landing one of Jank's creations on SJP for a "Sex and the City" promo that was featured on scores of NYC cabs. When Pat Field calls, you go running.

Now Jank is headquartered in Paris instead of Down Under, selling her collection at Colette in gay Paree and Dover Street, Harrods and Browns in London. Her newest line is dubbed "Suspended Reality", with pieces made from acrylic and stretch jersey.

Herr Lagerfeld is a fan -- and who wouldn't, with bauble names like "It Was Simple After That"?

I'm Lovin' it: Absolutely adore my denim from Foxy Jeans out of Montreal. Tight, dark indigo blue, prominent gold stitching, long peg-legs. Just how I like them. Though a pair of trouser jeans would sure make an indispensible addition to my wardrobe...

I'm Over it: How I can't eat a single morsel while wearing my F.J. denim. You know how moms who were teens in the 70s talk about they used to lay down in a bed and pull their jean zippers up with pliers while prostrate? Yeah, well...

Artist of the day: My girl Aggs is living the life in Berlin, just having snagged an assisting job with the American-born, Germany-living artist Ryan Mendoza. Not only does she get to use all Mendoza's equipment and studio for her shutterbug whimsies, she also gets to cast models for him. Yeah-yer. He's huge in Europe and getting considerable buzz on our side of the pond, too.

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