Thursday, August 28, 2008

JT Is William Rast

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

The new William Rast ads and TV spots starring Justin Timberlake and Erin Wasson are slowly coming out, the visual product of a long, trying pitch by William Rast creative directors Johan and Marcella Lindeberg to get JT to actually star in them.

Three episodes of the William Rast movie are floating around on YouTube, and I must admit they're kind of hot. The cinematography is shot in that dark, gritty blue-grey palette similar to Eminem's flick 8 Mile -- it's always the go-to shade for that "authentic and real" atmosphere.

Plus -- oh my goodness! -- JT smokes a ciggie and says "sh*t" in the first episode. So much for good, clean Mickey Mouse Club fun.

Obviously Timberlake and Wasson have sexy chemistry together, but the bigger question is what about the clothes??

The second epidose shows Wasson in a dark terracotta leather jacket and skinny dark denim tucked into above-ankle black boots. Super rock and roll style. I like the lingering shot of her dangling hand, too, which shows a wicked, long silver ring encasing on her middle finger -- perhaps it's a bauble from her jewelry line, Low Luv?

Coming soon is the fourth installment out of nine in total.

I've got my caramel popcorn ready to go.

PS. Click here for episode two and see episode three below.

I'm Lovin' it: No real plans for the long weekend. This is the first time in more than a month where me and the crew don't have have events going on that require mandatory attendance. No two-to-three-night stretches of debauchery, no more goodbye parties (tonight is the last of two goodbyes, all in one night) and no social obligations. Whew and yay.

I'm Over it: Wasted effort.

Track of the Day: I'm a bit behind on this track (since it came out two years ago), but heard it for the first time at Jordy's place today and was immediately drawn in. Here's "Hey Now Now" by The Cloud Room from New York. There's a pretty good remix by RAC, too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Of Mouse and Men

My right wrist is hurting pretty badly, and I know why.

I've got CLS (Chronic Laptopper Syndrome). This equates to six to ten hours a day working on a laptop, horribly straining the eyes from staring at a computer screen for hours on end and continuously wrecking the wrists from constant use of a laptop touch mouse pad.

Then I remembered the disgustingly kitschy and cheesy Juicy Couture gold mouse and mouse pad set my girl Aims pointed out to me over the weekend.

I love gold anything and I love my laptop, but hate the idea of any onset of carpal tunnel.

Hmmmm. Might have to invest in a little Juicy Couture action to save my delicate wrists.

Suppose there are worse things than Viva-ing La Juicy.

I'm Lovin' it: A sneak peak inside Erin Wasson's apartment. None of it really surprised me. Eclectic digs for sure.

I'm Over it: That old, decrepit bum who was making fun of me while I waited for a crosswalk to change from "red hand" to "person walking" this afternoon. He decided to chirp me for reasons unbeknownst to yours truly, but whatever. Stick and stones may break my bones, but a bum's words will never hurt me. So there. (By the way, I'm sticking out my tongue right about now)

Track of the Day: I heard "Penelope" by Pinback on Woxy the other day. Don't know much else, other than Pinback hails from San Diego and I really dig this song.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Please Listen To...

...the track "Yesterday" from Atmosphere's latest album "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold".

The piano riffs give it an old school, gospel-esque, uplifting vibe, and the lyrics speak about the forgiveness Atmosphere's main man, Slug (nee Sean Daley), feels toward his late father.

Right now, it's getting me through this really hectic day I'm having.

Back to work now.

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Johnston & Johnston

I figured it was about time to give Kirrily Johnston another shout-out.

Typically white and Haute Hippie don't fare very well together. Like television cameras, it adds 10 pounds and like HD, it accentuates your every physical flaw.

But how in love I am with Johnston's Transhumance dress?


I think the gold studded bolero and grey thigh-high runway styling have a lot to do with it, though.

I'm Lovin' it: I purged my closet and dresser drawers of clothing I'll never wear again. Don't know how I even thought I'd some day wear the things being kept. They were hideous. Off to the clothing drop-off now.

I'm Over it: I've had to learn two blogging systems in the past few days for two different writing contracts. Whoa, it gets me so con-foosed...

Photo of the Day: Taylor Momsen, with some major tough chick bad-ittude. Jeremy Kost, with his ubiquitous Polaroid camera. Great shot.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

WRG You At??

Hola to those on the east coast,

WRG? Magazine sent me an invite to the Nike Asian Sportswear Grill event at Tokyo Bar in Montreal this Saturday to preview the Nike Sportswear Global Launch. Music is provided by the Team Canada DJs and live arts & entertainment are provided by ALIST.

Due to the sky-rocketing price of gas, I'll have to skip out on filling the tank on my private jet this weekend, but I think if you're in Montreal or happen to find yourself at the 3700 block of St. Laurent Blvd. late Saturday, you should definitely check this shindig out.

PS. I obviously don't have a private jet, but I do have Khaleel's farewell/bon voyage party to attend on the same night.

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Say It Ain't So

No, no, no, no, no.

I found visual evidence today from The Cut that shows one of my fashion pet peeves -- those mighty ugly pieces of footwear called Crocs -- making an appearance in an upcoming issue of French Vogue. On Raquel Zimmerman. In orange.

This means either (or both) Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt approved this.

I love Carine and Emmanuelle, but I just cannot bring myself to love Crocs.


PS. Happy Friday!

I'm Lovin't it: These photos of a couple in the hautest of haute couture in some of the most non-fashion environments you can imagine going with Dior and Lacroix. Okay, I don't think those are quite the right fashion houses I've named for this particular shoot, but you're picking up what I'm putting down.

I'm Over it: Phone. Broken. Again.

Music of the Day: Jenks sent me a link to the bestest old school hip hop internet radio station around. I'm currently listening to Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew. Yeah, that's right, son! It'll open up right into your iTunes if you download it.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Royal Ronsons

You know the Ronson trio: Mark, Charlotte and Samantha.

Mark is an award-winning music producer and DJ who has collaborated with everyone from Radiohead to Nate Dogg to Amy Winehouse to Ghostface Killah to The Kaiser Chiefs. His mother is married to Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones, and it's Jones that surrounded him with music. Ronson is currently in throes of passion and love with young style icon -- and Gavin Rossdale's biological daughter -- Daisy Lowe, who happens to be a fashion muse of mine.

Charlotte Ronson is one-half of Mark's twin sisters. She's a fashion designer with an eponymous label and best friends like Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss, who are now both embarking on a bikini line partnership called Made With Love. Ronson also created the bright pink top with black ribbon straps in my closet that I love so much.

Samantha Ronson is the second-half of Mark's twin sisters. She's a skinny, chain-smoking DJ who is currently in a relationship with Lindsay Lohan. This Ronson prefers sneakers, Pete Doherty hats, dyed blonde hair with dark roots and being LiLo's arm candy.

Harper's Bazaar recently shot the Ronsons in a Royal Tenenbaums-style shoot that turned out pretty great.

Every family has dysfunctions, even if your last name is Ronson.

I'm Lovin' it: Jane Birkin is coming out from the shadows of her namesake Birkin bag to guest design a collection for silky soft sweater line Lutz + Patmos. At least her sweaters won't cost you $12,000 and a lifetime on some waiting list.

I'm Over it: Seeing an ex-BF (who was a bipolar mess) from five years ago in a Costco line up yesterday. Thank god those side-by-side line ups are far apart. He tried to get me to notice him. I pretended I didn't. Is that bad?? Oh well. I'm better off for it.

Track of the Day: My Morning Jacket's cover of Elton John's "Rocket Man". It's got that same sad, slow vibe as Sonic Youth's cover of the Carpenters' "Superstar".

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Best. Show. Ever.

Just got back from the Radiohead concert.

I paid extra money for a ticket found on Craigslist and would've honestly forked over between $50 to $100 more just to ensure my entrance.

Thom Yorke. Wow. The guy's voice is flawless, and he's definitely a character. He's a showman and every bit the reason the show was as phenomenal as it was.

The stage. Full of crazy lights and amazing videography to keep the crowd entertained and visually arrested. Yes, I was mesmerized by the pretty, flashing lights.

The crowd. Despite being rained upon relentlessly (and security confiscating my umbrella), the mass of 20,000 was in good spirits. It's a good thing we high-tailed it out of the stage crowd area just before the last song was up, though. No one likes being stuck in a sardine can conditions while navigating muddy puddles.

The verdict? I can't wait to see Radiohead live again.

Count me in for 2009. And I'll remember not to bring my umbrella the next time around.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

These Are The Ones...

I found my new dream sunnies on Sunday, but decided to do a little price investigating before solidifying my bartering number.

A sunglasses shop downtown had the Marc Jacobs pair below at $540 -- totally and utterly ridiculous.

A little Googling revealed this MJ, white gold style usually goes for $290, which is what the shop dude gave me as his "best price".

Uh-huh, yeah right, buddy.

So now I have a good figure in mind for when I march in there, and hopefully I'll be over to hand over the cash without paying tax and leave with my new Marc sunglasses.

Pshaw, $540 my foot...

PS. It's hard to tell with this image, but there's a metal bridge that runs across the top gap between the two lenses, too.

Graff Sunnies

This Sunday I had a little girls' day with Berry and Aims, doing a window shop up Robson Street and at Holts -- yours truly is currently on the hunt for new shades.

Walking to the upper portion of Robson, Berry and I passed by a few dudes with a makeshift table, who were spray-painting and tagging sunglasses graffiti-style for sale across from the art gallery.

I really didn't get it, and I really didn't know who would buy sunnies covered in paint.

Then I was perusing the new website this afternoon and came across a picture of a plainclothes model in New York with graff sunnies on. And, admittedly, they looked kind of rad. New trend, perhaps?

But then again, models look good in anything -- and I'm not a model.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Okay, so...

...I don't mean to horribly mean and critical, but walking to my "office" just now I saw a girl trying to rock a trend that just didn't work.


Because her white peep-toe heels with ankle strap (and blonde wood heel, plus sole!) looked cheap. Really cheap. As in hooker cheap.

The Jane Doe in question wore these offending shoes with a pair of rather sophisticated black-on-black patterned tights and under a black jersey v-neck dress, which could have been a nice Pacific Northwest take on a chic New York woman look, but the shoes killed the effort.

A deep jewel-toned shoe or dark brown (minus the blonde wood anything) would have been much, much better.

I do appreciate her trying, though.

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All Aboard The Pleet Fleet

Urban Outfitters is going the way of Tar-zhay and collaborating with big name designers, though more of the indie variety rather than runway variety.

After working with indie-friendly labels like Geren Lockhart of Geren Ford, plaid king Steven Alan, Bing Bang, Charlotte Ronson and Corpus, UO has now tapped New York-based Samantha Pleet for their latest partnership, a collection named Rapscallion.

I personally think this is the best Urban O. collao thus far, even though I'm completely enamored with my bright pink Charlotte Ronson top from the retailer, and I can't wait till it hits the local shop here.

Rapscallion has a very distinct military feel, thanks to some of the tailoring and much in part to the round, gold military buttons as embellishment on many of the pieces. I have a big thing for the black cape jacket and the high-waisted shorts with suspenders.

I'm Lovin' it: Creative Recreation now makes shoes for little kiddies! I've got two pairs of my own sitting in the shoe closet, a pair of Galow Hi's and a pair of Dicoco's. This means if and when I decide to have a mini-me or two, they can have them, as well.

I'm Over it: When people, even my friends, ask me if I've worked today. Just because I'm a freelance fashion writer doesn't mean I don't work. More times than not, I write so much, my brain feels like mush and my body feels physically tired post-scribe. If mushy brains and physical fatigue don't equate hard work, then I don't know what else does. It really chaps me sometimes.

Video of the Day: I saw this video of Russian Vogue Editor-In-Chief Alyona Doletskaya on Bryan Boy recently and decided to watch a few minutes of it for sh*ts and giggles. Well, yours truly ended up watching the entire thing. Doletskaya is absolutely fascinating -- charming, regal, well-spoken, driven, stylish and remarkably down-to-earth for someone holding such a powerful publishing position. She comes a close second to Carine Roitfeld in my books.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lundin Calling

Ulf Lundin and his on-going "Still Films" project is stunning.

The photographer, who showed his first set of "Still Films" this past spring, took pictures of one location over a period of time with a camera on a tripod. Then he layered the photos using a computer, creating one photograph of many scenes in the same place, eliciting the feeling of "documentary and stage photography".

So many people, so much time...

I'm Lovin' it: Hayden-Harnett is officially doing limited-edition handbag collection with Tar-zhay. It's up for grabs on December 28th, just in time for the craze that is Boxing Day shopping.

I'm Over it: My signature aviators are done for, broken and gone to the great shades tree in the sky. Although I have two other pairs of sunnies on my dresser, none have come close to the perfect bronze metal color and shape my late avs had. Hey, I was still wearing them with a huge crack in the lens, that's how much I just couldn't let go.

Track of the Day: In great anticipation and excitement for the Radiohead concert next Tuesday, here is a music video for one of my favorite RH songs "Talk Show Host". Not sure if it's an official one or not, though. Je m'excuse.

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Will The Real KL Please Stand Up?

Karl Lagerfeld ditched the skinny tie, fingerless gloves and grommets for Phat Farm and unlaced sneaks for the (fat) September issue of Harper's Bazaar.

A few of fashion's best and most well-known designers were asked by the magazine to take part in an editorial feature that showed them living the lives of someone other than a, well, designer. Giorgio Armani picked Fred Astaire, the Rodarte girls picked black cats at Halloween, Donna Karan wanted to be a hurricane and Roberto Cavalli picked Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind (with Coco Rocha as Scarlett O'Hara).

What did Herr Lagerfeld say in response? "Believe it or not, I love rap."

So here is Kaiser Karl, in all his white-haired glory, posing like your favorite diiiiirty south rapper.

I'm Lovin' it: My girl Roops managed to score us last minute tickets off Craigslist for the Radiohead concert next week. She is my hero of the day. Thom Yorke, here I come.

I'm Over it: At the Blo one-year anniversary event last night, I saw a girl with the most hideous hair. Remember Dave Chapelle's hair in all those Rick James skits?? Yeah, this gal had that, but longer and with more hideous, braided bangs. So weird.

Music of the Day: The Bang Gang Deejays from New South Wales, Australia have a podcast site that has a bunch of cool mixes, from Flosstradamus to the Tough Alliance to DJ Mehdi. I suggest taking a listen to "D Is For Disco, E Is For Dancing MiniMegaMix". It's electronica and dance-able music on acid. Party time, excellent.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Comme As You Are

Opposites really do attract sometimes.

Take Rei Kawakubo's Comme des Garcons and mass retailer H&M, who married their aesthetic and business ideologies into a capsule collection that launches in November (see below).

Fashion masses have a vague to no idea what CDG is about, what the clothing looks like and what Kawakubo believes in. But they do know that H&M is affordable, turnover clothing that makes them look good for no more than $70 most of the time.

The fashion-forward, however, know exactly who Rei Kawakubo is. They know she is the bob-haired,Tokyo-born, rather reclusive founder and designer of Comme des Garcons, who taught protege and fellow designer Junya Watanabe everything he knows. She's a woman who prefers the deconstructed and austere in monochromatic colors like grey, white and black -- lots and lots of black.

Come November, CDG will makes is debut in the mass retailer world, charming its way into the public's heart with baggy shorts, deconstructed jackets, polka dots, coatdresses, cropped pants, accessories and a unisex fragrance.

It already has mine. Especially that huge polkadot scarf.

I'm Lovin' it: This schizophrenic plaid dress from Burfitt. You know how you see an article of clothing and know exactly how you'd wear it if you actually owned it? I'm thinking a big vest and sky-high ankle booties.

I'm Over it: Lots of things today. And yesterday. Plus my eye is itchy and it won't go away (as in the itch, not my eye).

Track of the Day: Passion Pit, a five-piece group that hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts. My BGF Khaleel doesn't think the lead singer has a particularly good voice, but the rest makes up for it. It'll make you smile, too, all the different layers of auditory offerings. Oh, and the sped-up voice in the beginning is Jack Kerouac, from one of his spoken word albums. Who knew Kerouac did spoken word?? I didn't until I discovered this song.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Shake Your Model Maker

MTV is jumping on the fashion-as-a-reality-show train -- made famous by Project Runway -- through their new show Model Makers.

The scoop on Model Makers?

Fifteen gals get poked, prodded, styled and personally-trained within an inch of their lives by Michael Flutie of talent and brand management firm Michael Flutie's Office (MFO) and his team, eventually turning the girls into high-fashion models.

Casting for the show is on, so if you're between the ages 17 and 24, stand 5'9 to 6' tall, tip the scales at between 130 to 190 pounds and harbor an intense desire to be the next Jessica, Coco, Sasha, Lily or Gemma, then send head and body shots (in a swimsuit) to

Oh, and don't forget to attach the following:

- Name
- Mailing Address
- Home and Cell Telephone numbers
- E-mail Address
- Birth Date
- Height
- Weight
- Bust-Waist-Hip Measurements
- Dress Size
- Occupation

The prize at stake is $100,000, a professional modeling portfolio, a personal trainer for one year and, of course, the chance to join the likes of Sasha or Coco one of these days.

We hear Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott calling your name...

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beautiful Losers

Like street art?

And artists like Shepard Fairey, Ed Templeton, Jo Jackson, Aaron Rose and Harmony Korine (who directed Gummo and cult fave Kids)?

Then I suggest checking out the film Beautiful Losers, a documentary flick that follows these artists lives through the 90s as "they made art that reflected the lifestyles they led".

You're definitely in luck if you live in the following cities where Beautiful Losers is getting screened: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Austin, Newport Beach, Denver, Balitmore, Minneapolis, Toronto, Rhode Island, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Winnipeg (whaaaaa?).

Tagged. You're it.

Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

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Erin Wasson isn't styling Alexander Wang's upcoming Fashion Week show?!

Why, oh why??

Oh, because she's busy designing a collection for RVCA, a deal which she'll be doing for the next three years apparently. Her first collection has already been scooped up by Opening Ceremony in NYC. Tank tops, denim cut-offs, blazers and miniskirts all make the cut for the spring '09 collection.

And not to worry, Alex and Erin remain the best of friends.

Okay, I feel much better now!

Pastelle Colors

I felt like listening to a little bit of Kanye West while working away this afternoon and soon found myself bopping to the happy beats of "Good Life".

Then I remembered that Kanye was in the midst of launching his clothing line, which is so apropos, considering Vanity Fair named him to their annual International Best Dressed List this year.

His line is called Pastelle (for reasons yet unknown), and for now the website is just a landing page with a "coming soon" message. West is, however, in the middle of collaborating on sunglasses collection with Aussie brand Ksubi, so watch out for those sunnies to hit the market in the near future.

In the meantime, pieces from Pastelle made cameos in Kanye's music video for "Good Life", so check it below and see if you like his duds.

I'm Lovin' it: My Hollywood Life boss called me today and used the words "us", "fly", "you" and "New York Fashion Week" in the same sentence. The word I used back? "Yes". Please, please, please don't let this be a dream!!

I'm Over it: All the goddamn honking that's taking place outside my apartment. It's loud. Very. Thus is the downtown life.

Music of the Day: Ssion from Kansas City, Missouri. The group -- which is essentially Cody Critchloe -- is classified as punk on their MySpace page, but that's not what I'd categorize them as at all. I'd say Ssion is indie-dance-pop, wavering on electronica. I'm not sure if they'd be mad at me for saying that, but you may agree once you listen to their tracks "Clowns" and "Bullshit". Anyhoo, Ssion is coming into town mid-September, ji-yeah!

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rich Girls, Courtesy of The Virgins

I had The Virgin's "Rich Girls" as a Track of the Day a couple weeks ago, and now the official video is out.


Hi, Sartorialist!

Rumors ran rampant earlier this year that Scott "The Sartorialist" Schuman was to appear in a Gap ad.

Then, just like that, the rumors were taken back.

Oh, how right everyone was in the beginning!

Here is the beloved Sartorialist in all his dandy-ish glory, posing for the ad campaign and continually providing us with inspiration, just as the poster says.

I'm Lovin' it: It's not even funny how obsessed I am with boyfriend jeans. I may be really over Katie Holmes -- not that I ever cared about her too much in the first place -- but she looks fantastic in this pair below. Also, I commend that way she's wearing them extra baggy and extra long (and, of course, rolled), with flats instead of heels.

I'm Over it: Being back in the city and not lazing around at the Lazy River B&B in Kamloops. Nothing beats good hosts, good eats, good drinks, good bonfired, good s'mores and good friends. Thanks for a massively excellent time, George and Marleen!

Music of the Day: Didja know that Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams formed their own group Child Rebel Soldier back in 2007?? The powerful hip hop triad has yet to release an album together, but they do have a single out called Us Placers featuring Thom Yorke, his eerily beautiful voice and some background piano. And yes, it's Thom Yorke from Radiohead. The music video stars kids doing a pretty good job playing and lip-synching the parts of Lupe, Kanye, Pharrell and Thom.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Weekend!

I'm off for a long weekend at Kenzo and Luker's dad's B&B in the interior this weekend.

More than twenty of us are going up for three days and three nights of massive fun.

We're talking no laptop, minimal cellphone and maximum good times.

I'll be thinking of you all while I'm maxin' and relaxin' up there (see below).

Haute Hippie

PS. It's all about the AG Recoil this weekend. No hair dryers, woot woot!

PPS. Okay, I lie. I'm bringing the hair dryer up just in case.

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