Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Granny Smith Vintage

Everyone always wants the low-down on where to get great vintage for their closet. Stores here in L.A. run the gamut from Wasteland (in Santa Monica and on Melrose) to American Rag and Jet Rag on La Brea to Out of the Closet on Fairfax to more upscale joints, like Cameron Silver's Decades and The Paper Bag Princess. Yes, all these places are treasure troves waiting to happen, but a couple weeks ago I found an absolutely perfect place to scour for vintage: my grandmother's closet.

Now, my granny loves clothes and shoes...oh, the shoes in this woman's closet! There's enough in there to put Imelda Marcos to shame. Just like any regular trip to a vintage store, I had to dig and find, pick and choose through granny's wardrobe. I sure wasn't interested in the rhinestone and flower joggingsuits or the crocheted yellow tunic (believe me, not a good look), but hit the jackpot when I came across a thigh-length, short-sleeve, flowery, kimono-like silk wrap top. Anyone who read my previous post knows how partial I am to big sleeves! I promptly claimed the top as my own -- poor thing was lost in the netherlands of granny's closet. After more scavenging, I came up with a luminous gold clutch (it's been through Vegas and Hollywood hotspots several times already), as well as a black and gold beaded clutch (this I have yet to bust out). My grandmother also has a fabulous black fur wrap with brooch -- so 50s movie star! She's dug in her heels and refuses to give it up to me, but apparently I'm allowed to borrow it...ah yes, "borrow"...

Today I decided to sport the kimono top with a wide, slouchy black leather belt that I've somehow fashioned like an obi. The hair is in my style for the month (get so easily bored with it!): a volume-packed, low side ponytail -- recently baptized "electroclash 80s" by one of my DJ friends. I really HAVE to stop teasing my hair. This morning my mom promptly greeted me and my outfit with, "You look like a FOB (translation: fresh off the boat), but at least you're a trendy one!" Whoever said mother's know best, anyway?!

Moral of the day: Never underestimate the wardrobes of women elders in your family. Behind the god-awful jogging suits and bad stretchy pants, it's a clothing goldmine!

I'm Lovin' it: Welcome back, Maggie Rizer! Just loved seeing this supermodel on the cover and posing in the Karl Lagerfeld article of Surface Magazine's October issue. Good for you, bouncing back after losing $7 million dollars to an alcoholic, lying, gambling stepfather (who's currently rotting behind bars for his crime). You go, girl!

I'm Over it: Feeling to need to go somewhere trendy on a weekend night. Spent Saturday night in the company of friends, alcoholic beverages (note to all drinkers: Red Stripe Jamaican beer is yucky), and the really ill-made choice of purchasing Miss Congeniality 2 to watch on TV. But a few Bacardi Silver Watermelon fizzy pops more than made up for it!


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