Monday, April 13, 2009

Borsa For Wear

Bangles have two meanings:

1. That all-female pop band that blessed our ears with such 80s hits as "Walk Like An Egyptian" and "Eternal Flame".

2. Those chunky or thin bracelets meant to be stacked to the elbow or worn singularly; have made a comeback in a big way on recent runways, preferably stacked for the new season.

I do like both definitions -- um, who doesn't belt out "Eternal Flame" when it comes on the radio (well, I do anyhow) -- but bangles, as in the bracelets, have a special place in my heart. And on my dresser, apparently.

These 24k gold Borsa bracelets from Vita have a mini lambskin leather envelope pocket that remind a lot of those fancy leather hip-slung packs that girls have been sporting sporadically over the past year and a half (I've got a bone-colored one), except these go on the wrists rather than around the waist.

It's bangle on.

(Okay, not such an impressive play on's the end of a long weekend, give a girl a break!)

I'm Lovin' it: A sunny end to a lovely Easter long weekend.

I'm Over it: Weird ex-friend spottings at shows. Especially when you're not quite sure why they stopped talking to you in the first place. Childish, I tell ya! Get over it, honey.

Track of the Day: Me, Mikey, Oli, and Ovitch were tentatively supposed to catch the Crookers last night. Then Friday night and Saturday night happened, so Sunday turned into a night at the movies instead. That means we missed dancing to their version of Kid Cudi's "Day N Night", so here it is.

* Photo property of Vita and is used solely for commentary purposes


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