Thursday, April 30, 2009

Leather Love

Leather isn't the best textile to wear when the thermometer starts hitting the hotter temps, but when it comes in vest form, it's okay in my books.

A recent jaunt into Club Monaco resulted in me drooling fairly heavily over a cream leather vest number, which was quite chicly paired with a plain white tee, big ole scarf, and gold bangles.

It's a nice departure from the usual black leather, a la Mike & Chris jackets and Kova & T leggings (okay, the latter are latex but look like super shiny leather anyway).

PS. The vest images are actually of the satin version -- the leather number was on a hanger, so this gives you a better idea of how it can be ensembled (I know, not a word) with other pieces.

I'm Lovin' it: The Jeans Day charity bbq that went down near the art gallery downtown. Checked 'er out with Hanna, TC, Roops, and Miz Bond. I like smokies, chocolate cookies, and apple juice boxes at lunchtime. For only $8, too. Felt like I was in grade school again. Oh, and I like running into old friends at said charity bbqs -- yes, that means you, Mr. Sam Lawson!

I'm Lovin' it, Part Deux: Found a place to host my celebratory birthday drinks next weekend. Whew! Was stressing out until yesterday. Thanks to the chickies over at Hawksworth Communications for making the suggestion and saving my bday soiree!

I'm Over it: I could've done without the Neil Diamond impersonator "entertaining" the crowd with ND hits at the bbq. He was in a sequined button-up tucked into very dad-like denim. Okay, so maybe I tapped my toes to "Forever In Blue Jeans".

Track of the Day: "Got To Let Go" by The Bees. Super cool garage band from the UK. I like this track. The horns and keyboards in it remind me very much of The Avalanches. Anyhoo, the song is very summery. And with the weather outside, I'm in a pretty sum-sum-summatime mood.

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