Monday, April 27, 2009

And Now I'm A Believer... the goodness of people!

Thank you thank you thank you to the person who turned in my lost wallet to the security desk at a building downtown!

Apparently someone found my wallet -- which was maliciously pickpocketed from me THREE MONTHS AGO while I was working at a coffeeshop -- on a Starbucks table and handed it in.

I logged into my Splendora account today after months and months of it being idle and found a message on there about my wallet. So thank you to Splendora, too, for enticing me enough to create a profile!

It was returned with everything in it, including the small amount of change it had in the coin section.

Oh, and I'm also a big believer in my pal Jeff Hamada of, who -- via his site -- is producing a music video for "Action/Reaction", from Denmark-based Choir of Young Believers.

And you get to be involved in it, should you so desire! For more deets, click here.


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