Thursday, April 23, 2009

Americans In Paris

The American Embassy in Paris has put on an interesting fair called "Americans in Paris" at the Jardins D'Acclimatation, a children's park not too far from the Eiffel Tower.

For less than $4 USD (or under 3 euros), Parisians can partake in a bit of the American life: smaller-scale replicas of American iconic statues (like the Statue of Liberty), classic cars, baseball battings cages, basketball courts (hosting slamdunk spectacles), cheerleaders, apple pie, popcorn, and hot dogs.

Though I'd probably much rather it be the other way around with us being able to get a taste of la vie Parisienne over here -- baguettes, Bordeaux, Balmain! -- it would still be a bit of a trip to see pom pom-ed cheerleaders high-kicking it on the streets of Paris.

I am wondering, however, are the people working this fair really Americans or Parisians acting as Americans?


I'm Lovin' it: Boy, does it ever feel good to get things out and set things straight with people who matter to you. Makes life much, much better! And so do my new Dolce Vita Drake sandals. Positively Margiela and summer-esque! Now to make sure Steph A., Aims, and I don't wear our same respective pairs at the same time.

I'm Over it Paying $2 for a tea each time I got to work at a coffee place (out of principle), when I can just come to Shackenzie's patio and work for free. Like I am today!

Track of the Day: Everyone's obsessed with Chester French. I'm obsessed with their track "The Jimmy Choos".

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