Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sock Me One

Socks with heels: to do, or not to do?

This combination always looks good on the likes of statuesque girls like Caroline Trentini or Raquel Zimmerman in glossy mag spreads and on Prada Spring/Summer '09 runways, but translating the look into real life is a dicey risk.

Then I saw a fashion friend of mine make the trend look so easy with super rock-chic heels (gold metal eyelets for laces and open toes) and socks.

White socks at that, too. And she looked amazing (as always...she is a stylist, after all).

It was then that I realized that I, too, could pull possibly off the combo.

So here I am, doing black socks with my grey suede cut-out heels, black skinnies, Graham & Spencer racerback, and ghetto fab chain.

I'm Lovin' it: Sebastien Tellier last night (with Steph A., poor Aims came down with the flu!). What a character, indeed. He drank white wine the entire show -- the man just needed a baguette with cheese to go with it and he'd be the picture of Parisian (oh wait, he is). But, in my humble opinion, Tellier and his merry band of musicians sound better in person than on the album because you can really hear all the little nuances of the instrumentals. Really wish I got me a Tellier concert tee last night.

I'm Over it: My little pile of tickets to shows is down to one. Waaaah! Oh, and how is it possible that I just downed a cup of coffee and feel more tired than pre-java?!

Music of the Day: Chairlift. This Brooklyn trio was a pleasant surprise last night, and sound great live, particularly Caroline Polachek on very pretty lead vocals. Most of you will recognize them from that iPod Nano commercial, which uses their track "Bruises". Last night they did a few great covers, including oldies but goodies from Lisa Loeb and Chris Issak. But it was their clever musical segue to Sebastien Tellier -- a cover of Snoop Dogg's "Sexual Seduction" -- that was the kicker. After all, Tellier's newest album is called "Sexuality", so really, there was no better way. Check out 80s-inflected "Planet Health" below.

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