Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Karl In Charge

A day in the life of Haute Hippie just can't begin right without a quotable quote from Karl Lagerfeld (and maybe a glass of eBoost).

In the upcoming March issue of Harper's Bazaar, the magazine has a feature called "Karl Lagerfeld's Fashion Therapy", where he provides timeless Karl-isms to general fashion questions.

See below for my favorite.

Question: "How to wear sky-high heels at, gulp, a cocktail party?"

Karl Lagerfeld: "Please, your question is childish. Don't drink when you wear stilettos. I can't advise you to get drunk at home to find out if you would be able to walk in them at a party. Plus, you aren't on the runway. Life should not be a fashion show."

But, Kaiser, I thought life WAS a fashion show!

Have I been living wrong all these years?!

Yes, apparently so.

* Photo property of Harper's Bazaar, FWD and is used solely for commentary purposes


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