Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My, My Marni

Wooden heels. Six-inch height (nearly). Lilac suede. Marni.

I'd probably pull an Abbey Lee at Rodarte trying to walk in these, but I'll gladly hobble around on crutches for a month or so just to own them.

Except they cost almost as much as my rent.

So back onto the proverbial shelf they go, but I'll keep dreaming on (swathed in imaginary Marni, of course).

I'm Lovin' it: I've been searching high and low for the perfect aviators to replace the ones that someone broke while on a group trip last summer (and failed to 'fess up about). I have a slight thing against paying too, too much for sunnies, which is probably why it's been taking me this long. Until this past Monday. Check out my new, no-name avs from Ark that were only $29.99. Gold and navy blue, yay!

I'm Over it: This rain has got to go. What happened to the sun?! I need to wear my aviators, but it'll look way too weird if there's no sunshine. I'm obviously not Victoria Beckham, so I can't get away with it.

Music of the Day: Steph A. introduced by to The Whitest Boy Alive (via her sis) yesterday. Just awesome. They're from Berlin. Check out "Burning".

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