Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hills Street Blues

Yesterday, me and my girls Steph A., Aims and Berry indulged in a nice little girls afternoon of shopping (and eating).

Along the way, we stopped in Livestock to look at sneaks -- I tried on an amazing pair of black and purple Keepers with a black cable-knit back -- because Steph was on the hunt for a new pair.

All of a sudden a hip hop track from a Dipset mixtape came on sampling the Hills Street Blues theme song.

Yup, good old Hills Street Blues, that cop drama from the 80s.

So I asked the Livestock guy -- who said it was the first time someone had ever come in to say, "Hey, isn't this the Hills Street Blues theme song?" -- about the track, and it turned out to be courtesy of Cam'ron, of all rappers.

Recognizing the sample was completely nostalgic because growing up, I was forced to learn how to play the piano (thankfully!) and my mom had bought me this huge piano book of sheet music from old TV and movies -- and Hills Street Blues happened to be one of the songs in it.

Anyway, the Cam'ron song is called "Harlem Streets", and it's cheesy good.

But it takes me way back, so here you go, kids.

PS. Steph ended up picking out a pair of Creative Recreations in white, purple and gold on her walk home from girls afternoon, which coincidentally complement the the pink, gold, white, silver and black pair Jenks got me last year as a thank-you present. I knew there was a reason we were friends!

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