Monday, February 16, 2009

The Cost of Lacoste

My girl Reebs -- the ever-so lovely west coast editor of FASHION Magazine -- was off in New York this weekend, taking in the Fall '09 shows.

Lucky girl!

I wrote her, saying to pretty please tell me she got to see the Yigal Azrouel show, but she was on a plane mid-travel while it was happening and missed it.

Reebs did, however, get to see the Lacoste presentation -- and, my god, I had no idea a matchy-matchy color palette from head-to-toe could be so to-die-for.

In addition, I never thought of putting mimosa yellow and light gray together as a color combination -- it's definitely making my Fall '09 closet (or even Spring '09, but is that jumping the gun?).

Hmmmm. I suppose that's why Lacoste's Christophe Lemaire is a designer and I'm not.

I'm Lovin' it: Coco Rocha is covering New York Fashion Week for E!. I ADORE Coco. I mean, who else can Irish dance her way down a 2007 Gaultier runway and make everyone fall in love with her?!

I'm Over it: I really do heart my iPhone, but the sensitive touch screen makes it easy to accidentally call people. Last last weekend, this snafu happened to me twice in one day -- once in the afternoon and then at 1:45 am, yikes! -- to the same person, though that wasn't my intent. Perhaps I need to rethink my phone dialing strategy. Instead of going into my recent calls to dial friends, I should laboriously go through my contact list to prevent accidental redials to people I've already dialed out to or those who have already dialed me. It all makes sense in my head -- and it makes me look less retarded in the end.

Track of the Day: "Wildcat" by Ratatat. There's an actual cat "reowr"-ing in the background amongst synth and guitars. Amazing.

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