Monday, February 13, 2006

Last Minute Valentine

The time has come again.

For those who are single, it's become a national reminder of your solo stateus. For those lucky in love, it's become another holiday attached to last minute shopping frenzies, a la Christmas. Instead of getting your sweeties the usual presents this year -- Godiva chocolates, flowers from Moe's on Melrose, or provocative underthings from Victoria's Secret (which is more a gift for the man than the woman anyway), get something out of the ordinary.

But no less fabulous, of course.

If you've called your honey a "punk" more than once, then Rock-N-Role is what you should get them this year. You'll find men's, women's, and dog rock and roll-inspired apparel, in pieces and designs you'll find nowhere else. The "Heart of Glass" dress is most appropriate for the occasion, n'est pas?

For the ultimate girly-girl better half, head straight for Girlie Designs. Gorgeous bags (love the fur numbers!), cute boleros, and billowy tops are only some of the things offered that'll bring a sparkle to the eye and warm the heart of your favorite fashionista friend.

You and your partner tired of the ubiquitous big-framed sunglasses favored by starlets everywhere? Then pick up a one-of-a-kind pair from Delusions Eyeware. Constructed out of handmade wire frame, nothing says "Be Mine" that the Heart shades. It's art for your face.

Most women love, love, love to get jewelry on any big occcasion or major holiday. Erica Flaum Designs is eclectic handmade jewelry and belts crafted with gorgeous gems such as fresh water pearl, watermelon tourmaline, and Peruvian opal. Already a hit with young, female Hollywood, Erica's handiwork has been seen on the likes of Sophia Bush, Amber Tamblyn, Jen Scheft (The Bachelorette), and Hilary Duff.

Everyone would kill for a great retro tee. Going along with the recyling theme that is vintage, Partybots is a fabulous collection of retro tees, with an eco twist. The shirts are created through environmentally-conscious processes, along with soy-based cleaning chemicals and no aerosol spray adhesives. An undeniably great Valentine's Day present for that vegan boyfriend who can't get through the day without his venti soy chai latte.

If you are at a loss for presents, or if your shopping tardiness is about to leave you empty-handed on such a day as this, then get thee to Brent-Air Gifts, nestled in it's chic namesake neighborhood. Here you'll no doubt find that exclusive gift for your special man, woman, baby, or pet at anytime in the year.

So for those Valentine's procrastinators, there's still hope out there to buy your sweetie a wee I heart you present -- with a little help from this last minute guide.

And now you've got less than 24 hours to get it done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap did anyone else check out that Partybots site? They rad some rad robots shirts. The Inner Robots shirt is killer!

6:41 PM  

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