Friday, February 24, 2006

Holy Smokey, Toki Doki!

The world has gone Japan-mad lately.

And so my editor for 944 Magazine sent an appropriate little (possible) writing assignment my way yesterday. It's a feature on this amazingly adorable line called Toki Doki, a Japanese cartoon-inspired collection replete with cutesy putesy little "Cactus Friend" creatures and coquettishly sexy female characters.

Simon Legno is Toki Doki's design guru and so, so abso-farkin'-lutely adorable in his panama hats. His designs are on tees, hairclip, iPod skins, ultra-cool sneaks from Sneakerpimps, Le Sportsac bags, and on skateboard decks. His wares are seen on everyone from Japanese girls (who pretty much worship the line) to Fergie of BEP.

The scope of Legno's reach has gone as far as conceptualizing the art decor of L.A.'s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to designing hotel rooms to charitable events like "Toy Saves Children" to cross country skateboard artshows like "Thirty Two Inch Canvas". Fornari, which owns the equally cool Fornarina brand, is T.D.'s new European partner -- so you know this line is going far.

If you like Hello Kitty, Tarina Tarantino or Japanese anime, you are sure as hell going to love Toki Doki.

Okey dokey?

I'm Lovin' it: Yogurt covered raisins. Do you know that 40 of these babies is only 15o calories?? It's just like eating candy. Really, it is.

I'm Over it: Apartment hunting. Can't me and my roomies just find a 3 bedroom place in the Westside with underground parking, laundry in the unit, utilities included, huge rooms, and near the beach for around $2100?! Yeah right. I'm California dreamin' for sure.

Track of Classic of the Day: "Father of Mine" by Everclear. I swear, the emotion in the chorus gets me every single time. Sniff.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those TokiDoki decks are crazy ! i want them all

11:32 AM  
Blogger The Truth said...

Beutiful TokiDoki skatedecks

1:31 PM  

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