Saturday, February 25, 2006

Prima Donna

Donna Karan used to remind of me of women in 80s powersuits.

Twenty years later, I find myself completely drawn to this label because it evokes the two most prominent styles in my wardrobe: feminine and flowy (the Donna Karan collection) and chic bohemian (the DKNY collection).

Her most recent creations are modern twists on the 50s housewife. The look is sharp and polished, but the fabrics are soft and draping. A fashion juxtaposition of sorts -- to be tailored, yet soft -- but Miz Karan pulls it off flawlessy.

I'm also loving the modern art-influenced dresses (see dress #4). It's so MoMA.

And I must admit that the newest newspaper-inspired DKNY ads have majorly influenced the way I throw together my casual, every day outfits. Cuffed jeans with stacked platforms, billowing shirts paired with shrunken vests. All I need is a jaunty little newsboy cap and I'll be reading to step out the ad itself. Oh, and of course: lots and lots of long, layered necklaces and bangles.

Yeah, it may be awhile before I can plunk down the cash for that MoMA dress. Damn it all!

I'm Lovin' it: Coiffing my bangs and front pieces of hair into what a friend of mine deems the "hot hump". It's perfect for when the hair is getting kind of shaggy but you don't have time to get a trim. Just a little teasing, a little hairspray, a little bump-making, four bobby pins and your 'do is out of your face for the rest of the day. And it looks real purty, too.

I'm Over it: California Pizza Kitchen. Okay, fine. The avocado and chicken rolls were yummy, but the California style pizza was sooo not. They covered the entire thing in so much shredded lettuce to hide the fact that there was no grilled chicken at all. I'm going to Pizza Hut next time.

Track of the Day: "Touch The Sky" by Kayne. The background horns and drum kicks make you wanna make do the shoulder dust-off like Mistah West.

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