Monday, February 06, 2006

Lu-Lu Luella

Um, was anyone else SLIGHTLY disappointed in the Luella Bartley collection for Target??

Yeah, thought so.

The only things that caught my eye were the green plaid strapless pouf-bottom dress and the shiny stripe ebony/white shirt with skinny tie. I could've done without the shine though.

Unfortunately, the Luella B/Target collabo ranks at the bottom of the hi-lo combo of big designer and mass market appeal.

Oh Steeeeellllllaa! When you doing Tar-zhay??

I'm Lovin' it: Chris Martin. This guy is freakin' AMAZING live! He was all over the place, and enviably, more flexible than me. He was doing some serious moves, while singing his signature falsetto and basically entrancing everyone at the sold out Coldplay concert last Saturday at the Forum. Mr. Martin even looked hot with his curly sue 'fro that hasn't seen shears since the CP tour started. Listening to the live KROQ streaming right now. Sweet.

I'm Over it: Superbowl commercials. They couldn't have gotten any worse this year. Didn't laugh or smile once. And the Diet Pepsi cannot act. Period.

Track of the Day: "Speakeasy" by 311. Catchy tune, indeed. Chorus almost sounds like a sitcom song from the late 80s/early 90s, down to the keyboard ditty. I almost expected Sam Malone to come out of my speakers.


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