Saturday, February 25, 2006

Turn The Lights Down Low

Ah, yet another successful good time at Busby's ( in Santa Monica tonight. And of course, GTs were had with me in my new nautically-inspired outfit.

A few of my work friends bailed on the outing, but the usual crew -- plus some new members -- were in full force, representing till close.

My new friend S. made a good point as the clock rolled around to about 1:15 pm and the ugly lights began getting a little bit brighter: guys gets incredibly desperate around this time and will do/say anything to get you to come home with them. Like tonight some dude told me to come to San Diego and he'd teach me to surf. And how would I be paying for these lessons?? We know they're not gratis. Uh, yeah. No thanks.

Big ups to our favorite triad of BS, GS, and Joel (respectively!) below, for always making our trips to Busby's such a pleasureable experience.

Tomorrow night: The Lobby Supper Club lounge on Santa Monica Boulevard. Giddyup!

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