Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ships Ahoy!

I'm all about the nautical vibe.

Despite being so very good about saving money for my impending move to WeHo, West LA or Santa Monica, I couldn't help but be drawn into some long overdue shopping today. It was time to treat myself, especially after being such a Scrooge with my bank account lately -- a good thing, of course!

I took 11 items into the dressing room and emerged triumphant with two. First is a grey and white striped cotton drop-waist dress that doubles as a tunic shirt. It's cute with a pair of footless leggings and flats, but also equally adorable with jeans and heels. After combining the two, I now have the perfect outfit for a night on the Busby's. God, not that place again! But if I had to be anywhere with the ensemble, I wouldn't mind being on a sailboat -- I think an old, ahem, friend of mine has in my hometown Vancouver. However, that would require me to purchase a $450 airplane ticket , so I'm putting that idea on the backburner "pour le moment" (as the Quebecois might say).

Completely Galliano-and-sailor-inspired, it's the stripey shirts, white bottoms, flats and cute little vests with buttons that make me want to shout, "Head toward starboard!"

Or maybe even, "Shiver me timbers", but I think that's more Jack Sparrow than Gilligan.

I'm Lovin' it: Bottega Veneta! I love this label because it's sexy chic, in an understated European way. Sexy bags, sexy shoes and now some very sexy Fall 2006 pieces like the one below:

I'm Over it: Everyone on Power 106 "Big Boi's Neighborhood" ripping fat jokes into Tattoo every second. I agree, it's funny sometimes but I seriously think that any more insults of the caliber I hear each morning and Tatt will seriously one day decide to end his life. Yeah, not so funny anymore, guys.

Track of the Day: "Don't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I know it's off the last album, but it's an awesome track. The video's a little insane and veeeeery abstract, but it's highly amusing to see Anthony Kiedis all zipped up in a silver tent up to his neck, singing his crazy heart out.

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