Thursday, June 01, 2006

Feeling All Bradshaw Today

I've always loved Carrie Bradshaw. The dashing "boyfriend" (Mr. Big), a plethora of shoes, a fashion-friendly body type (thin, thin, thin), and a fabulous writing career.

Despite the snozz, the smoking, and the funky, itsy bitsy hat she wore on her first day in Paris, I just love her.

And today, I feel an itsy bit Carrie-like because my alice + olivia article for the summer issue of 944 Magazine ran today!

Support a sista and pick up a copy of 944 ASAP, they're all over Los Angeles!

I'm Lovin' it: I loathe to admit it, mainly because I once swore I'd never wear them, but leggings. In fact, I'm wearing a pair now and will probably buy one with lace trim before June ends. Arrrrrrgh, I'm SUCH a hypocrite.

I'm Over it: Sunburns. I got one after deciding to fry myself for a couple hours on Santa Monica beach. I'm not the type to burn up, so let this be a lesson to me (and you) in avoiding skin cancer. Ok, so I did use some Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning oil...but the tan beneath the burn is fab, yo.

Track of the Day: The Neil Aline (Chez Music) remix of Coldplay's "Talk", recorded live at APT this month. Soooooo good that I don't even have any words for it. I heart deep house.


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