Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shopaholics 'R' Us

One of my BFFs from Vancouver came for a whirlwind trip to see me in my element here in La-La Land.

It was pretty much a five day binge of shopping and partying -- otherwise known as complete and utter debauchary.

Highlights from my bestie Sukhi (aka. "Sushi") flying into town:

1) Shopping on Melrose. We both got the cutest cotton empire waist dresses (in electric blue and classic black) with adorable white belts you cinch under the bust. Put on a pair of white leggings and you have the ultimate summer outfit. Trust me, it's a hit.

2) Finding Chloe wooden platform and strappy leather knockoffs at the Beverly Center Nine West. For $40. That's right, you read me.

3) Discovering the white leather and raffia Dolce Vita platforms I saw three months ago at The Shoe Lab in Huntington Beach were on sale and I snagged the last size 6.

4) Dancing non-stop like maniacs at Sutra Ultra Lounge in Newport Beach. Till the ugly lights come on.

5) Getting phone stalked at our hotel at 3:30 am after the bar and at 8:30 am the next morning by our Italian cab drive Toukhi who somehow mistakened our buzzed friendliness as flirtation. Um, no way.

6) Dulce De Leches with whip cream at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

7) Spotting Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air chowing down at Home on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. Surprisingly, the big fella's got chicken legs! And the California omelette is the frickin' bomb.

8) Silly (ie. completely hosed) photos in hotel rooms. MySpace!

9) Palamino and Joel (aka. Ma'Kai and Busby's).

10) Beach Cruisers and Beer Sunday at Hermosa Beach. Which is now a new monthly tradition.

11) Gap gladiator sandals for $13. Get them in black, white, and chocolate brown...you'll be set every single summer of your life.

12) Aviator sunglasses for $11 and a free case from that surfer dude vendor in Huntington Beach.

13) Del Taco and Fancy Ketchup.

14) Crab Mac and Cheese at the Belmont.

15) Coaxing my BFF to think outside the fashion box -- she's going home in style and "so L.A."!

I love vacations and best friends, no matter how short they are (five days and 4'11)!


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