Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Watch-ing Out

My name is Haute Hippie, and I'm an accessories whore.

Shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves, watches...I love it all.

Years ago, I bought myself a huge men's silver watch because I thought it'd be fly to have a ginormous watch on my little wrist. It was a giant hit with everyone and since then, I always look at men's watches first before women's.

Which leads me to Nooka, a super modern watch line for guys (and gals) who are tech geeks at heart. It may take you awhile get the hang of figuring out the hour on these babies, but at least you'd look cool for the time being (no pun intended).

With robo-names like ZEN-V and ZOO-V2, that R2D2 has nothing on you and your Nooka.


I'm Lovin' it: Dresses for summer. I've never been one to wear too many casually, but the recent bout of hot and sticky SoCal weather makes me yearn for cool, cotton frocks with flats (preferably Dolce Vita) or wedges (preferably Chloe, but much too much out of my budget). Sure beats jeans and a tank.

I'm Over it: First loves. Found out yesterday my first love just got engaged in Hawaii. Felt pretty sick to the stomach initially, but now I guess I just wish him and his fiancee much happiness. Feeling a little more than a little regret on the direction of that relationship, but c'est la vie, n'est pas?

Track of the Day: "Baby's Got Sauce" by G. Love and Special Sauce. Listen to the track and you'll understand why it's one of the best jams ever recorded. Perfect for summer driving with the drop top down or sunroof open.

* photos property of nookawatch.com


Anonymous Andrew said...

Oooooooooooh my gosh! I need one of those watches, I think the third one. Can you send me one airmail asap!

2:05 AM  

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