Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Color Purple.

The Emmys aired on Sunday, and though I love Neil Patrick Harris, I found the entire thing very, very safe, both on the stage and in terms of red carpet style.

In fact, the only dresses I truly thought looked good were both purple: a J. Mendel on a glowing Lindsey Price (who I didn't know was dating How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor...interesting...) and a YSL on Ginnifer Goodwin.

Okay, I lie.

The Bottega Veneta on Leighton Meester was lovely, too, in a fashion-forward way and in a style manner you don't quite expect from a TV starlet.

I have to give props to the girl for shocking and awe-ing most of the time (her Louis Vuitton ensemble for the Met gala!) rather than being P&B (pretty and boring).

I'm Lovin' it: My good girlfriend Reebs made it onto Garance Dore!!!!! She does have amazing style, so it actually doesn't surprise me in the least that Miz Dore stopped her on a London street.

I'm Over it: Yesterday, I saw a pair of neon pink and black-printed Alexander McQueen for Target tights that reminded me a lot of Marc Jacobs' neon ones of the same color for his Stephen Sprouse homage. Do I smell a creative robbery or is it just two designers on the same wavelength?

Track of the Day: The Passion Pit show here is already sold out for October 10. Not happy about that. So I spent most of yesterday listening to the P.P. track "Swimming in the Flood". Yeah, a flood of my own tears for missing the ball on a ticket! Can't get that haunting piano riff and those sad, beautiful lyrics out of my head, but I'll still listen to it over and over.

my eyes
have once again
been proven wrong
your clouds
your blanket and
my pity song
hovering on your front lawn
carry on untilit’s gone
what can I do?
the river’s overrun
we’re swimming in a flood, you know?
i thought i felt your touch
but the water’s rising up
(now all my lovers raise their cups)
then i lie naked in a rampage
in the flesh, face to face
with the onset
i forget everything
that’s ever made me
rise again, now slowly
leave my memory

* Photos property of nymag.com, Garance Dore and are used solely for commentary purposes


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