Friday, September 18, 2009

Karen Walker Spring 2010. Happy Friday!

Labels from the Southern Hemisphere are among the ones I want to wear the most: Lover, Kirrily Johnston, COLAB, Sretsis Metamorphosis (that's a mouthful!), Alice McCall...

There's always something quirky and slightly off-kilter about them, and there's no sense of pretentiousness or ostentatiousness, just self-expression. And isn't that what fashion is about?

Karen Walker, a designer from New Zealand who has probably made the biggest Southern Hemisphere impact on North America's fashion set since the Sass & Bide girls from Australia, now shows her collections at New York Fashion Week.

Oh, Walker would be missed by NYFW if she decided to up and leave back home to NZ.

Here's photographic evidence of why:

Happy Friday!

Haute Hippie

I'm Lovin' it: Though the clothes left much to desire, the models at Anna Sui were SMILING. A welcome change to the typical catwalk death stares!

I'm Over it: This male model's legs at Rad Hourani are skinnier than my arm. Give the guy a steak and eggs or something.

Music of the Day: Z-Trip was on fire last night. He somehow perfectly mixed Bob Dylan with Missy Elliot. That is all.

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