Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All In a (First) Day's Work

One of the best things about working at a place like Ron Herman is getting to see the newest fashion on the market. Up close and personal.

So here are a few things you MUST check out before they sell sold out:

1. Sacai's button down, asymmetrical closure v-neck cardigan. It's your basic cardigan with a twist. The metallic details and raw edges add a nice rock 'n' roll touch to a typical school marm/school girl basic.

2. Marc Jacobs may be trying to revive his grunge, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay lady-like in Rachel Mara's silk flower print long sleeve dress. It's not too, too prim though -- this frock hits above the knees and has a sexy silk sash for tying around hips that (in the words of sultry songstress Shakira) don't lie.

3. Pirates and everything to do with piracy has been making a swift comeback, thanks to Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow. Jump on the bandwagon (bandship?) and strap CC Skye's toggle skull charm bracelet around your wrist. Tennis bracelets are out.

4. Speaking of comebacks, Vans slip-ons are another frontrunner on the revival scene. You can pick and choose plaid skulls, peace leaf, bull's eye, and skulls 'n' bumble bee patterns, if you're over the classic black and white checkered pairs.

5. Vintage will never look old with Mayle's ivory silk lace detail top. This sheer blouse has girlish side ruffles, a slight v-neck and gorgeously detailed sleeves and shoulders. You'll feel so darn purty.

6. Miss Davenporte's black swing coat. Davenporte designers Cristina Ehrlich and Estee Stanley -- two of Hollywood's hottest celeb stylists -- hit the bull's eye on this one. Slightly shorter in the front than the back, the coat has a three button enclosure at the neckline and cuffed mid-arm length sleeves. Part coat, part top, this hybrid silhouette is all woman.

7. Have a crush on John Madden? Punt in the NFL season with Rebel Yell's mesh yoke football tee. Cuffed short sleeves and tunic length with stripe designs huddling the solid fabric from the mesh. Wearing this is like scoring a touch down on the other team's fumble from the opposite end of the field. Almost.

8. La Rok's trapeze top. The detail on this particularly piece is stunning. Loose and silk-blended with cut-out embroidery along the bottom, a silk sash ties along the bust and the silk 'n' buttons trail to the back. The straps are adjustable and removable. And absolutely perfect for the nights you have too many margs and enchiladas at Merix.

See it all at!

Wow, I love my job. And I would love it more if I get a discount on this La Rok top...

I'm Lovin' it: Long distance flirtations. Is that right phrase for it? There's got to be something better to explain one of my current "romance department" situations. All I do know is that a certain fella is getting a naughty little package from me in the mail by the end of this week. Oh yes, it's soooo good. And no, I'm sooooo not telling what's in it.

I'm Over it: Swollen eyes. For reason, my peepers were huge and puffy this morning. What gives? Thank god for those two frozen water bottles in the freezer, saved me from having to look like a freak all day.

Track of the Day: In the two weeks, I've been obsessed with watching DVDs of the now- defunct HBO series Carnivale. In homage to this creepy, intensely dark and religiously-tinged show, listen to "Micro Mini Cool" by Takako Minekawa -- very poppy electro with Japanese-accented lyrics. The song is very carnival-ish, in that same eery Carnivale way. Picture scary clowns and rickety ferris wheels.

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