Monday, September 25, 2006

Disco Inferno

Ahhh, the 70s.

Flipped out hair, knee high socks with colorful stripes and short shorts, sky-high wedges, polyester, skin-tight halter jumpsuits, hot pants, gold jewelry, the Bee Gees and disco everywhere.

This Saturday, Haute Hippie re-lived this era. Actually, come to think of it I re-lived two.

The evening kicked off with a fantastic 80s theme birthday party for a friend of a friend. She looked like Madonna, the girls looked like the Material Girl's backup dancers and the boys looked like Ponyboy from The Outsiders. Half a cupcake and a sliver of ice cream cake later, my friend and I trouped over to World On Wheels to get our roller disco on.

Let me say two things about roller disco: not as easy as it looks and incredibly addictive.

Most people were skating circles around me...and yes, I know I know! I'm from Canada, therefore I should know how to skate, but whaddya do? I got weak ankles, folks! And I wasn't a Canuck who had a pond in the backyard to practice on in the winter.

The fashion was just as crazy: short shorts, tons of leggings, patterned tights, headbands, striped socks, catsuits, gold armbands, the whole nine yards. The pros were seriously busting out moves hotter than Young M.C. while fancy hot pants-ing on their wheels.

So the long and short of it is that my friend and I were so addicted by the end of the night, we pretty much shut the place down -- along with a few other diehards -- at nearly 2 am.

It wasn't a hot Hollywood club, oh no no no.

In fact, it was SO much better.

Enjoy the pic. And yes, I look very awkward.

I'm Lovin' it: Awesome tops for $16.99 at Target. Oh, and the new Justin Timberlake CD for less than a ten-spot!

I'm Over it: This particular Monday.

Track of the Day: "Feel The Pain" by Dinosaur Jr. Underground rock band from Amherst, MA with some seriously good tunes. In the words of Wayne and Garth: Party on, excellent!


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